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Overkill Reviews returns! Blayne digs into the new GHOST album Prequelle.

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Peder Wiese says:


Matz Chase says:

Pfff, I already knew what kind of review it would be as soon as I saw who was reviewing it.

Sam Williams says:

I’m a fan of Ghost. I was really excited about it based on “Rats” but this review is the most honest I’ve heard yet. This album reminds me of VHIII. There might be 1 or 2 really good songs, but the rest is just “Meh”. The lyrics are the worst yet with phrases that feel forced and pushed into melody. I am really not sure what I am missing as a fan to be on the outside looking in with this album? But I just don’t think its a good effort. I found it at tmes to be very boring and even repetitive in the way the songs are structured outside of the 2 singles.

Walcott Society says:

Lol you look like Mikael from opeth and that’s a good thing

Alabaster Shaft says:

RIvers of Nihil shout out!

hunter moreno says:

you son of a bitch how can you make a review already it just came out , this is the problem with these reviews they just want to be first i doubt you took the time feel the album through

Matthew Hinman says:

Awesome review! Thank you for the laughs. I have to agree with you.

Eduardo Navarro says:

I loved this album. Just finished listening to it. It was EXACTLY what I expected.

Sied Willem de Jong says:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the album. With every new album, they have started going into a slightly different direction, and Tobias stated that he wanted to get into this kind of stuff during the time of Infestissumam. Meliora was the first step towards that direction really, and Prequelle is just the final step. There is a reason why people felt like Ghost was going to likely be the next Metallica-esque band.

Whether that is true or not, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the band. Rats is solid, It’s a Sin and Avalanche are great covers, Faith is really powerful while the ballads are just really good. Aside from that, they have two good instrumental songs, especially Miasma. Also, it isn’t “Be with you” but it is “Bewitch you” and it is about the Dance Macabre, aka the dance of death / the last dance before…. death. And the whole slap in the face at Pro Memoria? Yeah, you should probably stop making reviews and stick to talking about Amon Amarth or Megadeth or whatever, seems to be more up your alley.

Saying the album is more about making money than making music is a poor observation, feels like a poor statement. The Album is about the black plague, the songs are about death for the most part and sure, some of them are ballads, but saying you can’t like this album unless you’re a “Newcomer to the scene” or are trying to get people into the “genre”? Yeah, not taking this review to heart at all.

You’re entitled to your own opinion, but it feels like a really shitty review because the album wasn’t what you personally hoped it would be, which would likely be a re-run of Infestissumam or Opus Eponymous. So the review actually being about the songs doesn’t feel on point since you just don’t like the album based on… well, the above.

Cabal97 says:

I like the album, they keep evolving and really if you listen to Opus to this, it’s similar in structure. Obviously, the production value is what set it apart.

OUTSID3R says:

I don’t like this band, I just can’t get into it. They keep changing.

Aaron Redding says:

Nice shirt by the way!

mcmeekin91 says:

Looking for Reviews on this album. Found this and you hit exactly how I feel about this album. For that i’m subscribing and most likely supporitng you patreon after I go through your back catslog of video.

Markus Michell says:

Should of reviewed Meditations

dekapitatorr says:

Opus was great,Infestissumam was step into softer direction but that actually worked pretty good.meliora was hit and miss album and thie new one is way too much Abba,90% pop. .not impressed with this one.

Andrew Mayorquin says:

I hope the underground/indie next review is with the new gruesome record.

dillon b. says:

If you hit the next goal look up “sarGasms- monster of the week” it fucking rips!!

Nick Burfield says:

why does it cost money to film a review? what a racket.

Ytsag MVales says:

That band kinda sucks ass tbh

Oscar says:

Didn’t really care about Ghost. But those shout outs were amazing!
My personal recommendations also include Angelus Apatrida and Amorphis, both of which just released pretty killer albums

Luis Kråke says:

Change the reviewer please, he’s jokes are cringe AF

Pure Vanilla says:

Anyone else hate ghost? I seriously don’t get the hype

Kiko2010 says:

Jesus christ. This dude is just as annoying as the feminazi in «sexism in metal» episode.

OwlKnight32 says:

It’s a good record for summer time

GuitarGodsUnite says:

I hate it, but I’ve never liked ghost, so enjoy it if you like it!!

Steels AL says:

I would not call “See the Light” a ballad per se

Carl Panco says:

Ya know I didn’t find this to be far off from what ghost Is. It was different yeah but still dramatic and theatric. I really dug it and IIIIIII know what I like.

Sean Conklin says:

What about GRUESOME, Blake? They keeping Death alive.

Amaterasu 天照 says:

I just love how many people fall for the trap that lies in the chorus of Dance Macabre.
Like Tobias would actually put such lyrics made my a 3rd grader. He is more clever than that 😉

“I wanna *bewitch* you”, not “I wanna be with you”.
That little thing alone makes it one of my favourite lines of the entire album.

I gotta agree on ‘Pro Memoria’ chorus, though. Too repetitive and feels like it wants to shove into my mind.

Marco Calderas says:

More shout outs from every crew member would be awesome, maybe like a biweekly thing.

Big McLargehuge says:

As a MASSIVE Ghost fan, I am sorry to hear that you guys didn’t like the album (personally, I’m on my 4th listen in a row right now), but I understand that it’s not exactly a typical “metal” album. Still, I appreciate you showing them some love.

joey1324 says:

I just don’t get why this band is huge just don’t do it for me

Descartesdom77 says:

I was honestly considering being a Patreon. But frankly I do not like pretentious reviewers. I mean, you could get people that try to understand a band or their fans to review an album, even though that would tend to make the reviews a bit high. But I prefer that to reviewers who act like they are above music instead of accepting it for what it is and reviewing bands for how close they are to hitting that mark. So maybe Banger will get more haters in their Patreon than there are people like me. But as it is right now, this is not a place that I would be spending my money. I’ll spend it on all the great music coming out, including the new Ghost album, instead.

Paul Jackson says:

Not a fan of the review judging it solely on how “metal” it is. I also think it’s unfair to accuse the band of simply trying to achieve mainstream success. Judge it for what it is, not what you wanted it to be.

PvWulfe 666 says:

Its Ring around the Roses… not Rosie. The rhyme originated in the UK, so get the name right…..

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