Fear Factory – Demanufacture (Classic Metal Album Review/Reaction)

I take a look at the legendary album “Demaunfacture” by Fear Factory
Beware the Machines!!!

Making of Demanufacture interview – http://teamrock.com/feature/2015-11-10/rise-of-the-machine-the-untold-story-of-fear-factory-s-demanufacture

Burton C Bell interview – http://teamrock.com/feature/2016-09-10/fear-factory-burton-c-bell-s-guide-to-life


Cheer Yourself Deaf says:

Another fantastic review. The fact you concentrate on the lyrics always makes you stand out.

I always thought the first half of this album was excellent and the second half didn’t quite match up. Not listened to it in a few years though so I should put it on again.

Off to listen to the Priest one now… see if this album changes my mind on them!

John B says:

Saw them live a couple times in the late 90’s but they didn’t move me. After seeing this review I went back and have spent some time with this album. Thank you for bringing it back around. Really enjoying the album.

Damian Love says:

I like your take on Demanufacture. Those extras you added about Fear Factory and the LA riots is interesting: I always thought that this album was a very well-written “fuck you” to government and establishment. Every song in a banger, too. Cheers.

Thee Gameplayer says:

I had never heard this before, don’t know why.
This has been rectified, Thanks xD

Cyle J says:

Good dancing

ff bekap says:

Just out of curiosity. How high would you place in your personal Fear Factory ranking albums without Dino Cazares. To me Archetype is their best effort. Transgression would be even better if the making of the record would not be so rushed. Dino is great guitarist but for me Christian took the band to another level. I realize that what I’ve just wrote is heresy for some hardcore FF fans, but that’s how I feel about this band.

Jaime Abad Caldeiro says:

This is one of my favourite, and most influential, albums. Fear factory are riffs beasts. They have so many great songs.

TheStrongBoyz19 says:

One of the first metal bands I’ve ever heard and loved, love the band. First got into FF over a PS1 game Demolition Racer which is an amazing game.

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