Disturbed – The Sickness – ALBUM REVIEW

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This is an album that helped define a brand new genre of metal which unlike many sub genres today actually had influence and growth within the metal world. Show some love by tickling that Like button. Leave your thoughts below, and don’t forget to Subscribe on your way out!

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Suicide Silence – No Time to Bleed
Disturbed – The Sickness

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midian rises says:


Mathew Muzzerall says:

Hey guys love the review I believe you guys put 53 marshmallows in your mouth and disturbed is one of my favourite bands I have all of there albums

Demon Rantz says:

Do Believe next!

autismtechlife95 says:

Conflict is my favorite disturbed song 🙂

jcrosato says:

Cool review guys,

I don’t think people really dislike Disturbed for being popular.. Not to say there’s not some silly people who would waste their time hating something for being popular.. but the vast majority…

I’m pretty sure most people who dislike Disturbed are metalheads, and at least from my experience growing up at the time of their popularity.. Most metalheads really did not care for Nu-metal. Bands like Korn, Disturbed, Slipknot, P.O.D, Limp Bizkit etc.

I didn’t hate em, but I also didn’t care for em either. Simplistic nu-metal style riffs, no amazing guitarwork, and pretty straightforward rock beat drums. Just never ever felt the want to listen to them when at the time had so many other great bands that were just absolutely killing it in the metal scene like Opeth, Pantera, In Flames, Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Blind Guardian etc.

That’s just my take on it! 🙂

autismtechlife95 says:

Music is life 🙂

stealthRUSH says:

Drowning Pool debut did it for me.

AnimetalViking says:

This album was one of my first introductions to metal. Though Indestructible wound up being my favourite album of theirs 🙂

Han Parker says:

That’s a sick lamb of god shirt. The sickness album brings me back, I can’t stand marshmallows.

Cold Death 969 says:

I still think Asylum is their best work.

Riff Master T says:

Seriously need to do a review of Taproot’s Gift as far as Nu Metal goes…that album is simply amazing..granted it was the only album I really liked by them but damn, it was epic!

XxNocturnalKnightxX says:

by my count it was 52 times.

Cold Death 969 says:

Review anything by Static-X

Señorita Rottenmeier says:

Omg your hair… I love it xD ♡

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