Dee Snider – For The Love of Metal (Album Review)

For The Love of Metal Tracklist:

01. Lies Are A Business
02. Tomorrow’s No Concern
03. I am The Hurricane
04. American Made
05. Roll Over You
06. I’m Ready
07. Running Mazes
08. Mask
09. Become The Storm
10. The Hardest Way
11. Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)
12. For The Love of Metal

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Greg Williams Guitarist says:

Very thoughtful and balanced review brother. I agree with everything you’ve said here, but I can’t help feeling that your foreknowledge of the songwriting colored your view going in. I don’t disagree with it, but there it is. At the end of the day, it’s also a really FUN metal record ( I don’t think I will never not smile during the chorus of Roll Over You for instance), and Dee sounds like the best, heaviest version of himself. It’s not groundbreaking, I doubt it will gain him a substantial new young audience (if that was the intent), but this old metalhead loves it. Thanks again man.

Leonard Spinazzola says:

I wonder if you would have felt the same “disconnect” if you hadn’t known the history of the project until after you heard it.

linnea alexandersson says:

Hi guys! As always – Great review!

Again as a recomendation ❤️- react to sabaton – metal crue

And – if you want a place to stay during sabaton open air in sweden, you’ve got one! We got a bus with beds prepared for only you our canadian friends ❤️

George Dan says:

Guys! Unleash the Archers hits Toronto on October 1st. Don’t miss it!!!

Andrew Baumgartner says:

Another new album that came out today is Michael Romeos 1st solo album, War of the Worlds part 1… Hes the guitarist and brains behind Symphony X, my friends… The album is just mind blowingly amazing and you GOTTA hear it and give your thoughts… Brilliant musicianship and compositions you would only expect from musicians of this caliber… so give it a listen and your review, cant wait to hear it!!!…

Baltzeg says:

Strange that Dee didn’t write anything. He was the sole song writer for Twisted Sister so the man has song writing challenge. Have you listened to the album Appice “Sinister”? It feature both drumming brothers Vinnie and Carmen Appice. The video track “Monsters and Heroes” is a cool track and it’s about Ronnie James Dio and it’s full of Dio references.

European Brotherhood says:

Please react to Dee Snider – Become the storm

Nicholas Hubbman says:

I consider this a D Snyder solo project because of the origins of the album it came to life on Jamey Jasta’s podcast The Jasta Show Jamie their deed to make this album and he said yes but I will not be involved in the writing because the music has left me I will still sing and perform it live but I will not write it

M. Swaiti666 says:

Fantastic album! Dee Snider is one of the most underrated metal legends. He’s in his 60s, but still sounds amazing.
Judas Priest, Saxon and Dee Snider made the 3 best heavy metal albums of the year! my rating 9/10

ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ says:

I’ve only heard 3 songs from the album but I liked what I heard. I Am The Hurricane was pretty good.

Mike Morrison says:

Become The Storm is more melodic than Mask.

IRONJAY Retacco says:

I Agree with The Not feeling It As A Dee Snider Album. It’s A Bummer Cause He Didn’t Write Any songs

Andrew Baumgartner says:

Awesome review!!!… I’m getting this album today!!!… will give you my input after i listen a few times!!!

It's not a phase mom says:

Found this album to be a little too generic and safe for my tastes, but I still respect the hell out of Dee Snider for going through with this at his age and his voice still sounds great.

Truck Boi says:

We’Re NoT gOnNa TaKe It!

Kelly 1976 says:

Great new album from Dee!

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