Horrendous – Idol ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://horrendoussom.bandcamp.com/album/idol

Horrendous takes a mighty step forward with the visceral and multi-faceted compositions that make up Idol.

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9/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2018/1/loved-list-2018

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Andrew Killen says:

Ok maybe Anthony doesn’t hate all metal albums

Anthony Dimick says:

I feel like they channel thrash metal a lot on the songs I’ve heard off this album

Tony Trosclair says:

The BASS GUITAR on this album is INSANE!

Aaron Duff says:

I’ve somehow never heard of these guys. Thanks for showing me a new (to me) band! Please review more metal ❤

Justin Penna says:

Good review Tony, I don’t agree and prefer their older material but you made some good points. If we’re going to be talking about Death Metal albums of the year, have you heard the new Tomb Mold album? Manor of Infinite Forms? You should. Please review. Thank you, many dark blessings

Mitchell Hearn says:

If you liked this listen to the new Revocation album, Outer Ones. It’s surprisingly good considering the band’s previous efforts were all mediocre. I think you’ll enjoy.

Dane Herbst says:

K Anthony that’s great and all but when are you reviewing the new Dopethrone

smlaerv says:

Looks like you have a Hitler moustache but at the same time you dont

M 0C says:

It’s a no for me, dog.

James seeker says:

horrendous, I thought it was quite good actually

Fat puddin' says:

Water is a drug

Paul Olson says:

You should check out the band Car Bomb if you don’t know of them. They’re almost like Meshuggah leveled up.

zztosha says:

Bro, the mustache’s gotta go.

NiceSmile says:

Really great album, reminds me of Death

Josh Geiger says:

Dropping a Weakling reference. Respect. You really are a music fan after my own heart….you can hang within metal, but it’s not all you listen to. The video that really pulled me into your coven was your review of a Cattle Decap album. You show a ton of heart.

Timothy Hensel says:

Anthony, I can remember listening to plenty of cerebral death metal Atheist clones that used fretless bass! It isn’t totally absent from TDM

Frank ILYY says:

I really liked the two previous albums and I love this one. Only the first one is not wholy my cup of tea, it’s still good though. Great band!

Tony Trosclair says:

I think they played this album out brilliantly.
It does leave you hungry for more, and thus its immensely re-listenable
Oh, it’s a SOLID 9, almost 10.

William Charnley says:

Glad to see a really thorough review, Angry Metal Guy’s team’s review sounded a little patronising and gave this what was effectively an 8 and I just thought that was a little cold giving some of the 9s and 10s they’ve handed out gladly. Shall be coming to these reviews more often as you seem to consider things thoroughly.

Mr. J says:

Fking amazing album.

Billy Bois says:

Dude wtf, Threnody was the fucking best son

Philippe H. says:

The primal intensity of the vocals is a new high for them, the previous was a perfect modernisation of the ”Symbolic” era of Schuldiner. This new one has something of a more primal yet reflective composition cycle. Similar to the evolution of the band Teleport who sounded like Vektor on their first 2 EPs and then got their sound and with the 2018 opus got to a whole new indentity as metal composers. Horrendous & Teleport, went further toward identy. Vexovoid kept closer to the path strayed by DiSanto, the Piggy / Schuldiner of today.

Lloyd Nix says:

What is that dog skull album behind him?

Island, The Second says:

*S I P P Y*

Rock n roll Snaggletooth says:

The vocals sound like pestilence consuming impulse

akash mishra says:

“it’s very much a head game too” lol

Christopher Chambers says:

Was it really necessary to show footage of you spewing buttermilk out of your anus? Geez melon

Mike Moellman says:

I agree, the vocals are reminiscent of Weakling’s vocals.

Morbid Morgan says:

so proud you for giving this record the yellow flannel treatment

d00shm00k says:

this is good but you DEFINITELY need to review the new REVOCATION album

Korbs says:


Anthony Showalter says:

I’ve known about these guys since their second album Ecdysis because Decibel wash hyping it up big time. I was kinda turned off by that one magazine hyping it like they did but I also thought the vocalist with the more strained higher pitched delivery was so tough to listen to that I couldn’t get into them. I’ve come around and with this album and 2015’s Anareta I think they’re easily one of the best extreme metal bands out right now.

Jake Wells says:


Andrew Killen says:

Name dropping other metal bands like it gives you more credibility amateur music critic tactic

MuchObliged TV says:


Eduardo Haddad says:

I’d add that this is heavily influenced by Atheist and Blind Idiot God, in the best way possible. great review though

Joss Wheedon says:

This is an especially good bunch of comments

Akhin says:

I didnt’ think it was very interesting. Just oldschool death metal worship.

Buzzah says:

Please review the 2018 Slugdge album Esoteric Malacology, my favourite (death) metalalbum of the year!!!

Ultra Joe says:

What kinda vocals do you do bro?Strained Angry Werewolf. Nice

Mark Lee says:

Horrendous Mustache

Amir Ahmadi says:

Hey, Monophony Telegramo, check out Promethee’s new album Convalence

Crystal Logik says:

I don’t care what a fat-headed hipster with a pedo-stache and an ill-fitting wasp-coloured flannelette has to say about death metal. 🙂

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