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We review Finland’s traditional Doom Metal scene, featuring 5 Albums picks from Sarah, a vid from local expert Kimi Kärki and suggestions from our Patreon donors.

Wolfshead – Leaden
Spiritus Mortis – The Year is One
The Wandering Midget – From the Meadows of Opium Dreams
Minotauri – II
Cardinal’s Folly – Deranged Pagan Sons
Reverend Bizarre – In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
Reverend Bizarre ‎– II: Crush The Insects
Swallow the sun: Songs from the north I, II & III
Hallatar – No Stars Upon the Bridge

Thanks to Dr. Kimi Kärki

Read Earl of Void’s Doom Manifesto here:

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Mili says:

It was a very boring clip… very unusual for Banger TV

Philip-Edward Phillis says:

I want Sarah to do my hairdo.

m kinne says:

Thank you Sara for being the face of doom on Banger! You seem to like the same bands as me, and not a lot of people I know enjoy the genre as much as I do. So, its awesome to see someone as excited about it as I am. Keep up the good work, kid!

That One Guy says:

I wasn’t a big fan of this series at first but after seeing Dylan, Brad and Blayne cover tech death prog, and black metal, I started really enjoying this exploration of metal scenes around the world. It’s super informative and always find a new (or old) bands to listen to! This series reminds me of the kind of thing Oliver from DeepCuts YouTube channel does for his “genre guides” series.

Geoff Reeves says:

Can someone tell me is the artist and song title for the song they play at the end of all these global metal videos?

Sudi Sarıkaya says:

I love the ‘Global’ series… Maybe you might consider a Turkish Death Metal episode. Burial Invocation, Cenotaph, Engulfed, Diabolizer, Hellsodomy, Carnophage, Decaying Purity, Persecutory, Sarinvomit are all well known and respected bands in the European underground scene… Some of them are well known in the States as well.

jonathan rainbo says:

Whoa whoa hold up…way to bury the lead on your local expert! HAIL AND A MILLION THANKS for this very important episode. The flame of true doom will never die.

Andrew Gleeson says:

Would love to hear Sarah do a deep dive into the stuff that there’s no time for.

Dario Nini says:

demasiado trad doom metal

damillionmalania says:

Can’t help but notice both of my favourite active canadian bands are putting out records this month. Thrawsunblat just released their newest record and the new Skull Fist album is just a couple of days away. Would be really cool to see them featured on your channel!

valmi antonio says:

Wonderfull video! Doom on!

RUTE_666 VM says:

Indonesian’s bands review please

JM CG says:

Nice video as always Sarah. Not really tradicional doom but my favorite (Funeral) Doom Metal band from Finland is the all mighty Thergoton. “Stream from the Heavens” is such a masterpiece.

Justin Laidlaw says:

These deep dives into Scenes and genres are awesome. Keep it up, I think you guys are my favourite Metal channel on YouTube!

Ronnie Adalim says:

Its fucking massive..

Aidan French says:

Finnish black metal episode

Atom Boy says:

Awesome video. Finland is a beautiful country….expensive…but beautiful 🙂

Oranges and Salt says:

This series is the tits! Love Sarah’s recommendations. Keep up the good work 🙂

AlexDoesGaming says:

PLEASE do Ireland soon!

Julius Davis says:

I just need to move to Finland! My kind of weather and very little sunlight. Hell yeah! And of course kickass music!

mrougelot says:

Not really my type of music but Sarah made it interesting. Very well made and narrated.

Jimmy Ponciano says:



great show, thanks

George Colby says:

Holy shit, i’ve been scouring the net for new doom bands, this is perfect. Favorite channel comes through for me again. Nice to see Sarah reviewing again! You always have cool shit to share.

Snagu says:

Good and interesting stuff, keep it up! m/,

Ai niin ja SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE ja niin edes päin 😀

Antoine Roth says:

Man, we Patreons have great tastes, all those recommendations rule (although I would have picked New Moon or Emerald Forest for Swallow the Sun

Andrew Gomez says:

links to sarahs band please?

Mr Cooper says:

French Black Metal pls! Deathspell Omega, Peste Noire, Blut aus Nord, Antaeus, Mütiilation.

Jon Stallan says:

Thanks for this video! I am obsessed with Finland and would love to visit one day. When I think of Finnish doom I usually think of death/doom and funeral doom so this was very interesting to see the more traditional side of doom from there. Would love to see a Finnish death/funeral doom video from this channel some time 🙂 Also saw Smoulder play with Volur back in the summer, you guys were fucking awesome, cheers!

Peter Gray says:

Are you married? Boyfriend?

bucky gloober says:

Got nothing against Finland or Sarah, but apparently true doom is just boring-ass music? Didnt know that

occams99 says:

This little dairy queen gives me a boner.

Willem Lenders says:

Lord Vicar!

Pete Canthropus says:

Ok, I’ve got it. Only countries/territories with crosses and exactly the same blue/read/white colours in their flags : Australia, Iceland, Quebec, Finland. The next ones will be Norway, UK, New Zealand, maybe Switzerland and Denmark … So Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, and Germany will have to wait a bit. 🙂

Gino Rossellini says:

There’s no bass in their voice it’s fucking silly.

Siberian_Joker says:

Lord Vicar is often forgotten in the discussion of Finnish doom metal scene. They were formed in 2007 and is lead by Kimi Kärki. They have three albums out: Fear no Pain, Signs of Osiris and Gates of Flesh. Gates of Flesh was released in 2016. Check em out if you like Reverend Bizarre!

Helga Borek says:

I will get tons of dislikes for this, but as for me all bands do not represent Finland and music from the country? There’s much more to listen to. Even if you take more underground bands, so called.true doom is just… Well, not that it sounds Finnish.

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