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We give the new Disturbed album Evolution Tag Team Treatment with Blayne and Dylan.

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Eddie Lippert says:

In latemens terms, they sold out. That’s a shame cuz I love their old stuff. Agree with everything they said.

Eddie T. Head says:

Can you guys review new Revocation album already!?

Nick Wilkerson says:

You do know they were planning on doing an acoustic album for a very long time 6:25

Shawn Goodine says:

That new Outre Tombe record is so fuckin’ gnarly. Thank you.

Marxman says:

Believe is the record that got me into metal and I will defend that trashy garbage until the day I die.

This album blows assdicks though.

Brennan Hearn says:

Well I, for one, have loved Disturbed since the first album, and think they’ve only grown more amazing over the years. I love this album, four and a half out of five skulls from me, and totally appreciate them experimenting with a softer sound. Would be better though if things were arranged differently, and there was a bit of taper from the harder songs into the softer ones.

Jake Simmonds says:

funny reviewing a rock album on a metal site

Kim Layman says:

I like Disturbed,but this album is just not heavy enough. When David Draiman said that he writes songs with hits in mind,it just sounds like he is saying that he would rather have their sound just be radio friendly and that this band is not going to get heavier but go in rock direction instead. The Sickness still remains their best album. I understand that he wants to each a mainstream audience, but this newer sound just doesn’t fit them,or maybe it’s me saying I just don’t like the lighter sound. I was hoping this album would have been heavier, but was disappointed when it wasn’t. I think when they saw that they got more fans with The Sound of Silence, they are trying to replicate it as their sound period, like well people really loved this song let’s just stick to this formula instead. Great review as always.

Horror From Below says:


Jesse says:

Yeah Disturbed blows but you really can’t compare them to Korn or Slipknot. Say what you want about those bands, but Korn were pioneers and Slipknot is on a whole other level in every respect. I haven’t given a shit about anything Korn or Slipknot have done in over ten years but they deserve more respect than being lumped in with fucking Disturbed.

Falsehammer says:

Today on Poser TV we review the flow of diarrhea from my asshole. Why bother building a brand then turn around and let these kinds of clowns shit all over it?

Paul Turner says:

I like how the tag team hosts represent different generations, while also having sub-genre biases. Makes for more interesting reviews.

Aggbala says:

its good that they finally have a person reviewing a metal album with a wider spectrum to metal and not just these extreme metal elitists like sam, this guy to the right and the big bearded fella. its so annoying the hear ppl reviwing stuff that they obviously dont like even from the start. its abit of arrogance or ignorrance tbh.

fearisthemindkiller says:

I’d compare Evolution to ReLoad more than the Black album

Drazen Dukat says:

holy fuck comparing katatonia to disturbed. embarassing. just absolutely embarassing

Black Toof says:

This is what you get for aquiring help from WB records. They knew it wasn’t going to turn out good. Everyone’s saying “best album ever” is great for just there personal demise of typical American music. WB now owns disturbed, and that’s enough for me to stop being a fan. They where different without greedy corporations telling them to mainstream because everyone loves mainstream.

All in all. Disturbed is losing it now. Rather people want to admit the defeat of disturbed or not, is up to them. Safe to say….


Fallen2Rise says:

I am disappointed by this album

(skiz) says:

You keep saying metal….

Brandon Deas says:

Blayne’s reviews on bands he hates are the best. Can’t decide which was funnier, this or his cradle of filth review

Justin Harrison says:

I prefer the old disturbed from ten thousand fists

Chris Strebeck says:

Disturbed is highly talented but i quit listening to them years ago..too pop for me

Tim Moran says:

Evolution? I remember when I met david draiman. I had no idea who he was at the time. It was at a show that I had a VIP pass to. He asked me what I thought about the band. I said the “Monkey guy”. He didn’t get mad. But I explained what I thought was weak. And oddly enough the next album was very much a departure from that mad ape singing. But what would I tell him now? If this is the best you can do its time to pack it in rather than being the metallica of nu-metal.

Niels van Oosten says:

I like disturbed. Are you ready grew on me, but most of the album is just too boring for me.


First song is great and fresh!…. If you are listening to Ministry and NIN in 1988-89. Disturbed goes into the same pyre as Daughtry, Nickelhack, and every other faceless shitrock band: Heavy Maroon 5

Terrier Gaming says:

The irony of the lyrics being about Humanity being enslaved, is that Disturbed is literally following the mainstream media and becoming soft lmfao.

jc1424 says:

Writing every track as if it could be a hit is called being Nickelback. lol

Gene Lynch says:

Love Disturbed but this LP was the biggest disappointment since Metallica’s “Lulu”

stonerdemon says:

Sickness and Believe were great records. 10000 Fists, good but not great. After those 3, I completely lost interest.

Hipster Killer says:

RIP Banger…

Jessie Walker says:

Pretentious posers reviewing a very commercialized rock/metal band? the same old my taste is to complex to like anything, not defending disturbed but if every band makes underground music then the artform will eventually die out, there has to be a balance between brutal complex underground metal and more accessible commercial styles, it’s what pushes the entire genre forward, if your like these dweebs who sit around in their suburban mom’s basement taking bongs hits you are never going to have the life experience to grasp slow emotional songs, and dont bring up you grandma dying, I’m talking about real , devastating soul crushing experiences

wildeyed76 says:

Agreed, the album is far from being up to par. I don’t think I’m as disappointed as I was with Godsmack, as they’ve kept their sound just unplugged it and mellowed it down a bit. So far 2018 is full of disappointment over approving of new albums for me.

Rock Metal Fiend says:

I loved this review. Dylan and Blayne made this so funny. I didn’t know that Dylan was introduced to the genre by disturbed. That’s kool. Thanks fellas it was great!

Isaac Greedy says:

The first review that I haven’t gotten through…

selvmortsydd says:

Disturbed is the band that got him into metal??? Okay, just as you think you heard it all!!

Bitches Brew '70 says:

I like how Blanye toned down his unfunny ‘zany’ humour for this review. When he actually sits down and focuses without trying to wisecrack every 5 seconds I actually enjoy his reviews.

Disturbed are fucking awful. Even by Nu-Metal’s low standards they sucked balls. So bloody generic and bland. And I actually laughed out loud during that track ‘Watch You Burn’. Jesus wept that was lame.

brucenatelee says:

Immortalized was dope, but almost half the album being acoustic? I mean, I would like acoustic music from metal bands to still sound like… metal(ish) music (think Rob Scallon and Leo Moracchioli’s “Heaviest Banjo in the Universe” cover, but acoustic guitar), but damn. That one song they palyed sounded like it was gonna be dope, but still. Acoustic songs are a little boring most times. Only Serj Tankian’s first solo album Elect the Dead had some cool acoustic cover songs of his own tracks from the same album without changing the progression or the tone of those songs too much.

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