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It’s no secret that Sam loves Gojira, see why he’s stoked on their latest record, Magma.

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Jeffery Stawikowski says:

These songs played live…good God. So powerful. So very, very powerful

Nic Alt says:

This is a good review but I have no idea how they pull off some of the sounds like on stranded and only pain. To me, this is the best Gorjira album, but I’m a huge tool fan as well so maybe I’m biased.

Foreign Film Fanatic says:

Is there a band called Mosura?

Linkacide says:

I saw them in Vancouver with Metallica and I thought they were better than Metallica. Even though them and any other band that tours with Metallica gets only half P.A

Sporebubu says:

I dont consider myself a big Gojira fan but
(i have bought Magma,From Mars to Sirius and L’enfant + i went to one of their shows) personally i think this is the best album from them

Nick Martinez says:

i fucking love this record!

Mitchell Staley says:


Griffin says:

I think every reviewer needs to at the very least understand music theory. “letting off the gas” on songs is completely intentional and heightens the energy tracks they way they aught to be framed. Shooting star is monotonous because the last verses are so much better for it. Its an experience you live, not just hear once on the radio. I love Bliss by Muse because its a self contained song. This album has tracks that transcend themselves and make the next song a masterpiece only because of the song preceding it. The reason I love metal is exactly what this album delivers; an emotion that transcends the nuance that just one song could deliver. Stop pretending that this album is a collection of 10 songs.

Danny BallsofDoom says:

I think Magma is their best work. It’s fucking deep.

Gianni Etcheverry says:

Great album! We needed something like this.

Black Phillip says:

Come on ! This album is 4 skulls !. It’s perfect in every way.

seth travis says:

why does everyone in America say their name wrong?

Francois Masciopinto says:

this reminds me of all the comments made back in the day of people hating the Black Album from Metallica or dissing Back in Black or even say that Paul Dianno should have stayed with Maiden. In the end, The Black Album, Back in Black and The number of the Beast have opened wider audiences to these bands and made them extremely successful. The same is happening to Gojira. So sorry for people who do not understand that evolution is part of life 🙂

pariskotsaros says:

The needed a new direction for their music and i dig the more melodic style but the songs don’t do it for me. Hopefully they’ll nail this sound on their next album

S3K14YUU731 says:

I love Gojira but this reviews us overated… it’s an excellent Rock Album… it’s not even metal…

venrakdrake says:

The cell is fucking sick, thats some complex drumming for ya in the pre-verse riff.

Dimitur Popovski says:

The Cell? Yellowstone? Pray? Low Lands? Liberation?

wade wilson says:

The official gateway album to Gojira.

A B says:

Interesting review, you almost seemed down on the record but then gave it a good score? I was very disappointed with it, and yes I know about them losing their mother. Silvera is a banger for sure but the rest of it just sounds generic to me.

Tohofan122 says:

Ok I have literally asked this question a handful of times yet have not gotten an answer for it. Anyone know why they named themselves after Godzilla/Gojira from Toho Studios? Always been curious about it.

Robin1992101 says:

whats up with the hissing? did you record this on tape? 😀

Scott Smith says:

neglected to mention Pray and Low Lands

donangry says:

Such a one dimensional review, he reviewed Hardwired the same way too. Heavy music can be something other than 100% banging too you know.

Cesar G. says:

This is a cool review…a propper review… hands down!

Señor S says:

It remind me the remission era of mastodon

Sigit Sandriver says:

the shooting star, pray, magma, silvera.

Games & Metal says:

Sam, thank you for “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”!!!

TheMetal750 says:

While this album caught me offguard at first because i was expecting that monstrous gojira riff sound. Im actually glad they changed things up a little. Its refreshing and far more accessible to more people,and im all up for more folks loving some metal!

SamTheMan says:

You didn’t review low lands arguably the best and most diverse Gojira songs out.

SuperSayainJesus says:

I definitely agree with your opinion and review of Magma. But I’ve never understood why people use only 4 stars (in this case skulls) as opposed to 5. I feel like 4 really limits your ability to give a more accurate review.

Jordan Mitchell says:

i like to see a variety of heavy and soft in an album, it might just be me but i get bored if i listen to just heavy or just soft. So for me this album is perfect

NickisAwkward says:

“Liberation” was a great ending track in my opinion. I know people wanted heavier stuff on the album but it was a wonderful change of pace to me. Let’s you really see how diverse and interchangeable a band is. It’s just beautiful.

Soroosh Mhs says:

1:23 damn 😐

Technocolor Blotch says:

I must say Silvera and Prayer in concert are both fucking incredible. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, drop everything and fucking buy a damn ticket these guys know how to put on a fucking show.

Metalmike 626 says:

to hire have always had that slight Steve tucker era MA vibe in the guitar department. https://youtu.be/nIAZYVe8eCc

matycee says:

I’ve seen a few of your other reviews…. ones I’ve enjoyed but this is particularly odd. Odd review Mr. Metal Man

R N says:

I love this channel.

Esteban B says:


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