Havok – Conformicide ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HYIfA3p8jw&ab_channel=CenturyMediaRecords

With Conformicide, Havok works some progressive elements into their brand of politically-charged thrash.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Big Sukie says:

Quit concern trolling, normie.

Kalman Kovacs says:

This album cover is pretty awful

huggleskuishy says:

Wake up is the best song on the album stfu. jk no h8; good vid

Cenot4ph says:

It’s probably the best thrash album in years to come out. There are soo few bands that can deliver 80s level quality these days. Alll the major players still around today can’t do it anymore, they’re too old and don’t have the creativity anymore. These guys do and it shows all around. Highly recommended

tomcornhole says:

Corny is a very tame term to describe the lyrics on this album: sophomoric,uninspired, contrived, baby-ish, semi-illiterate and juvenile would be more accurate terms

Jesse says:

Musically, I liked this album, but the lyrics made it almost unlistenable.

Riley Wallace says:

Are you kidding?? There’s too many new thrash bands to even count that are awesome

Gabriel Lai says:

lol the lyrics were so corny

Anthony C. says:

Man I love me some Havok.

Snolferd says:

Will you ever talk about Lich King?

elijah caballero says:

Havoc are just larping 80s thrash with expensive studio equipment

CrownedInTerror9 says:

Kinda funny to review an album but get one of the song titles wrong…

Igor says:

They sound much more like Exodus to me than Megadeth

Fredegunde Stratton says:

Has he ever reviewed a Pantera album? Id like to hear his thoughts on one of their albums.

Keenan Manson says:

Um guy? What’s a good Havok song/album for a beginner?? 🙂

Mario Vanished says:

review the new Shadow Of Intent album Reclaimer

Ed Rattlehead says:

This band has potential to be great, they show flashes but not there yet.


nice review cuckboy

Wayne Love says:

the song with the whammy you mentioned… pantera.

Unknown says:

I mostly like the lyrics on the album, but they’re kinda lyrics from this specific time, you know? To me, it seems like they will be kinda dated in the future. And sometimes the syllables don’t match the music because Dave wanted to get a certain message across. The instrumentation is AMAZING though. This is my second favorite Havok record.

And I have to disagree, Anthony. The second half is the best part. Claiming Certainty, Wake Up, and Masterplan are my favorites of the album, with Dogmaniacal and Hang Em High as the weakest songs on the album.

Communism Works Because I Say It Does says:

Dystopia is not alt-right, but Dave Mustaine just sounds like a whiny conservative snowflake. Sanchez is far less biased, and really feels more intelligent.

Oliver Mace says:

Lmao dissing dystopia

Bucketdethh says:

You’re like the Greg Kasavin of music reviews.

Random Royce says:

This record kicks ass!

Nabla Sq Psi says:

I just saw Havok live yesterday, and was blown away by their energy. Never heard of them before yesterday, now getting all their stuff from apple music. I only wish I went in more prepared.

Kevin W says:

I normally don’t like vids of someone just talking, but a decent review though not a 7…I’d rank it a 9 out of 10. Also, Havok is far from InfoWars level stuff. They take the Military Industrial complex, the corporate oligarchy and religion to task, certainly not domain of the right. The music is killer. I think this is a great record.

Ethanator 51 says:

Seems like 50% of people dropped suggestions in the comments and didn’t even watch the video

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