Eyehategod – Self-Titled ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjKpB7hdjXk

Famed sludge metal outfit Eyehategod is back with their first album in 14 years.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


CtrlAltDelete says:

your mustache was literally the worst thing

Johnny Dirtbag says:

Thats what fucking point is YOU DUMBFUCK!!! Eyehategod is fucking SLudge metal!

Locust Dawn says:

“If you’re gonna call Eyehategod fuckin’ sludge then put the fucking crown on their fucking head and move on. Call them the fucking kings of it and fuckin’ everyone else is beneath it.”
– Phil Anselmo

RIP Little Daddy

Hessel M says:

Sludge is about being disgusting which they managed to do. Real Sludgr at least. For further listening in recommend Buzzoven, Noothgrush, Fister and Grief.

it is what it is says:

Good review for a good album. Just a suggestion: any sludgey type band who’s songs you may find boring, listen to them when you’re in a bad mood and you’ll understand them better. I used to think the Melvins were too slow and boring at one time, but my opinion changed when I listened to them in a different mood.

Dan Barrett says:

you’ve completely missed the point of the band, it’s supposed to be difficult to listen to….that’s the whole point dude

Sonic Titan says:

Mastodon heavier than Eyehategod? You’re a joke

Bluj666 says:

I personally think it’s the the best album that EHG has. they are much more intense and collected now that they have “sobered” up a bit

Letmecode Front-end says:

That is the most repulsive mustache I have ever seen. Looks as if a particularly filthy, disease-ridden animal has died on your upper lip while it was trying to creep into your nose. Yuck.

fatmike72 says:

I consistently disagree with your reviews. I don’t think you should review heavier bands, as you seem to always miss the mark. I give you credit for the detail you provide, just disagree with your assessments and ratings…Repeatedly

Φόβος κομήτης says:

Hey man are you Maynard James Keenan’s younger brother?

Protoka says:

IS noone going to mention that he hid the hitler ‘stache behind a handlebar?

zach butler says:

i loved it, but i also love everything theyve ever put out.. i agree the higher production value takes away a little from their sound, but over all its still a great sludgy filthy album… its not the album i would recommend to someone i wanted to get into EHG, take as needed and southern discomfort will always be amazing and destructive, and in my top list of greatest albums of all time…

Ceaseless Whisper says:

I think it gets a light 8 to a strong 10

Rahlin Rigsby says:

I always thought it was pronounced EI-HYETI-GOD like IYETIGOT

Gypsy J says:

Youre face pisses me off
Ehg forever

tjorvendc says:

i just want to point out the obvious
this bands name is fucking awesome
i think more bands should have anti-religious names

Robin _ says:

Always felt it was weird seeing Isis compared to bands like Eyehategod. Aaron Turner’s music is always so robotic and soulless compared to the NOLA bands.

Name not Found says:

Mike’s dying, if anyone can help him.

redshaftedflicker says:

Fantucky—High on Fire and Mastodon have heavier recordings than EHG?  Hahahahahahahahaha, you’re crakin’ me up.

Kevin Payne says:

How do ya forget outlaw order… jesus….

Alex Contreraz says:

FUCK you Nike I will never buy your stupid ass shit go away

Augrills says:

None of these bands are about the albums. Go see them, and you’ll get it.

U Mirin says:

Sludge metal is Eyehategod.

Rawbbing Mysellph says:


Aaron Walker says:

The best part of this is Fantano pronouncing “New Orleans” correctly.

James Myers says:

Shit often imitated but never duplicated welcome back EHG. I mean if Sludge Core is a genre then they and Crowbar pretty much invented it

2noided says:

Look at him, he used to be so young and beautiful and moustachiode, what ever happened? Where did the time go? Now our relationship feels so stale and flacid, like my soul when he gave TPAB a 10.

Roland Micheal says:

BRO STFU its eyehategod no one gives a shit what you have to say

WhiskeyYouth says:


Thomas Wilkerson says:

I loved it. Consistency over a ten year period is respectable in my book

Amy Barringer says:

As rational as you are, and as many great bands as you mention; I do not think EHG gives a hoot how you feel.  I love ISIS, but never in any forum would I ever compare and contrast the two…
Thanks for being a reviewer and taking a risk…

Rawbbing Mysellph says:

yep! and still a retard..

Iron Pescatore says:

This album is classy. Like good wine, the older the better.

lawdawgiddy says:

Evolution of a band is for an imperfect band not for EHG.

HammarHeart says:

fantano’s mustache looks like a drowned marmot

Zerojimm says:

I thought it was alright. I need to listen to it a few more times.

D. Norbut says:

While you seem knowledgeable, I think you are trying to over-intellectualize EHG here. Some fair points, but EHG is supposed to be “relentlessly sludgy,” and even “tedious.” Listening to EHG isn’t a joyful experience, but it is a powerful one. They aren’t a band that has ever really been about “evolving” their sound. They just do what they do – desperate, misanthropic, bitter sludge – better than anyone else. Personally, I don’t listen to EHG because I want to hear something fascinatingly novel. I don’t want them to reinvent the wheel, I just want them to smash me over the head with it as they always have. I believe they did that on this album, which is at least as good as “Confederacy,” and are still the kings of this genre. Their live show is also just so damn amazing.

Jason Voorhees says:

This is what happens when a hipster fag reviews music he doesn’t understand

Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade says:

Literally every single band he compared Ehg to is a sally bag of sissys next to Eyehategod

fireflyry says:

Mouthful of vagina.

Inverted Pentacle says:

Lord Mantis….Nice name drop

ebeaver15 says:

You forgot Acid Bath in those sludge metal examples.
Acid Bath is way better than any of those bands.
Well…Neurosis has a fighting chance.

shibby dibby says:

>that band name

**tips fedora**

D Singh says:

melon hole

eddie dean says:

weird al with a shaved head

Rockin Reefer says:

Like a metal ned flanders

Jason Slagle says:

This is a bad ass album! I dont care what anyone has to say… I think they have progressed in their style, and who every engineered this album fucken rocks!

DaftBrian says:

Do you want a liter of cola?

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