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Dylan reviews the new Dream Theatre album Distance Over Time

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Rhys Marsh – October After All https://tinyurl.com/y2w8b3ub
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Daren Walker says:

ive only heard the first three tracks and it definitely feels more organic than the last couple records. really nothing out of place i can think of.

Ruby Rust Records says:


mysterywhiteboy72 says:

DT have the cheesiest titles ever.

Dr. Forrester says:

There isn’t a chance I’ll be getting this album, but I loved watching Dylan nerd out on some Dream Theater. Especially when he was listening to that track in front of the camera. Great editing there

Mick Renaud says:

Good review..30 year fan here. Musically it’s killer. Vocally I thought James could have used his upper register a little more but that’s the 80s geek in me..His melodies are still great..Fates Warning are my Kings

Rizumu GoldenChezt says:

My favorites off the album are Untethered Angel, Fall Into The Light, Room 137 and Pale Blue Dot. I felt this album was the best they put out since Black Clouds. It’s not great, its got some garbage (paralyzed, s2n), but the overall album is quite decent. A 6/10. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Pale Blue Dot.

Jason Lee says:


JediEdin says:

Isn’t Dream Theater from Long Island NY??

Stefan Zenky says:

those drums are phaaat

Robert Lundkvist says:

Agree on the production/mixing. This is the first time Mangini actually has sounded good on a DT album – and he sounds phenomenal!

Mike Cranston says:

How could you not mention the release of Devin Townsend’s new single GENESIS. To be quite honest, it’s perhaps better than any track on the new Dream Theater which I love!! Genesis however is just a mix of prog, death metal, 80’s pop, disco, choir, and crazy cat lady grooves! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Derrick Khroun says:

Is beyond amazing , Petrucci just freaking Rocks! James labrie top vocals everybody top notch whole power! Success!!

ändrew Salter says:

Never heard of them!!! But they do look like they need a different drummer perhaps one with more tattoos and a goatee and a last name starting with P! But like I said , never heard of them …..

Sonny Chaudhry says:

Really enjoyed the the DT album! The new wheel album is super good too!

shawm mathews says:

Great album!!!

mark sargent says:

Is your studio an icebox?

Mike Armstrong says:

What do you want from these guys. You want them to do your taxes? Cook dinner? They’ve given US 33plus years of their life creating some of the most plush and regal metal ever. Musicianship over the top but no. That’s not enough.

I Watch You From Afar says:

Great review, love the way you talk about the technical side of the recording process. My most anticipated album this year is easily Devin Townsend- Empath.

Scotty says:

Overkill needs a review on Overkill Review!

MetalForTheMasses says:

Dream Theater really delivered here, best since 2011.. perhaps the best album since 2009?
Also, Overkill released their best album in the last decade – which says A LOT (above Electric Age, Ironbound etc.)!!!

Most anticipated 2019 record is the new The Ritual Aura album “Velothi”.
It’s a technical/progressive death metal band from Australia who have also collaborated with other tech death musicians (such as Fountainhead who played fretless guitar on “Akroasis” by Obscura in 2016). Their new album has been delayed a couple of times and is FINALLY seeing the light of day in 2019. And it’s a concept album based on the lore of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind!

toxicwaltz69 says:

Conceding that this is all subjective, saying “LaBrie’s vocals aren’t for everyone” or “it’s a tough sell if you’re not a prog fan” doesn’t describe what’s bad about the album. This album fucking rips, but if I HAD to present “the bad”, it would be that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of range to LaBrie’s vocals. He sounds great; I just wish he’d hit the extreme upper register on occasion. But this is all just my opinion based on my first listen.

Evan Moyer says:

Best since 2011

Scott Karrasch says:

Petrucci and rudess just trading solos back and forth had bugged me since black clouds and silver linings.

Metalhead Nation 1021 says:

You should review the Jordan Rudess solo album when it comes out in April 2019!

James Lucas says:

Great review for an amazing album!

Flugmorph says:

gayyyyyyyy band

Matt Bartosch says:

Fantastic! I’ll be checking out those other releases!

Max Howlett says:

Viper King is just such a treat, one of the best songs on the album. So funky. That it’s only a BONUS. So badass

Gavin Curtis says:

New leprous. Most anticipated for me

Loren Burrell says:

Great review. Love this record! So happy with what DT put together.

Asam Boy says:

I give 4 star for this album because I don’t feel any innovative ideas from this guys. I prefer more on Haken new album or Leprous or Tesseract. Dt musical style more to mid 90s prog thrash or power metal style. For me it was out dated and there are so many europe metal band playing more new age of prog metal music now. Dt have past their golden era and they will never be like they used to be same with Metallica in thrash metal scene!!!

Bryan T says:

This album is a real stinker.

That One Guy says:

I completely forgot Dream Theatre dropped a new album, might check this out

Most anticipated release for me might be Periphery since they are planning a new album soon.

Fredrik Svärd says:

That stock image robot hand. Cool riffing but cant get into clean singing anymore.

MetalJesusRocks says:

This is the album I wanted from Dream Theater after being disappointed in The Astonishing. DT are BACK!!

Preben Hansen says:

The Wheel album is great. Don’t have anything bad to say about this DT album, but some of the songs are abit generic DT and felt like I had heard the songs before, while listening to them for the first time.

Special Agent Bill Maxwell says:

Please don’t skip the new CD by The Claypool Lennon Delirium. It is unbelievably good.

cristianfcao says:

The problem I have with DT is that their last God knows how many albums sound too much alike. I fact, I think you can put the VAST majority of DT songs from the last 15 years or so in any other album from that period, and it wouldn’t feel out of place. I guess they are trying to give their fans what they believe the fans want. But I, as a DT fan, DO NOT want to find myself constantly thinking: “Yeah, it sounds nice, but I’ve heard that before” in almost every single song in every single new DT album!! As usual, the songs of this album are good, technically they are incredible, and they sound great too, but most of what’s played, I’ve already heard before, and I want something NEW, specially coming from such talented musicians.

Dylan Maxwell says:

Thanks for the prog recs at the end. Wheel and Shumaun in particular are excellent. The video was worth it just for that.

mposh says:

Rhys is pronounced like Reese. Source: it’s my middle name

The Right Fox says:

This album is sooo much better than their self-titled album and alot better than The Astonishing. However me having chicken pox is better than The Astonishing album. I give this Album 3.5/5 stars.

Painkiller488 X says:

this can be a DT classic…i really liked it, except for S2N a little bit and Room (whatever number)…but appart from that, was just fucking awesome

David Stikeleather says:

The Room – Caught by the Machine album.

Torvan CZ says:

Please review Rhspsody of Fire- Eight mountain (New album)

LoicJohl says:

I loved the entire album, but i thought Viper King was very interesting because it was completely different from the entire album

Brandon McBride says:

John Mooyung

Brendon Lake says:

I am feeling this Dream Theatre album a lot more than anything they’ve done for quite some time! They’ve felt stale for a while but this time they do sound like they’re enjoying themselves as opposed to just cranking out another album.

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