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Brad reviews the new In Flames record titled ‘I, The Mask’

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chris dood says:

loved most all in flames… thought come clarity was amaaaaaazing.. everything after ive completely ignored

Scott King says:

Anders has never…never never never sounded better just from a pure vocalist point of view, I enjoy his growls from whoracle, but on the powerful songs on this album he’s awesome

Mike Yanagita says:

In Flames: Soulless american mallmetal

Cen Blackwell says:

Great review. Clearly In Flames isn’t my sort of music because this album comes across as nothing more than generic, nu-metal radio music. Heard it all before on a hundred pointless albums from a hundred pointless derivative nu-metal bands. 100% meh. Great review though as usual.

TheEngwall says:

In flames best period is from their start to about 2000, then it’s just went downhill from there apart from Come Clarity and Sounds of a playground fading.
These last two? I don’t even care.. it’s a damn shame..

Thornanne says:

After watching the whole video I can’t remember a thing you said about In Flames the only thing in my mind is that fucking album cover, that’s absolutely disgusting.

Aaron Hermanson says:

In Flames is one of my favorite bands.

Franjo Jumić says:

Listening to I the mask is like fucking your hot girlfriend, right. You put it in it feels really good you start going in hard and continue to do so. From time to time you hear some odd noises while she is asking you to call out her name but you’re way to in it to mind. At one point after a good hard fucking she starts queefing at your dick, the noises it makes sound awful, horrific in fact and your whole house stinks of pussy smoke, you try to put it back in but it’s not the same, you try to regain your composure you see that she is trying to pull you back in but you realize you are traumatized, and you leave unsatisfied, you hear her saying don’t go STAY WITH ME, but after what you’ve just witnessed you can’t force yourself to do so.

M H says:

In Flames sucks! They are trying too hard.

Michael Unterweger says:

Battles was my “They’re back!” – I really love(d) it. The sweet candy metaphor is great 😀
I have to agree, the more I listen to the new album the less I like it, but it’s ok. The house song really sucks, tho.

Kevin Long says:

Just listened to the full album yesterday and your review pretty much mirrors the one I had afterwards. Half good, half not my thing. Another awesome review, Brad m/

Theis Christiansen says:

100% agree… First I thought “Hey this is kinda good” but still not going full onboard, because of Battles… And then we reached second half, and it just plain sucks…. Dammit… I really want In Flames to be more than radio rock.

Tritri Ren says:

The first half of the album is amazing in my opinion. We Will Remember could have been the new Reflecting The Storm and It really pisses me off that we have to endure B-sides from Battles like This Is Our House in between some cool songs.

Ma Visser says:

Good review. It’s not really “new” In Flames though, going on almost 20 years since Clayman, which was the last incredible IF album

Rocio Iribe says:

Cool review dude. But I’ll never go back. Long gone are my In Flames listening days.

Antonio DE LA HOZ says:

Totally agree with you here.

Andy Salter says:

I can’t stand in flames and since the late 90s every album sounds the same and follows the same boring formula !!! Good guitar tone though !!

zgsoad says:

It’s so heart-breaking to see you dig into this and really wanting to like it and to find something in this (felt that way) only to be let down.

TRAV K says:

I discovered In FLames in 98′ JESTER RACE AND WHORACLE ROOTS… after Y2K people started catching on and seeing them play in Ozzfest tours which I think caught a lot of fans ears then. Their new style has grown on me over the years as I have conformed to it, but I can honestly say they are a favorite melodic metal band of mine and they aren’t following trendy material.

Scrollkeeper says:

New In Flames is absolutely trite, dude what are you talking about? Maybe it’s the hipster beard talking?
Your hair says metal but your beard screams Amorphis 🙂

Nicolás C says:

Serious question. When do you people think In Flames started decaying? Because some people say since 2000, and to me Clayman it’s awesome, Sounds of a Playground Fading is good, and some songs after it like Alias are interesting. So, after Sounds I feel they weren’t going in the “good” direction from a subjective point of view

Kevin P says:

pop choruses lose it for me…

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