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Sarah reviews the new ELECTRIC WIZARD album “Wizard Bloody Wizard.”
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SpookyApparition says:

Necromania is pretty cool but the rest of this is boring as hell. too much singing (usually the same melody over and over again) and not enough good riffs

mark edman says:

No samples. Cleaner production. A Transition record alot like “we live”. Some of Jus’ worst lyrics cause he didnt prepare them beforehand. This then hurt the songwriting as the band where unable to alter the riffs to fit the phrasing properly as they have done in the past.
I started off absolutely hating this record it has since grown on me a little bit. I will hold off my final score until I get the vinyl in the mail because this record was an all analog affair and it will sound dramatically different on vinyl.
Good review Sarah, nice work.

Come my fanatics is the best record by EW for the true fans.

ferox965 says:

If you are perplexed by the cover, you haven’t looked inside a Wizard album…They have stuff like that inside most of their records…they just moved what they inside to the front…

Ryan Grant says:

So far I’ve only listened to the album once. But my gut feel so far is pretty spot on with your review. It’s not bad, but I can’t say that I love it either and that could change over time. It seems like they can’t or don’t want to stay in one place style wise with each album. Which isn’t a surprise because no two of their albums sound the same. Even if it’s just the production/recording quality. I’ll give it more time, but won’t be running out and putting cash down for it on vinyl right now.

Dr. Forrester says:

I just can’t get into this.  I’ve tried listening to a couple of EW’s albums and every time I just get so bored after a few minutes.  Even these samples are apparently the band going for more blues and less doom but I still couldn’t get into it.  Due to this and the fact I really don’t enjoy Sleep, I’ve concluded that sludge/doom is just not for me

Daniel Robichaud says:

Wouldn’t the middle of the road number be 2.5?

Aeturnus says:

I love all their stuff and this one is no different. I guess I’m easy to please compared to all the crybabies who love Dopethrone and nothing else.

reverendfloyd says:

Great cover, totally has that “Smell the Glove” vibe.

Evan Hutchinson says:

Sarah’s the best

Jordan Carey says:

I know the feels, it is good but different in a slighty off putting way.
I love their sound too much i’m gonna pretend you said three and a half skulls. Nice work.
Now..The Body/Full of Hell- Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light. You heard this album? Any quick thoughts?

J Gregory says:

I have no idea why I watched this review, I can’t stand sludge/stoner metal. It’s just too slow and after a minute or 2 of a song draaaaaaging along, I feel I’m gonna fall asleep.

Jeffrey Walker says:

God your beautiful!

elvistheripper says:

Yeah the difference between Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore etc and this record is they had riffs, hooks, dynamics…ideas. This is the most obvious, boring and somehow lightest EW record yet. Phoned it in to my ears.
On the other hand the new With the Dead…

Trond Bie says:

She was almost crying in the end

Pablo Nino Nathanael Stoop says:


jon.mule says:

I LOVE Dopethrone and Come My Fanatics but I do not like the plain, bluesy sound of this record at all. Bummer.

Jeff Floyd says:

This is a transition record. It will sound better in retrospect.

pelodelperro says:

I agree with 3 out of 5. Sadly, I found it a bit underwhelming.

Paddy Murphy says:

Electric Wizard forever!!! Worship EW, but Wizard bloody Wizard – strange album…agree 3/5!!!

Holly Michelle says:

That feeling when you love EW so you preorder the vinyl, cd, tape bundle and now you’re kinda sad ):

666killdeath666 says:

I like the cover, it screams 70s horror/Giallo. Especially with the washed out colour tone

fromthedeserts says:

I usually embrace change, but if you can’t pull it of, don’t do it. Electric Wizard is a one trick pony and there’s nothing bad about that

warrenh says:

No one ever mentions SUPERCOVEN!!! That’s the heaviest the band got. If you don’t know it, dig it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1sgAHjxluA

Aidan French says:

i just have to say sarah you are probably one of the best metal reviewers i dearly and wholeheartedly support and love what you do within the awesome banger bar / banger films / banger tv cannon keep it real girl

Lucas Aguirre says:

I appreciate how Sarah mentions/suggests/recommends other band in her reviews, definitely found many that I have liked by looking up bands she mentions!

2DoobsMcJubes says:

The cover is like ‘kings of punk’ by poison idea. haha

Jack P. Walker says:

HEY . . . i love bell bottoms and Sunn amps . . . for real.
Been a long time fan of the band, and i am very happy that this is a much better offering than their previous ‘creation’.

Metal Vault II says:

You lost me at Electric Wizard being associated with sludge…

Toxic Potato says:

I’m really torn on this one. It sounds so much like their first album, which I adore, but I expected it to be on the heavier side. I like getting my ears punished by guitar tones that sound like sizzling bacon, but this was more of a slow cooker

viking raven says:

Get rid of her

Benjamin Decker says:

What, Cannibal are very technical. They are as technical as Atheist but less proggy!

Hzudem auke says:

Hey guys, you should review “To Venomous Depths” by Cloak 🙂

John O says:

Good review, she needs to brush up on pronunciation though.

j Ernust says:


grindcoremaniac says:

She seemed real sad

imdartson says:

Been a big EW fan for a while now. I think this is their best album since We Live. Its a refreshing change of sound. The previous 3 albums just felt stale. The bass player rejuvenated EW. It added an extra dimension that EW hasn’t had since Tim was in the band. It all sounds sonically inspired instead of just aesthetically inspired.

Brent Kossina says:

Hey look, an album by a band that actually sings! Yay Melody!

Andrew Domonic says:

Major dissapointment. They became a parody of their parody. Production is shittier than early black metal. Sounds like a BOSS HM-2 into your uncles solid state. Pass.

The Spiral says:

Cover looks like the one on The Struts Everybody Wants, plus the carved name. Now i like the struts a lot, good old fashioned rock and roll band…..buuuut DOOM BAND shouldnt be reminding me of that

francofrogg says:

Banger reviews are too bloody long. Get to
the point already.

mike stanley says:

lol the “OH cult”

Parsons Turbine says:

I found Electric Wizard boring as fuck when they had more congested arrangements, and stripped down, I STILL think they’re boring as fuck.. excellent review.

Jeff Boshers says:

Sarah’s reviews are the best! She turned me onto Pagan Altar in the Pallbearer review!

Lee Pettley says:

Cruciamentum – technical?

Metal Dad1318 says:

Great review, love this band!!! Sarah what happen to the Pagan Altar necklace and where can I find one?

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