Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb6JiKL3d1s&ab_channel=GeraldGreen

Classics Week draws to a close with a black metal landmark, Emperor’s 1994 album In the Nightside Eclipse.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?



I love this album is insane

BlackPhoenix623 says:

Wtf? I hated on this dude bad but he’s so knowledgeable about the bad ass sub-genre that is BLACK METAL

Ricky Fondo says:

I’d like an Either/Or classic review melon

Rohan Narain says:

Still one my all time favorite albums period.

sqrrlface says:

Please review Bergtatt by Ulver

Mister Syre says:

The drumfills are so killer that even the drummer performing them was one 😉

Charles Teixeira says:

Storm of the Light’s Bane – Dissection is an easy one to get into Black Metal too


I’m sick of every metal album referring to venom. Venom is utter shit mixed with scum.

Jonas Pojdl says:

Great review Anthony, one of my favorite albums!

ChildWhoLikesMetal says:

Emperor: When being one black wizard just wont do

Tokarson says:

1:28 – Gollum, is that you?

Lucas Garibaldi says:

Gehenna’s First Spell is the warmest black metal I’ve ever heard.

Blitz fish says:

A fair review from an american of a norwiegian black metal album from 94 . Good stuff, l think you did it justice. Emperor was a great band at one point in time.

Gustavo Teruo says:

Found this record on a used store sale for 7,50R$ (which would be like 2 dollars, I guess?). How lucky did I get?

Jon Ram says:

This album got me into black metal.

Alessandro Petrucci says:


Henry Allen says:

If you haven’t heard it, I’d highly recommend Gorgoroth’s “Under The Sign of Hell”.

Oldestpunk Inargentina says:

Is the first remaster CD (Candlelight) a good one ? Nice review ! Keep it up !

Shamanic Rites says:

I´ve been into metal for 10 years, yet I could never really bring myself to like emperor, and I can´t even tell you why. As far as “getting into” Black Metal, my recommendation would be to start with watain/dissection, or even summoning which is one of my personal favorites. Very accessible as far as Black Metal goes. However I don´t know whether someone who rarely listens to metal will ever get into that kind of music. For me – and most metal-listeners I know – liking “extreme metal” has been a process, meaning I started out with hammerfall or freedom call when I was 12/13 and gradually slipped into the harder stuff. When I first heard a Death Metal Track when I was 14 it shocked me and I couldn´t understand how anyone would ever listen to that, but after a while you get used to screaming, double-bass-drums, tremolo-picking and all that jazz. It´s a process, don´t expect to be able to appreciate extreme music right off the bat, that´ll work for only a very small percentage of people I think. Also, Anthony, please do Caronte´s “Church of Shamanic Goetia”, it´s otherworldly.

Jacob Moore says:

Hey can you do dissection?

Kacper Kinastowski says:

Fleetwood Mac in background. Great album!

Jared T says:

Why do people like these guys??

Stuart Mackie says:

no more Burzum for you Mr

J. Max says:

Its about time you reviewed this masterpiece, bro. WTF is wrong with you? lol…

Paulbert Kuether says:

WHAT THE FUCK IS PINK SEASON??? Rhetorical question, it sounds retarded I don’t wanna know.

asd asd says:

Fun fact, the drummer on this album is a convicted murderer, the guitar player is a convicted arsonist, and the bass player spent time for assault.

Michael Piscatelli says:

one of the best

jorge luis says:

the most stupid review ever

dead kittie says:

Spankathy Egaculatano

Birds in the Trap says:

wait a minute this isnt a yellow flannel you lied to me you sick melon fuck

S says:

The best version of “I Am the Black Wizards” is on the self-titled EP released the year before this one f’sho

Edit: My bad, It was recorded for a split with Enslaved and was repackaged as an EP later on WHOOPS

bleueyeddevl says:

Black Metal making hipster hip again

Stephen Danielson says:

Extreme metal is like hard drugs. You constantly want it heavier and heavier until its probably bad for your health

The Prometheus says:

Album at 3:59?

Angel of Light says:

Think we might he going a little crazy implying that Deafheaven is really more accessible than the raw early black metal because that album is actually pretty abrasive despite all the warm major scales, and the shoegaze tracks probably wouldnt really invite the average listener either

Rasmus Henriksen says:

How the fuck does Anthony maintain being able to listen to such a wide range of music?

Jairo Antonio Melo says:

1994 was also the time when Vond’s album “Selvmord” was released, also Abruptum’s “In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, in Aeternum in Triumpho Tenebrarum” and Ancient’s “Svartalvheim”, it was a great year for keyboards in Norwegian Black Metal…

Christian López says:

Found a review of you talking about death grips now I find you talking about emperor, dafuq?

young sun says:

best black metal

Olivier Dahan says:

Quite shocked by the lack of respect for the original logo of this cult group. For your album review, thousands have done before you formidably and underground. What’s the use of reheating? There are a lot of bands that are worth the blow to today and that are worth the chronic hit by respecting the guy who broke his ass to work an original logo (again). For many youtuber of this new generation, I think that you tend to put back the established rules created by the pillars of a scene dying today in a certain way. Production too clean, and passes over the softening of the general state of mind which turns more and more to ridicule. The metal, the true this want extreme and not dilute so that it passes better to the eyes of all. The black metal has drawn a general atmosphere dark, occult … or pulling towards the viking spirit … so next time, I think you should chronicle for example, the first album of Gorgoroth and Immortal under a coconut tree and accompany Beautiful dancer with coconuts on the breasts. Could it be credible?

Church Of The Chin says:

To me this record is actually harder for me to get into, I still like it, but in my opinion A Blaze In The Northern Sky is the greatest, there’s just much more going on on In The Nightside Eclipse

Lewzis says:

please do a classic review of one of the first 4 burzum albums

Troll Of Justice says:

Anthems is better. Ihsahn said so himself.

D M says:

wow idiot only took you 13 years to review this

Heavy Metal Zombie Pilot says:

I was pretty disappointed when I picked up this album that it didn’t have the Bathory cover on it but I love the LOTR Album artwork

Finn Kellmurray says:

Behemoth is a pretty good intro to black metal

Tyler Duncan says:

You should review some mathcore. Dillinger, car bomb, Frontierer, converge style stuff.


norwegian black metal is simply the best metal especially from 1991/1997.

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