Dean Blunt – Black Metal ALBUM REVIEW


UK singer-songwriter and musical oddball Dean Blunt releases an album that’s difficult to put into words. While simple in composition and sloppy in execution, the album still manages to draw up some real feelings of isolation, melancholy, and frustration.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Adrian Ciglenean says:

Dereck Higgins – Murphy, please 🙂

Daniel Tittyfish says:

you are the mustard tiger!

Freescape says:

I love this album !!

Alex says:

this record is probably in my top 10 this year. so good

andy brownstone says:

A really great album this! Good review too 🙂

Chrasness says:

Where do I find/buy this? Other than iTunes.

BEATmyguest31 says:


Daniel Zuzek says:

Dean Blunt was kind of culturally appropriating white music and its awesome what sounds and songs came as a result. Someone mentioned Death in June, and I’ll also add to having a Durutti Column sound at times. Brilliant record and it felt like an album and aesthetic like this will not be fully appreciated, but one day I hope. Its been nearly three years and its still too mysterious, but we have had an album such as Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition which thematically and introspectively takes some themes from Joy Division.

meth anal says:

bla blu bluh blala post bubu ee keke sadnes u

Joseph Listiyadhi says:

sondre lerche please?

catorcepunkclub says:

tiene tetas ?

Jon says:

50 CENT was hard as fuck

Tyler Mitchell says:

I absolutely love this new album by Inga and Dean. It totally caught me off guard. The vocal melodies and guitar phrasing were quite pleasing. The lyrics lacked direction for my personal taste, but I think there was too much going on for a story to be told anyway. This will definitely be added to my 2014 fav list. 

Lexi Roberts says:

You should definitely review the self titled album by Clark and The Inevitable End by Röyksopp

Trevor Plumquest says:

Hail Mary Mallon – Bestiary Review?

Júnior Rocha says:

i love the cover

myfriedme says:

dean blunt sounds like a drunk chris martin 


promising instrumentals, but boy do the vocals suck ass

Kriskazam says:

the comparisons to r stevie moore and etc really add a nice context to understanding Dean Blunt. In a sense, he’s a digital and more contemporary version of these kinds of dudes. Cool.

Small Hell Records says:

i think the black cover art fits this album perfectly. i guess im imagining all of the songs being performed in pitch black darkness, and it’s cool.

Alex says:

another huge influence on Dean is outsider R n B and wavy gospel like Otis G. Johnson and Jeff Phelps. Check that stuff out if you’re into weird proto-electro

Jacob Padlock says:

Didn’t listen to this right away after I watched it, but last week they were playing this album over the speakers in my local record store and I was instantly drawn in.

Paperbagman555 says:

From what you described in this review this album is really fascinating, will give a listen today – cheers anthony.

Gary Stieber says:

This seems like amateurish hipster shit to me.

Samrat B says:

to me, after hearing british electronic music for close to two decade. a dean blunt sounds like vacuous mediocrity. sound of hype.

dsskater539 says:

why is it called black metal makes not fuckin sence

750eye says:

Dean Blunt has been quoted directly as stating that he despises hip hop.

Emile Wilmar says:

i miss when you reviewed more underground stuff

William Brown says:

You should do a review of Rome Fortune’s Small VVorld. It’s really one of Hip Hop’s dopest mixtapes imo. Mixing the old with the new.

Jack Revalde says:


Olivia pappas says:

this record holds so much

James Nash says:

Great review! I never considered a comparison to Silver Jews or Smog but it makes a lot of sense in terms of approach. Its so easy to get caught up in the crossed cultural references of Dean Blunt’s work that sometimes you miss what it is in essence. Maybe my favourite album of 2014! Cheers, a new subscriber.

Worst Producer says:

Do Knife Party – Abandon Ship Album Review!

Kos van Erp says:

Everybody is bitching on blunts vocals, while ik the mean time, they’re euphoric about the new iceage record. I guess being consistent isn’t cool anymore.

Kevin Dunn says:


Grom Hellscream says:

Exactly the same cover as Lupe Fiasco’s F&L2.

Stephanie Luna says:

Sorne- House of Stone Volume 1 & 2
Hikes- Friends

CJ O'Connell says:

omfg laughed my fucking ass off at that unexpected cough edit at 7:22

Kalo Manifesta says:

Love this album.

Maynards Funhouse says:

Can you review the new Clark album please?

Eugene William Harper says:


slashburn says:

Review Sun Eater by JFAC

inxy says:

The Redeemer was great, looking forward to this one.

Ronak Nair says:

Hi Anthony! You should review the debut album from Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem’s project, Museum of Love. Actually quite good in my opinion, even if you all the LCD hype away!

Brax1982 says:

What is it with the UK and guys named Blunt? Unfortunate for him to evoke that association.

Zac R says:

Has anyone else gotten a feeling that some of the songs on Black Metal and The Redeemer has a drug dealer or other shady narrative.

Lush is him being seen by someone he knows and telling them to keep quiet. (Because I know you/Be Blind I told you/ Stay out of it)
50 Cent being known by the police in some capacity (5-0 coming and they know my name)
Heavy being questioned possibly by the police about the disappearance of someone Dean used to know (Ihavent seen that girl/Guess I never knew that girl)
Demon from the Redeemer sounds like he’s caught up on a plan by other dealers to double cross him (I suppose I wasnt meant to know/guns in there change in there/*glass breaking* what you did was wrong

Just wondering if anyone else has gotten similar vibes. I really love Dean Blunt’s whole persona and this adds to it IMO

Jason Lambright says:

Joe budden some love lost. Get on it. Its deep

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