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Brad reviews the new GENOCIDE PACT album “Order of Torment”
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Legend of the Seafullmen

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Kinnzie Martin says:


Kakihara Tempura says:


the artist formally known as craig lastname says:

Sounds good

thrashmaniac99 says:

Thanks for the review Bradley! First time hearing this band and I actually did a review of it myself. Thought it was really solid though I thought a couple of the songs sounded a bit to similar to one another.

Jake Hall says:

Review the new six brew bantha you mongaloids

Dragan Ljiljak says:


bluntedatbirth1 says:

why does Relapse need 2 more bands that sound exactly like Gatecreeper? (Mammoth grinder and Genocide Pact = more mid tempo entombed worship)

Martin D says:

Yeahhhh wearing my boys band Caveman Cult! That war metal for your ass!

Parsons Turbine says:

Meh, sounds like a average Incantation album from 25 years ago.. It certainly doesn’t suck, but it isn’t terribly good either. At the same time it seems like this also mainly just for fun.. 2.5 skulls for period accuracy.

TJ Caruthers says:

Heard the Hammered Smashed Face “nod” and it mad me smile. These guys arent to bad and the snippets definitely got me interested in hearing more. WTF with Banger not bringing you with them to 70000 Tons of Metal?

Mo Baldy says:

Brad, from a dude as old and set in his ways as Papa Dunn, your reviews have hipped me to some refreshing new stuff (i.e. Employed to Serve). I’m stoked to check this release out and I totally agree that the bell cuts like a knife. First thing I noticed in the clip. Anyway, keep providing us with the solid reviews. Cheers!

Steven Wisniewski says:

While the shorter reviews are nice I wish there were more clips from the albums and even clips for the shout outs.

Sam Rosen says:

What you think

Michael Hansen says:

So generic holy shit. Not bad, not good, just…eh?

rusterpus111 says:

Based on the samples, I agree with your review.

Norman Rand Wolfe says:

Brad, hope you read my apology and, above all, liked the link I sent you,

ratmcd33 says:

Yes! Nice review… Mammoth Grinder and G-Pact in DC tonite!

Nicki Collis says:

I love your beard lol, I love the album as well!

Kinnzie Martin says:

I know its a cliche to say thos but These types of bands literally sound the same, great playing but when it comes to originality gotta give am a 3 out of 10, based on what I’ve heard here

Darth Grimby says:

Once again, another great review Brad. I am super-picky about death metal, but based on what I heard in your review I think this is one of those albums I can’t miss. Also, let’s start this: #BradFor70KMetal2019

CarlHH777 says:

This album is… fine. Enjoyable listen but forgettable.

1313 danzig says:

I love it when you review a band that may not be to well known. Thanks! Now I ‘ve got a new band to check out.

DeathCore Dude710 says:

Decent album i enjoy the doom aspect

Beyond the Radio says:

who doesn’t love long sleeve tees tho god damn 70k tons looks amazing this year but i hate the water. going to Wacken instead! oh wait..

Jesse Lucian says:


Hipster Killer says:

From what I heard of this album it seems to be doing a better job at being more “old school” and it’s definitely a lot more interesting then most but I feel like most of the other’s it’s probably note enough to keep me hooked on it. Great review as always Brad!. Also at 5:38 I heard Gay creeper not Gatecreeper, haha.

Kreation Station says:

Dude, sorry you missed the boat! Another great review cheers Brad, looking forward to diving into this one, love me some old school, Capital Death m/

David Rosen says:

Brad, Willowtip is the modern day roadrunner / you guys missed Slugdge, Gigan , Contrarian and Pyrrhon.

stoners channel says:

I love it good shit

Frank Lira says:

Shoutout for the Caveman Cult shirt.

Cody Fales says:

I love the drums emphasis on snare. It added alot of dark forboding feelings before that wicked solo. After listening to two songs im hooked man. Thank you.

Jacob Eberhardt says:

Wait… you’re telling me Maryland has a death fest?

kenneth solis says:

Fucking LOVE this band!!!

Benjamin Lord says:

Have you reviewed the new MAMMOTH GRINDER yet? I love that little record

Alan Cordner says:

I’m commenting because you told me to. Great album!

Red King says:

haha nice! this just arrived in my mail box yesterday! love this band.
and i just did everything you told me in less than two min!

ryan kowalski says:

Fucking sick album

Chris K says:

Asking Alexandria album wasn’t a stinker! What the fuck are you talking about. Why did you review the album if it’s not the type of metal banger tv supports.

Lyrici17 says:

That drumming though.

Jonathan Babin says:

I predicted “Machine Head”‘s success on their “Catharsis” album. How? Well, Motorhead had a print in a music column, way back when, it said: “Worst Band In The World”, so by setting that similarity in motion, along with other untrained ears or reviewers, you basically helped set a precedence. I am certain you’re proud of your review of that album today.

Dark Warlock says:

Awesome review, really liking what relapse is putting out, saw Gatecreeper last year and they were fucking awesome!

KARZILLA 810 cars and reviews says:

I would rather listen to Machine Head 2018 hasn’t been a good year for Metal so far

Kinnzie Martin says:

Bruh…. through the eyes of the dead put out a new album recently, give those OGs some love, it sounded original and heavy as a mother fucker… How long are you guys going to sleep on my generations sick ass bands, I’m getting so heated cause no one is talking about tteotd’s new album and it blew everyone’s face off …..

Pip Brendan says:

sounds mad!

nice one brad

Happy Noodle Boy says:

leaving a comment to tell brad what a sexy dude he is

Chase CCC420 says:

albums till the end of march eh? get ahold of the new augury? cannot wait for that release

Branches75 says:

Don’t tell me what to do as I’m doing it! The point is the album has been bought.

Max Vorhees says:

Still waiting for my copy in the mail. But why did Banger snuff Autopsy? That new e.p. Is fantastic!

STRIFE_45 says:

can you guys review cor scorpii and mistur ?

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