Ghost ‘Prequelle’ Album Review-Jimmy Kay & Neil Turbin-The Metal Voice

Jimmy Kay and Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin review the latest album by Ghost Prequelle. Plus Neil Turbin interviews the Psycobilly band The Nekromantix in Los Angeles 2018

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Ghost Prequelle Tracklisting:
‘See The Light’
‘Dance Macabre’
‘Pro Memoria’
‘Witch Image’
‘Life Eternal’


Mike Morrison says:

Shut up Neil.

The MADGamer says:

His name is pronounced Tobeeus For-Geh and he has wrote 90%+ of all ghost music.

A Person says:

Going to have to disagree…Ghost is still firmly in the hard rock / metal genre with this album from what I’ve heard. Rats is straight up 80s metal…Dokken comes to mind. From what I’ve heard of Faith with the neo classical guitar and heavy riffage…also firmly in the metal genre. It may be more accessible as they’ve made the occult stuff a little less overt probably for increased radio play but it’s still a heavy undercurrent in the lyrics. That’s nothing new though Meliora was the same way. I don’t think you two really get this band to be honest.

jgrif16 says:

how did you hear the album already?

Lori Bebko says:

Who are these bozos? Someone has not done their homework. The Plague isn’t exactly a poppy thing to sing about.

nameless76 mozwhaz says:

hey Turbin its muh kaab

PaleBlueDot says:

I like Rats but the other one is meh…I don’t know, they’re going a little too mainstream for my taste. Still curious to hear the whole album of course.

Alan Peters says:

The Blue oyster cult reference in thier previous work is so true you can hear the influence especially on the first album.

Pierre Persson says:

The instrumental songs are supposed to be “fillers”.
He writes the albums with vinyl in mind, where it’s one A side and one B side, where the instrumentals works as a way to “reset” the mind for the coming songs.

Koopa Crusher says:

Thanks for this

Nayrb Booshs says:

They are also releasing and deluxe version of the album with 2 additional songs

Maxi Hetfield says:

I agree when you say that this record will be more “accessible” than the other ones, which doesn’t mean that it is bad at all. But what I don’t understand is why people insist to catalog a band “pop/Rock” you know.. in my opinion pop has nothing to do with Rock influences but wherever.. thanks for share your review.

Victor Arnett says:

Faith kicks ass

Victor Arnett says:

Dance macaw bruh….lol

Victor Arnett says:

Cardinal Copia, ya clown show…

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