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Brad reviews EXHUMED’s new album “Death Revenge”
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Thelemech says:

Just picked this up and I would say that your review is pretty accurate. That being said I am loving this new album but I am a Exhumed fanboy 😉

James Wray says:

Its a good album. Exhumed never disappoints in my opinion.

Rob Goodall says:

Didnt take long for a vegan to tell you hes vegan haha

Neeshie Huhu says:

“..I never gave a shit what Megan says..” – Tom Cruise/Conan O’Brien – car ride

Seth Hansen says:

Aaaaannnnnnddddd I just bought the album

Noah Jensen says:

Go Sharks Go!

Keenan Manson says:

*Pretty B R U T A L*

SlackBabbath665 says:

Also, you should check out the new Ne Obliviscaris. For some cool melodic/symphonic death metal.

Mike Phlegm says:

Love the aborted shirt but i like every album from exhumed.

aWorkInProgress11 says:

I love your reviews! It would be great if Banger TV could do this style of review for legacy albums too?

Zach Paik says:

Why hasn’t BangerTV reviewed Arkaik’s “Occultivation”?

oilerdiehard says:

I agree a brutal death metal band like Exhumed and melodo dm do not mix and probably should not mix together. At least not if the brutal side of things is not clearly in the drivers seat at all times.

Dr. Forrester says:

Lol, Sharks fan? You automatically get a like Brad

MrMooGuy91 o/ says:

Sub zero? Is that you? Nd mint chocolate chip dye. Butt one thing that had me Lololololol. The Devils aren’t from San Jose though.
It’s pretty generic death metal to me. Gutterals Are ok but terrible pronunciation like most death metal vocals. That gargle is uh… let’s hope it doesn’t catch on.

Jake Stanley says:

San Jose motherfucker!!! I remember discovering these guys and Skinless at the same time.

Jake Stanley says:

I’m drunk.

Mindless Studios says:

That gurgling part had me rolling! It’s so obscene but fucking amazing at the same time! This is why I love death metal!

Sam Cowell says:


Kevin Knecht says:

Great review…the gurgle is epic! also…. GO SHARKS.

Serpico's Beard says:

So glad i found this channel recently, the reviews are great.
I use to watch theneedledrop because he reviewed quite a few decent metal albums in the past but now he focuses on trash hip hop which i don’t give 2 shits about.
Anyway, keep up the good work!

Griff Barton says:

Glad Mr.Sewage is back in line up.

Kian Raz says:

Gore Metal and specially Anathomy is Destiny are the two best albums of Exhumed and are the only 2 I possess from them. Other albums are too Carcass-ish, which means death/grind parts but also melodeath parts. Such as you, I’m less fan of Exhumed melodeath parts… but we have to say it, Exhumed is the best Carcass-ish band out there since 20 years 😉

Nick Green says:

Mint chocolate is awesome. But chocolate orange..or orange chocolate..can straight up go fuck itself.

Tuna Fish says:


beerglass2k says:


a bright crimson or pinkish-red colour.
“an incarnadine rose”

colour (something) a bright crimson or pinkish-red.
“a spreading red stain incarnadined the sea”

– google dictionary 15.10.17

Henry Allen says:

As I said to a friend: “that new Exhumed album makes me moist.”

amadeusamadeus rm says:

Great band… But the guy that keeps talking is making me angry.

SlackBabbath665 says:

Fucking love Exhumed………………………………………………………………………….


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