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We review Iceland’s Black Metal scene, featuring Blayne’s Top 5 Albums, a pick from local journalist and sociologist Arnar Eggert
Thoroddsen, and suggestions from our Patreon donors.

Fire & Ice — An Icelandic Metal Compilation
Potentiam — Bálsýn
Wormlust — Feral Wisdom
Zhrine — Unortheta
Auðn — Farvegir fyrndar
Misþyrming — Söngvar elds og óreiðu
Svartidauði — Flesh Cathedral
Sinmara — Aphotic Womb
The Vánagandr label:

Thanks to Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen


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Theme song by AngelCrypt:


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Tales from the passion Crypt says:

Please do one for pakistan! Please!

Patrick Helbling says:

First Video I saw from you guys and it is realy cool. Nice to get some new nputs from BAnds i would never known. Greetings from Switzerland

Kyle Smith says:

Great work, aaaaand even though I love iclandic black metal you even introduced me to a band I didn’t know about, so thanks

Fendran M says:

Not black metal, but Malignant Mist rips!

JTM-17 says:

Do Australia, some sick bands coming out of here!

kisielekrlz says:

Polish black metal should be next without any doubts, band like Mgła and Furia seem to have no match in modern black metal scene.

Ben Chapman says:

This is really good

Derek A. Kamal says:

Norway is an obvious choice but y’all should focus on Kolbotn specifically.

AchtungNow says:

Who’s next? Do Poland!

Todd Crawford says:

Potentiam seems very much worth hearing. I would be amazed if you can recommend something this good regularly. Oh, I just realized that it’s from 1999, so is it any surprise that it sounds better than Sinmara or countless other bands that made it their occupation to strum dissonant chords repeatedly with boring rhythms in recent years?

Blue Winter says:

Greek black metal next time pls 🙂

Zach Steere says:

This is a really cool idea. I didn’t know about any of these bands except Sólstafir so I’ve got some stuff to listen to now. Looking forward to seeing what the next one is about.

Scott Sternberg says:

Great show. Great format!

siggitiggi says:

Best way to be ‘suspiciously delightful’ is enjoying the dreadful emptiness of life with a hint of overbearing gallows humour 😉

Magni Þór Björnsson says:

As an Icelander, I smiled while barfing after hearing your pronunciation of Auðn. (öithn)

Sam VanMeter says:

I hope he does India next. Calcutta has a badass black/death/noise scene.

BANGERTV - All Metal says:

Thanks everyone for the awesome response and feedback and suggestions for other bands. We’re running a poll right now on which other country has a black metal scene you’d want to see covered on a future episode. Vote here:

John Constantine says:

Black Metal should only come from northern europe. Fuck american black metal.

Nicholas Bonanato says:

Can’t wait for Brazil <3

trippy.fungus says:

Iceland posty blackened powerviolence World Narcosis – Lyruljóra

Cable Brook says:

What’s next? Australian Metalcore?

Jason Manning says:

Nicely done – thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to the next stop on the tour.

mati11223 says:

Next: Polish Black Metal. You have to mention Graveland, Behemoth, Hate, Furia, Mgła, Batushka, Christ Agony. My personal shout outs would me Outre and Varmia.

Lauri Relander says:

You should do a lock horns episode about essential American black metal bands (including South American bands) like leviathan, Xasthur, sarcofago and inquisition.

Nick Starkey says:

Black metal is fucking terrible.

Ronny Webster says:

Global overkill m/

Niko Kaliterna says:

do slovenian classic heavy metal i dare you hahaha

Bongwater Jones says:


Huayu Ke says:

Love this new show! This is actually a great idea, I tend to browse for bands by country when I got to encyclopedia metallum. Hope you guys hit up every country!

Død ved kølle says:


Frosty TheLion says:

Mannveira is the most kvlt black metal band that exists right now, they are from iceland.
is like burzum and behemoth had a baby in 1995 except if euronymous knew how to produce correctly

Aaron Carmillian Vallo says:

keep a sane and regular session for black metal, this was great…

Bergmann guðjónsson says:

it might be because i know people in these bands but i recommend Ophidian I and Cult of Lilith

Noctis says:

best video . Thank you for going over this topic.

Pedro Paulo says:

if you do Brazil, be sure to check out bands that mix brazilian folklore and african-brasilian religions with metal like Gangrena Gasosa

david bauwens says:

Blayne: ð is not a vowel, it’s a voiced dental fricative (like the th- in ‘that’).

Daniel Shipes says:

Should do the French black metal scene particularly the LLN bands

Doctor Squatch says:

This guy is the biggest cuck.

Ghost001 says:

Nice work, liking the coverage from around the world

Hugh Broderick says:

What are they up to…..?

Dahlia Murder says:

You forgot to atach crimea to Russia

Van Evali says:

this was a (pause) nice look at the (pause) icelandic scene, but something about the (pause) delivery made it a bit (pause) tedious to (pause) listen to

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