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Blayne Smith reviews Incantation’s new album, “Profane Nexus'”
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JB says:

What’s the song at 00:30? I’m a longtime death metal fan, but I am new to Incantation and trying to get into them. If you could provide what album the song is from that would be appreciated too. Thanks in advance!

Lone Hunter says:

The last Sepultura album received 3,5 skulls… Camon! If Incantation received 3, Sepultura must receive -122344556777 skulls LOL

Shogun Rua says:

Lol this guy is awesome his voice sounds quirky like Rob Zombie

Nathaniel Damarelos says:

Hi Glenn

Spastik Cuntflaps says:

This is better than that Cannabis Corpse one and you gave that a 4. WTF, you should have done a bong rip before listening to this album not just the C.C. one.

Death Bats says:

Good review can you review Venom’s new album Ave? thanks its an awesome album in my opinion!

somesh kadam says:

Review Venom Inc. Ave Please!!!!

Arthur R. says:

ANAL ENEMY — fucking hate this hipe plastic garbage anal birth band!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Hyms From The Cold North says:

Good work, great review.

Ænimal Sawchains says:

Dear Desolation by Thy Art Is Murder

Lord Absol says:

Please Banger let this guy do more reviews he nails them, and please dont forget to review the new Akercocke. Peace

Dave Dunn says:


WiseParanoia says:

What about reviewing the new Limbonic Art?

Benjamin Lord says:

Very entertaining review. Long live metal-heads who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Bathory Bill says:

Dude, … that was a riot.

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Best reviewer on Banger!

Patrick Kesler says:

Hilarious. However you made no mention of John’s vocals being some of his most gutteral and dynamic throughout.
i love this record.

Fuck Google says:

Give it a 2. Incantation sucks. the vocs sound like the dudes gargling on some fat hairy balls. Who likes that shit?I heard you say there was only one good track on that pile a shit, how you gonna give it a three?

Darth Grimby says:

Hilarious review! Blayne, let’s do “coffee” sometime.

david swilley says:

Opinions are like assholes everyone has one LoL

Jeffrey Dean says:

I love this guy! Get him to do more reviews! He’s engaging, he knows his shit, and he’s amusing to watch. Great stuff.

vbeniaminov says:

Thanks for the review. Awesome shirt! Bolt… motherfucking Thrower!

Jordan Hageman says:

Review “Futility Report” by White Ward.

Tommy Marshall says:

this guy fucks well

huwmorgan74 says:

I really find the reviews quite frustrating. Why review something you don’t find great – people spend time and effort doing this, so maybe let someone review it who likes it better.

Tamas Mezei says:

Do a review for Sinister’s Syncretism you cunts.


listened to it yesterday fell asleep zzz

Cristina R. de Abreu says:

We need a thrash metal essential albums debate.

Federico Noguera says:

This guy is funny and adorable , have him back please . How he referred to the album as a disappointment to its parents was hilarious , I like how he does his reviews in a more comical but still critical way

TheReturnOED says:

Hail INCANTATION!!!!!!! Fuck off

Prince Aligorna says:

What I love best about this show is that everyone has their own style, their own tastes, and as a result are all entertaining in their own way.

Also, yeah, Incantation is one of the best old-school death metal bands kicking around, but this sounds way too clinical for them. This isn’t like an Atheist album, or an Arch Enemy album, nor is it something with the intense melodic and cinematic scope of say an Immolation album. This is just filthy old-school death metal, no subgenres attached. It shouldn’t be this clean.

Ronny Webster says:

Will there be a review for Akercocke’s Renaissance in Extremis?

Michael Piscatelli says:

5 out of 5 skulls for the BOLT THROWER t-shirt.

cody ducharme says:

Not a bad album at all, but wasn’t crazy about it..

Blayne is still a dork though. There’s nothing wrong with that

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