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Sam reviews ENSLAVED”s new album “E”
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o8z says:

Rush – Fly By Night 😀 m/

Chris Hawkins says:

I saw Enslaved back in the day at their first appearance in the U.S., or North America for that matter. It was at a metal fest in New Jersey called March Metal Meltdown. I was extremely excited to see them, and hoping to hear material from their forthcoming “Blodhemn” album. Sadly, they were robbed of a good time slot, but their character triumphed as they morphed me from a fan into a fan-for-life. Every time they play, I get so lost in their music that I cry foul when they stop the show, thinking they had only just started. I’m proud to have witnessed and followed one of the best bands to have ever formed.

Caphe Mide says:

https://youtu.be/Gk7T0-fTsQk As far as Saxophone in Metal goes give this a listen.

moglagaash says:

totally fair rating. Really would have liked them to have continued the dreamy/ethereal soundscapes they had going at the beginning of the storm son throughout the album. I am also strongly against sax in metal – it just doesn’t work. I am constantly amazed with this band.

thatmetaldude foad says:

Yeah skull ratings because skulls are fucking metal haha

Yury Ramitsan says:

2-3 hits , one cover + half album is booooring DUMB stuff… band is getting rusty(((((

muhisee says:

Too bad you didnt play best song of the album which is Axis of the Worlds

Eleleth Silvanus says:

I know the term progressive is meant to show the prog influence, but I find it completely ironic. Comparing the progress of their first three records with the last three and… They just sound frozen now; perhaps isa cursed them. Eld will always be my favorite and I find since then a loss of substance, though not always bad. Nevertheless, with “maturity” and ” progressing” I see them being conservative and safe. Once inhuman because they sounded berserk, demonic, and Vanir. Now, inhuman because they sound so angelic and computerized.

Rodov1968 says:

I love the sax on Hiindsiight. I also loved it when The Stooges used it on 1970 on the Funhouse album (maybe not so much on L.A. Blues) and Soundgarden at the end of Room A Thousand Years Wide, one of the heaviest and best songs on Badmotorfinger.

What I don’t like is the Hammond organ Enslaved use on one of these songs. Why use one of them when synths can do just about anything now? Nasty, dated, crappy sounding things that should have been left in the 70’s where they fell (God, I really, really hate Deep Purple)!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your delectation: The Hammond Organ. The one instrument automatically guaranteed to make everything sound worse!

Hammerheart El Baúl del Metal says:

For me is the Album of the year! 9.5/10

Christian Clark says:

…Totally Excellent New Album !!!

Jamie Laverick says:

Re-record frost with new crafted sound would be awesome

Count Deangeli says:

the sax works for me

Kolbein says:


Esteban B says:

Totally gonna dig this album

Ricky van der Ham says:

Based on the songs during this review the clean vocals aren’t very clear, so I doubt this album will come close to my favorite RIITIIR.

Donald Trump says:

E is Odin’s Whores? Awesome!

Darrylizer1 says:

It’s a great album, but I miss Herbrand Larsen. His vocals were somehow more emotional, atmospheric and unique and his keyboards more understated. Hakon is very good, but I find the keyboards a bit too high in the mix on E. More listening to E is needed.

Caphe Mide says:

Great review as usual, always nice to see prog, my only request is that would you please do a Lockhorns for Avant-garde Metal, please and thank you.

Jose Roberto RV says:

Awesome new album and awesome band. Enslaved, the new Opeth of progressive black metal.

Raust says:

Yeah women in metal don’t need to be demoralized by you instilling some bullshit. Its an okay thing this band is featured.

christianxfb says:

Nice review! this guy knows about his shit. I give him 2 skulls.

Tamsin 1234 says:

The last bonus track is the best, in my opinion

John Oaks says:

5/5 Enslaved have evolved into the best band today.

metalhammer5 says:

Hey Sam!! May I know what your favourite bands are?? Thanks

Kymberlyn Reed says:

Great shirt Sam!!!

A-MANX says:

doesnt it have 8 tracks?

Dirk says:

ehwaz means horse yes, but Odin’s horse was called Sleipnir (8 legged horse)

Lewis Giles says:

Yes! Getting this tomorrow!

Ole A. Endresen says:

Yay! Sam Dunn is back! So good memories from days back when I watched the Metal: A Headbangers Journey. This album is easily the best of the year, for me. Love Enslaved. Keep up the great work Sam! Greetings from Norway:)

Erick Rincon says:

This dude has an upside down cross marked on his forehead folds whenever he raises his eyebrows…Black Metal AF!!!

Infernal Symphony says:

Holy fuck; I suggested Banger Hangar as a name for the set… Did they go for my pick?! Woooooooooooooooooooo

Jaime Soltys says:

Enjoyed the review, bro, and I’m glad you see Enslaved in such positive overall light, but how in all f* are you leaving Feathers of Eohl out of this review and writing it off as not worth mentioning compared to the other tracks??? That song is pure, soaring, masterful artistry…to each his own, in music and life 🙂

Cabbage Nation says:

2 skulls were stupid

Jamie Laverick says:

Eiwas represents your own driving force. In a more Christian idea it’s guardian angel. Also in a Nordic sense horse and in tarot cards is chariot and much more

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