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We review experimental, avant garde Black Metal from France. Featuring Brad’s Top 5 albums, a pick from Michael Berberian (CEO of Season of Mist) and suggestions from our Patreon Donors.

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DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Infernal Battles
BLUT AUS NORD – The Work Which Transforms God
DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
CELESTE – Morte(s) Nee(s)
AOSOTH – IV: Arrow in Heart
PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND – False Highs, True Lows
Blut Aus Nord – Mort
Eryn Non Dae – Abandon of the Self
Throane – Plus une main à mordre

Thanks to Michael Berberian of Season of Mist


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Kalman Kovacs says:

Very good episode. Didn’t know about Aosoth before so I gotta get on that. Fairly new to Blut Aus Nord but Deathspell has been pulling me a lot harder.
Unrelated: Obliteration (Norway) fucking rules

Direksone says:

Great video! Gotta give a shoutout to some bands from The Netherlands (support your scene right?!): Ulsect and Dodecahedron are two bands that make music in a similar vein as these bands. They both have quite recent releases and are comprised of some veterans of the Dutch Metal scene (ex-Textures and Exivious for instance). Give it a listen everyone!

Gary Grim says:

Great episode! I would recommend also checking out Mutiilation’s Sorrow Galaxies.

Eli Starr says:

Peste noire is by far the best band from france

Alice- bénédicte catteau says:

Might i put on your list two great bands regarde les hommes tomber and the great old ones..

mrougelot says:

Definitely not my style, but very well made video and it kept me hooked until the end. I feel Brad has progressed a lot since his first videos on Banger and he’s now on the right spot between interesting and entertaining without overdoing it 😉

Chris Eichenberger says:

I agree on the BAN and Deathspell Omega picks. Masterpieces, both, IMO.

DaimonSage _1o8 says:

Anyone understand the other band names that the CEO of Season name drops? 2:10 Antaeus, Deathspell Omega, Arkhon Infaustus….?

Mili says:

Black Metal is boring and dull, no matter classic or avant-garde

Lampros A says:

great choices,well covered,nicely done!
i would add an arkhon infaustus album though!

Loy says:

Hail from France ! Good job on this video. I think, french “avant garde” BM is too nebulous to explore whole on just 15 minutes ;). Look at The Great Old Ones songs like Antartica (beautiful show if anyone here can see them), or Aorlhac

X III says:

DSO – Black Metal. All others – black metal or “black metal”.

Jake Trewartha says:

sweet I’ve got like 4 bands to check out and thanks for reminding me to buy everything from Plebeian Grandstand

Romain D. says:

Brad, forget about wine, bread and cheese. We brew excellent beers!

Midnight Odyssey says:

Core shit. Nice try.

Nintendodo64 says:

Don’t think Aosoth is avant garde at all, but love seeing Celeste mentioned here. There are so many sludge/black metal bands that borrow from them (arguably including Plebeian Grandstand).

Julian R says:

Pretty nice that you’ve mentioned Plebeian Grandstand, absolutely awesome band! But I would’ve liked to see Peste Noires L’ ordure à l’état pur or La sanie des siècles within the essential albums.

Reddogsociety67 says:

Yo brother! Blut Aus Nord and Celeste have me reeling!! Love it. Thank you for the insight

Seventy Below says:

Banger TV is cancer.

euthanasie says:

Fun Fact: Broken Dialogues’ movie samples are taken from Ken Russell’s The Devils.

Michelle Wardlow says:

I’m so glad I found you guys on YouTube! Thank you for all the sacrifices you are making to open a genre of metal up to this new listener.

Energizing Films says:


Richmond Riddle says:

I get that you are probably vegan (a lot of metalheads seem to be vegan, cuz it’s Seitenic), but why can’t you drink wine?

Sam VanMeter says:

I’m waiting for the day Godflesh and Blut Aus Nord does a collaboration. That day the earth will explode.

AwarthSGN says:

That hentai figure in the background tho

Dude Deluxe says:

“Why did i include them here?” Because they are the most nihilistic music i ever witnessed.

Raúl Pérez says:

how about spanish death metal now? like, fucking avulsed dude

The Band That Sucked says:

Even though they are not from France but from Canada, check out Thantifaxath

Patrick Isles says:

Your pronunciation is awful for both Blut and Fas.

Evan Mester says:

Id consider Celeste to be more or less Blackened Hardcore but nevertheless they absolutely fucking rip.

Wonderful and informative retrospective my dude 🙂

Order ov the Black Arts says:

Another nice video on black metal scenes! DSO are arguably responsible for the 3rd wave of black metal, which Berberian alluded to. Whether half (or any) of these bands are really avant garde is debatable, but what DSO did shook the sound up enough that they might as well be for such a conservative genre as bm.

Disappointed there was no mention of Aluk Todolo – they have their own form of post-black dissonance which is equally harrowing, though it lacks the Theistic/Luciferian theologies of DSO/Aosoth/Arkhon Infaustus and other French bands. Time Lurker are another more recent example of a band creating textural dissonant doomscapes.

Pleased to see Throane sneak a mention at the end there!

Great stuff. Looking forward to more episodes!

The Red Bearded Heathen E. Jöhnsön says:

What got into French Black Metal is Anorexia Norvosa. Sister September and An Amen. It’s a shame that RMS Hreidmarr left

Sam VanMeter says:

I’m getting a Monty Python Holy Grail vibe when listening to the founder of Season of Mist.

Vainglory Sudamérica Falgoust says:

emmmm peste noire???

Agoraphobic News says:

Deathspell Omega and Plebean Grandstand rule.

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