Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyRW8FTlp7o

Technical death metal band Fallujah delivers its sophomore album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?



AzCannibalChris says:

I can see where you’re coming from, but this was the most unfair and bias review I’ve ever seen, Antoine Fantoine. First you say the production was the only thing worth complaining about, then you talk about progressive metal and what you hate about it, pinned that all on Fallujah, and forgot what you were even praising them for in the first place. Idk mayne, I don’t think it’s like the GOAT album, but it is a good album, and people like it.

Master Hand says:

I agree.

Bart Buur says:

but i looooove the production

Will says:

Lol judging by your fav/least fav tracks in the comments, maybe you shouldn’t review music like this anymore haha

TheJesseFan says:

Goddamnit, his favourite track is the interlude. * ________ *

Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

Which cancerous pair of testicles produced this shitty album?

pAWNproductionsDE says:

Musically, I think this album is phenomenal. That being said, I pretty much HAVE to go into it looking for a “wall of sound” aesthetic to enjoy it. A remixing/remastering would do this album the justice it deserves

Pete Cairns says:

Dime a dozen vocals????!!!! The guy is incredible!!!

Evan Pipta says:

The Reverb on this album is definitely terrible, I’m listening right now and it feels like I have the 5.1 feature on my headphones turned on. But I don’t. It sounds like Mechina, and I have the same problem with it that I have with Mechina which is that reverb shit, but also something you didn’t mention which is that the vocals are just pretty much always the same tone, there’s very little build up at climactic points or change in intensity, that’s something which really bothers me.

Have you ever reviewed or checked out unexpect?

Paul Green says:

Hey Anthony. Been enjoying your reviews for a while now, and thought I’d recommend an album to review, since you’re clearly a fan of, among other genres, death/black metal.Try Entombed – Wolverine Blues, if you haven’t already heard it. It’s about the only death metal album I’ve ever enjoyed, and is typified by blistering, detuned riffs, pounding drums, and guttural vocals. Most importantly, however, there are a full contingency of songs here. Particularly good are tracks 2 and 3.Enjoy.

Michael Abramo says:

This album was remastered early 2016. May want to give it another go.

Spamers Male says:

I love the album. That being said, I do think the album’s production is a silly goose. Have you seen Ian Shepard’s take on The Flesh Prevail’s production called “Loudness War Myths – 2: Some genres NEED to be crushed”? What’s your take on the Loudness War in general?

afterstars says:

Strong 4 to light 5?!?!?! Wow…

zackary cooper says:

You don’t understand fallujahs sound

Timothy Hudson says:

he trashes this but praises deafheaven and liturgy

yah, an expert on metal this guy is not

Ben anonnimous says:

Anthony always has problems with the production on some of the best metal albums, I’m not shocked at his opinion. Some of us just grew up with this music and are used to a more produced sound, I guess.

Tunaboy45 says:

This album desperately needs a remaster, the production is just horrendous.

Donald Record says:

Do Altered State by Tesseract 🙂

Bart Heeren says:

Eh, I liked it.

Big Fingers Jefferson says:

Love the teeth man!

Alexander Gonser says:

they are so on point live tho

takeshibeat says:

Waaaaaay too harsh man, really dwelling on the production and overlooking some amazing songwriting! You seem like predominantly a Black metal guy and man there are tons of unlistenable BM albums out there that you would probably give a pass even with their terrible production. Yeah compression is there but the mix is solid as hell. 4/10!?!?!?! Awesome album!! Awesome band!!! Can’t wait for Dreamless!

Ernesto Ramirez says:

you should review their newest record dreamless 🙂 the production is much better to me

no nono says:

Dreamless, in my opinion is a much better album than The Flesh Prevails. if you havent already ruled this band out, i would suggest checking it out.

Sacredgeometry says:

Have you even seen them live, Memetano?

If you want stuff with realistic, animalistic sound sequences, listen to something that is attempting to DO just that. Not a band that is doing very well at sounding cold and atmospheric. I loved The Flesh Prevails for its wonderful mix of complexity and simplicity, and after seeing them first row live, about the only thing I can agree with is that the drum samples are really bland- the bass drums were triggered and I titled my audio recording of his pre-show drum testing “LASERS” for that reason. As well, compression is a problem in modern music.
Yeah, we get it. Layers upon layers upon layers of sound and noise. It’s like photoshop but hideously manifested through sonority. I’d give the album an 8/10. The bass playing was beyond what I expected, and the guitarists have some really good chemistry. I also feel that the melodies are replicated enough to give off the implication of a central theme, or at least an overall concept. What was given in Starlit Path, for example, is reprised during the interlude for Levitation, though metered a but differently. It’s instrumentation like this that I think can redefine albums and even piece together a new synthesis for a genre.
One more, extra special side note: While a bunch of albums that sound relatively the same doesn’t at first sound logical, I’ve always thought the idea of bands reapplying the formulas of the big names in their genre to be a good thing. So, say if Fallujah played much like The Faceless in the sense of really aberrant chord progressions and dynamically disgusting imagery. Now, couple that with Fallujah’s tendency towards atmosphere, and you’ve got something entirely new. Or, how about if Decapitated decided to be as chaotic and strange as, say, The Dillinger Escape Plan? What would you have then? Music is basically like alchemy, and the fundaments and elements when combined may not at first yield a pure substance, yet you’ll arrive at something new for a conclusion.

Thanks for your review. Just my little take on it and then some.
– Lucas

Emily Kaldwin says:

Do fulljah’s new one dreamless.

Obscure Creation says:

I agree so much. The compression sucks, even Nomadic was produced way better. Let’s hope that their third LP makes up for this.

I Kiss Girls says:

I felt like this was pretty tough on Fallujah, but upon reflection, I agree with you much more than I realised. I don’t know much about music production, but I do remember feeling exhausted by this album, and how it’s pretty much a wall of noise, albeit a technical, and very pretty wall, but a wall nonetheless.

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