Deftones – Gore ALBUM REVIEW


Two decades into their career, famed alternative metal band Deftones remind me why I’ve never really been a Deftones fan.

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FAV TRACKS: DOOMED USER, UHHHHHH….i guess that’s kinda it….maybe some parts of Pittura Infamante?




Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


BucketsAMF says:

Growing up, I was never really too into the Deftones, even though I was totally into that whole nu-metal scene, regrettably… I really started listening to them in my 20’s and I came to realization that Deftones are really the only band, from that scene, that kind of grew with their fans instead of constant and unnecessary reinvention to keep up with the young fans, and still somehow kept it fresh. They’ve become one of my favorite bands. Everything. I could listen to every single one of their albums from front to back and not complain (accept for a track or two on Saturday Night Wrist).
Also Palms and the Team Sleep album with Chino are top notch. Fuckin love that shit. Chino is _THE_ man.

Fantismahrt says:

Deftones like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot from the third album started to sucks!

Cassidy Robinson says:

“I don’t like thick sounding guitars with vulnerable melancholy vocals on top of it.”
Then you don’t like Deftones dude.

Mike C says:

What the fuck. Diamond eyes is incredible. After watching this review I understand the thumbs down. You basically just don’t like Deftones

Timothy Clark says:

I’m surprised he didn’t like diamond eyes.

Jonathan Servello says:

You’re dumb

mshbrwn says:

5:16 – 5:28 was andrew intentionally mimicking chinos phrasing?? and yeah the define ‘recipe’ is very very simple a lot of their hits sound the same but that being said i still love em

N V says:

Koi No Yokan is their best, but I didn’t care for this album.

Dark Side Bricks ***was EngineeringTheEnemy1*** says:

I could not disagree more! Diamond Eyes was a huge jump in sonic tone the Deftones have done before. I loved it… the fact that this band is more popular today than ever… is a sign of just how amazing this band is. Truly one of the greatest heavy bands of all time!

Max Kull-Sandin says:

So you enjoyed Diamond Eyes while reviewing Koi No Yokan but not anymore?

BisCuit says:

I couldn’t have called their bluff any better. There’s no passion here, it’s all for show

Predwards 89 says:

I really liked Diamond Eyes…

michaeldoo says:

lol melon nice bait

caffiene macaroni says:

Review faith no more king for a day ,

KingdomOfAnElephant says:

As a hardcore deftones fan, who loves every album to death (except for de the debut maybe) i have to admit: This was their first album that really disappointed me. It’s not bad, but its far behind the rest of their material. So i can see his point here.

Zero Rush says:

You’re usually very accurate on your reviews, but all you did with this one was expose how surprisingly out of touch you were. It’s obvious, because you complain about producers, musician angst, and raspy vocals, and then litter the review with insults, all the while failing to explore or grasp the record in a meaningful way. Even the best reviewer can fail? Come on man, you can do it.

Nick Fidler says:

I can’t stand when people act like ANY music is too “old” to listen to. Stop being a follower and trying to keep up with what’s cool right now you fucking sheep and listen to what you like.

Laurence de Carle says:

So much butthurt in the comments. I agree with Anthony, this record was weak and I used to love Deftones. White Pony, Around The Fur and self-titled were incredible and Saturday Night Wrist and Koi No Yokan were also pretty good.

Andre Sette says:

Diamond eyes is one of their best album…

DavidOwenBlackley says:

I feel Gore is the worst Deftones album. First and only release in their back catalogue to “let me down”. On another note, Diamond Eyes is amazing, but so is every other album to their credit.

Ash C says:

Eyes>wrist>fur>koy>tones>pony>adr>gore>fantano>me for being a year late

TheCivildecay says:

why do I even follow this channel? every album I really like, gets burned down here 🙂

All the things you mention about Deftones you really hate are the things I really like about the band! (for example the super heavy riffs, backed up by the spacy vocals)

Robert says:

doesn’t like Diamond Eyes?!?! ewww man

Ataraxik says:

I hated this album.

sen says:

well i mean its his opinion he just doesn’t like deftones, thats okay

Attila RZA says:

Amazing album, excellent cover art

Cynical Scorpio says:

Acid hologram was an incredible song

658magnus says:

5:06, 6:23, 6:40 and 7:24 all made me laugh.

Ryan S. says:

Deftones fans that watch this review tend to leave the video right when you say you weren’t a fan of Adrenaline. I do enjoy some of your reviews and we all won’t agree on everything, however this particular review is pretty off and not one of your more accurate videos.

Audical HD says:

You are probably the most unfit person to review anything musical whatsoever. That is solely why your channel is dead and dying. You love oversold backwash regurgitated garbage pop artist like Adele and Justin Bieber but have the nerve to even BEGIN to criticize Deftones.

syanide says:


Akira TV says:

I love me some deftones but this is a tough record to listen to… I like it more now than I did initially but… usually I just bump “Doomed User” and then I’m done. I hope for their next album, Deftones just go totally heavy… dark and heavy, with a producer that doesn’t shit all.over chinos vocals… I mean fuck, his vocals make my brain hurt on this one… so tinny, sharp, grating, burning, like a fork on a chalkboard. Fuck this producer. He is a failure.

Carefree CFC says:

Isnt this the dude who gave Meshuggahs “Koloss” an awful review?

Well, agree to disagree. Gore is amazing :).

Thraitor says:

I agree on a lot of his rap reviews but fuck his metal reviews i dont think I’ve agreed on anything hes said lmao

SM James says:

I see Gore as an experiment and a positive next step after Koi No Yokan. I think KNY while instantly gratifying, was made up of songs that were very likable but formulaic. On the other hand, Gore sounds like a concerted effort to do something different. The song structures and dynamics are sometimes unexpected, the rhythms are harder to get into, and the melodies are more subtle. The production and mixing is sometimes unconventional (but undoubtedly intentional). It is the product of a meeting of two perspectives: new wave and back-to-basics metal. My overall impression of Gore was that it sounded modern though not in a trendy way. Whether you think the experiment was a success is up to you. But I will say I think AF’s review left much to be desired.

Jedi Jr. Jesus says:

Deftones is life.

Levi Willis says:

This guys never had a girlfriend, that’s why he doesn’t get Deftones magic

Prololan says:

Why so much hate? Jesus Christ it’s his fucking opinion. Why can’t people understand this?

colin derue says:

more dislikes than likes…. hmmmm…….

colin derue says:

the more i listen to you try to imitate chino the more i cringe. you sound like shit so i think you hear like shit.

Freddy Takenoko says:

NeedleDrop doesn’t like Adrenaline? Well he’s not invited to my Deftones Tekken parties

The Unsung Architect Dylan says:

Boy. This guy is the toughest of crowds lol

MFJon777 says:

Moot point to be reviewing a veteran band you don’t like.

Jack Morrison says:

Man, quite the “sea change” from your Koi review and yet the score’s only 2 points lower

BEast Sauce says:

You said you “couldn’t stand Diamond Eyes.” Your opinion can officially not be taken seriously ever again.

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