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Martin Popoff reviews the new Dee Snider solo album For the Love of Metal

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Fran Lovel Šimić says:

I would’ve loved this if I was still 18 or something. Respect for Dee as this sounds alright but is not for me. Nice review as always Martin!

Dan Steinbok says:

Much respect to Dee Snyder for stepping out of his comfort zone and trusting the people who love him. The riffs are solid but there’s definitely a disconnect between the music and the vocal performances: the vocal cadences and performances lack punch and drama. Song themes are also a bit empty. Best tune is Dead Hearts. Best riffs are Dead Hearts 1:35 and the For the Love of Metal outtro breakdown riff that closes the album.

millsub xxx says:

props for the mutiny shirt – dee ??? – Fee Waybill did it 1st & did it better

Joe De Giglio says:

Martin is by far the best reviewer! I love this guy. Keep em coming

vincent fenno-bustos says:

What an awesome album

harambow H says:

Whats jamie jastas podcast called

Biblical Adrian says:

I gotta admit when I first heard “Tomorrows No Concern”

I was blown away

Louis Garrett says:

So far I like it. Only heard first 3 songs but its truly Dees classic vocals. Was a big Twisted Sister fan.

Chris Hughes says:

Popoff reviews are great.

Jake street street says:

Just listened to the new DS,Album and OMFG it’s great. Loving it Rock On

RealDeadOne says:

Every time I think I know my shit, I get slapped by Popoff and glad I got a day job. Hailz dude!

Michael Noneofyabusiness says:

Dee has always been corny, nothing new here. Good fun though.

Pyle Plays says:

Lyric videos need to go.

Onour Black Eagle says:

I do not understand why the first thrashers are so opponent against Motley Crue and friendly for Twisted Sister, as if there is a big difference between these two groups. More Shout at the Devil was much heavier than all of Twisted Sister’s albums.

Eduardo Navarro says:

This review was exceptionally in depth. Other reviewers of this channel should take note.

Lael C Clark says:

Martin, just gonna say – SWEET Max Webster shirt!

Reginald Weaver says:

Great review but I still think this is some of Dee’s best vocals….even compared to “Stay Hungry”. Its got a dynamic sense of traditional heavy metal and I think this should have happened for Dee 10 years ago. Anyway I would have added on another half or full skull. Every TS fan needs this or needed to hear more Dee. I’m so happy he agreed to do this album and hope to see him live with it.

Jacob Eberhardt says:

Oh welcome back to Banger…dad?

Orghidan Stefan Andrei says:

First time I hear about Popoff, but I can tell he’s a very well seasoned metalhead and reviewer. Keep up the good work!

Dave Mangold says:

Oh my FUCKING hell!!! I only heard the first snippet…and I was blown away! Pretty amazing!

MediaFaust says:

Asking if you like this album is like asking if you like porn. You kind of go eh …

P H says:

I would have liked to hear more sound files from the album. There were very few.

Mindless Studios says:

I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time! And I was not disappointed! This is exactly how I wanted Dee to sound like!

one marathon says:

cool review and interesting-sounding album…. but the REAL question here is: WHERE did Martin get that Max Webster shirt???? i’d love a Max “Mutiny Up My Sleeve” tee. good-looking Max tees are hard to come by, and this one looks way better than what i’ve seen so far out there. if Martin…. or anybody else out there… knows where to grab this cool shirt, please let me know. thanks!

Shawn Smith says:

popof youre back! love this guy

Keith Green says:

Love the album, 5 skulls, in my opinion. But I like all varieties of rock and metal. I appreciate the production rock om Jamey Jasta and Dee Snider

Babylon Star says:

We need a Maiden Lock Horns with Martin and Sam!

Nic Lastname says:

Great review, but I think this one could have used more clips to illustrate some points you made.

TJCombo67 says:

Best metal reviewer going. Fact. The insight of Accept+Judas Priest=Twisted Sister was outstanding….it’s this kind of stuff with Martin’s knowledge and insight that make his reviews untouchable….please bring more of him!

Citzen_J says:

I wonder if this album is a modern sounding modern metal one?

Anthony Rivers says:

Popoff is the man…I’m disappointed Dee did not contribute at all to to lyrics/music


The great thing about martins review it is so informative….martin is a metal master by all means !!!

Anthony Rivers says: is the best metal site

Peter Brown says:

Say hello to the Professor! Breaking it down while being transparent. Great review and good album.

megaman exe says:

Basically its a metal grab bag with a legend. And I love it.


Good Songs and awesome production. I think is a honest Album. 4 skulls. Long live the snider.

UziSuicide666 says:

That’s how you review a record. Martin Popoff, always a professional. Makes me miss Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine. And great shout outs to Chris Caffery and Michael Romeo. I wonder if the hipsters know of them.

Kannon McAfee says:

So glad you told us about Michael Romeo’s new album. Thanks Martin.

Jared Joneli says:

I hate Lamb of god and slayer so if it sounds like that garbage, i won’t buy it

Paul Menard says:

Popoff is by far my favorite metal reviewer ! Great review!!!

Benjamin Adler says:


Alejandro Quiroga says:

Best reviewer on Banger TV… I hope we see more of him more often… Get rid of the hipsters

Michael Treas says:

Lol twisted sister is the only thing he’s known for.

Matt Hildebrand says:

I didn’t know Overkill Reviews was covering Pop artists now who perform other people’s songs

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