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cardiacade says:

Hiatus? What be going on?

Patryk Cader says:

Where that Parkway Drive album review tho

Mohankeneh says:

The keyboard are sick what are you even saying

Jacob Eberhardt says:

I know brad isn’t here, but i just wanna say that I’m sorry about your Sharks but my Caps are going to round 3.

andrew barrett says:

Review the level above human by ingested please

BlastBeat Fromthe Depths of Hell says:

Fuck your negative reviews man,bring Sam back ,its dumb to review an album after probably 1 listen,if you want to understand an album you should give it at least 5,6 spins altogether before you even say a word,but ofcourse you have to pump out youtube content ,Sincerely FUCK U!

The Negan Guy says:

3 skulls yeah i agree it was a little disappointing but some of the songs are decent

CircusNarcissus says:

I didn’t like the funny parts

Hallowed Ground 777 says:

Love the bootlegs any chance of bootlegs for The Contagion in Nine Steps by Lychgate (seriously over hyped in my limited opinion) and Invaders by Hollywood Burns ? Please!!! Wouldlove to hear Blayne’s opinions on both

Vagelis V. says:

Blayne you are the best!

Josh Borders says:

bootleg, or boot cut it’s all aboot (nice little Canadian reference eh?) the reviews. Keep them coming however big or small, I love them all. Now to stop this incessant rhyming .

Luny & Milky says:

I loved the humor in thiz video! x’D (I’ll check this album nonthesame though, just so i know if i feel the same…) GODDAMMIT! you shoud do this all the time with these fake jingles and all, lol! x’D

damillionmalania says:

To be fair they said the album was going to reference norweigan black metal history. If it borrows from Burzum and Satyricon that kind of makes sense in light of what they said about the record.

I actually like the new record. Was it the record I was hoping to hear after 8 years? No, but I like it.

Mike D Hates You says:

This album is mediocre, but its light years ahead of Cradle’s last one.

The Avatos says:

Sorry i haven’t been able to come out to the streams, I have been busy with my high school graduation, stressful af

Jamie Welch says:


Marzunited says:

Love the bootleg format.

ändrew Salter says:

Sleeves on your T-shirt !!! Holy shit !! Are you okay Blaine ??

Lord Alastor says:

nice Kaoteon t-shirt dude

Erik Axelson says:

Haha yes more bootleg editions!!

Isaiah says:

Don’t like Dimmu Borgir, but I dig the Tribulation hat.

Michael Demchuck says:

I understand holding big, genre defining bands to a high standard, but not every band can keep reinventing the wheel. I personally liked the album and I see a lot of the points that Blayne is making, but sometimes you just have to take an album for what it is. I don’t feel like we’re settling with this album and it definitely deserves higher regard than a lot of people are giving it. There are many good moments and tracks on the album. I give it 3.5/5 skulls.

Sadek X says:

That album is even worse than the previous one, which I didn’t think it’s possible.

Joseph Guasco says:

Hey show idea for y’all. You should have a show that tells fans what bands to checkout if they are fans of (insert more well known band). I think that would be pretty cool. I often find myself loving a particular band and I have heard all of their music but I want more, so I search for other bands that are similar to satisfy my need.

The Game Grinder says:

I used to like Dimmu a lot.. used to. If there’s any way to add in some audio samples as per the usual reviews that’d be awesome so we know exactly what you’re talking about.

Idontknowone1able says:

That thing he said about the mom cutting out of the newspaper, my mom did that same thing with Slipknot when I was in high school lolol

Richard King says:

The band is not one of my favorites but Blaine made this review funny. Good job man

Chris Lawrence says:

Anyone got a link to that band he gave a shout-out to?

The Negan Guy says:

Review Gozu Equilibrium

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