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Sarah reviews the new IMMORTAL album Northern Chaos Gods
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Born of Fire says:

Northern Chaos Gods (the song) is great. The rest of the album is a total snoozefest. As the fanboy excitement dies down, the real truth about how boring the album is will eventually be accepted.

Robert Stolk says:

‘Pure Holocaust…which is unfortunately titled’…aaa booboobooo I want blackmetal to be cute and mainstream and political correct just like I am aaaaa boobooboo

Alexander Rozhenko says:

What’s the issue with the tittle pure holocaust

Mitchfinder General says:

Please learn to pronounce any of the words you’re saying…

Brendon Morris says:

I stomped my dog flat and slipped it under my neighbors door

Jean de Oliveira Quevedo says:

“oh the bad thing is that it doesn’t have Abbath”.

Seriously? Is this supposed to be a review?

Demonaz has been the member of the band since the beginning and despite Abbath being great in the scene and a good musician he wasn’t the entire band. You can see the coherence with Immortal’s style in this album, it’s Demonaz and Horgh work too.

If you have something bad to point about the album talk about the music.

Rhys says:

Fucking epic album and fucking epic review! Love you guys!!!

MR816 says:

Hail! From Malaysia

giulienk says:

Bloody magical! That’s gonna be my adjective of the summer!

Πανος Παππας says:


Ilkvomit says:

I never thought i would like a new Immortal album over a new Marduk album……It happened

Felony Strutter says:

Bouncy??  Really?? First time I am watching this station, maybe my last time. OMG, how could you NOT know how to say BLASH-ryke??? OMG…HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!  Listen I am sorry, but you can’t pronounce the simple word Blashryke,  you called it “bouncy” and then of all things said we were in 2019.   Fuck you and your gap shirt.  Thank you though, I think you inspired me what many people have been telling me to do, which is get my own metal podcast and with my contacts….it could be damn good and it would be the first and only metal podcast hosted by a tranny, or as Mr.Demon from my beloved KISS called me, “The Queen of the KISS Tranny Army.”  THANK YOU for the inspiration.  I promise I will know the year we are in

mercury4metal says:

No Abbath, no Immortal!

black metal says:

The best black metal album is pure holocost by Immortal

Joel Williams says:

Those shout outs were pretty pointless. Lucifer are probably the dullest group of people rock’n’roll has thrown up this side of 1972. Watch the video where someone told them they’d look cool riding motorbikes. I don’t care if the singer is blonde, female and Swedish – they clearly have no interest in anything other than dressing in leather and looking bored. And “instrumental stoner doom” in 2018 makes me ‘meh’ harder than anything I’ve ever ‘meh’d about before.

MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs says:

Abbath’s departure was a good thing for Immortal.

LAKHAN M says:

Guys seriously , we neeed review on DEVILDRIVERs new album… .

Raphael Herter says:

Immortal is nothing without Abbath.

Muꭥn says:

Never understood the appeal
Still dont

Gabriel Maco says:

It’s a good album, nothing more, nothing less. It will satisfy the fans who had been wanting more since All Shall Fall, especially considering how underwhelming Abbath’s solo album was.

Bruno Carvalho says:

awesome album

Secretuser Fukoffsir says:

Sarah is an awesome reviewer, absolutely love her presentation set up and execution

DoomKvlts says:

Urgh she’s so annoying.

Karsten Von Fjellheim says:

You seem to have forgotten there is an UNRELEASED IMMORTAL ALBUM WITH ABBATH? Demonaz won’t release it, cuz he’s a whiny baby.

Mike Fagan says:

I need a bath, but obviously Immortal doesn’t. They sound great.
Got to like cute women that like Black Metal.
Good review.

john marshall says:

Are Sarah, Blayne, and Brad all Jewish?

JP Wood says:

Immortal should tour with Hypocrisy…

gabriele squaratti says:

pure holocaust : unfortunately titled.



it’s metal,stop all those politically correctness bullshit.

Scott Wilcox says:

Non UK people shouldn’t say bloody. Douche chills.

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