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We review Indonesian Grindcore featuring Sarah’s Top 5 albums, picks from locals Arian Tigebalas of Lawless Jakarta and Revan Bramadika of Rajasinga and suggestions from our Patreon Donors.

Extreme Decay – Progressive Destruction
Proletar – Rakyat Jelata
Rajasinga – III
GOADS – Jadikan Aku Ancaman
Noxa – Propaganda EP
Dead Vertical – Perang Neraka Bumi
Pandora – Rajasinga
Racun Kota Kapitalis – Trench Horror

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Thanks to Arian Tigabelas, Lawless Jakarta
Revan Bramadika, Rajasinga

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Yudi Sardhenk says:

From malang to grinding your fucking ear’s

Jo Ke says:

Please do a video on middle eastern black metal

Chairul Irawan says:

So, you haven’t heard a grindcore band named “Tersanjung 13”?

Nicolas Bertin says:

lol the double bass drumming on GOADS is just as bad as Lars Ulrich’s.

ev well says:

I though Wormrot was from Indonesia?

Shai Nizam says:

T E N G K O R A K – For metalheads who could separate the art from the artists sorta thing.

Stan Ribeiro says:

Talk about Greek Thrash Metal and Brazilian Power Metal

Rizal Borisman says:

Dah agak. Mesti ada punya. Tapi kali ni lain. Grindcore. Yes!

Ramn says:

Is that a Pagan Altar pendant? Looks awesome!

GurktheBrutal says:

Love getting a peek into the harder to reach areas of grind. I think I know of some Indonesian bands from before, but not enough to have any sort of knowledge of the scene. This is great, so thanks!

Yohan Alexander says:

Mbak Sarah listens to Rajasinga! Segan, Mang!

Barista Bandit says:

A review of Indonesian Grindcore and no Tengkorak mentioned ? C’mon… I love Noxa… But you gotta mention Tengkorak

Pradipto Gitokusumo says:


Positive Movement says:

Masuk pak ekoooo !!!!

Grant Lazenby says:

Fuck yes! Need to go check out more bands from this scene. Would love to tour there.

askingforafriend says:

Noxa is the only band I was aware of from this scene. I remember being really surprised that they played at the 2008 Tuska Festival in Helsinki Finland. Can’t honestly remember much of the live show but their album Grind Viruses is pretty solid.

Guy Mann says:


vawa-ID says:

what a name XD -=syphilis-

Watanabe Carcass says:

Being a Grindcore dedicated video, with less talk you could have fit 300 songs…. just joking, great video!

Revy Ivan Syahrani says:

I’m indonesian and love metal but i have no idea about most band on this video. Usually if people talk about indonesian metal, they will talk about Burgerkill, Deadsquad or Jasad. But nice video tho

marciofoh says:

Besides having lots of great bands, the scene in indonesia is really cool!
There’s lots of labels and distros which release not only local bands, but bands from every other parts of the world, and most of times in cassette!
How awesome is that?
And as always: More Sarah! She rules!

Pigboy 16 says:

Malang grindcore cuy

Sadam Death says:

Opo kui ..
Ga keren blas

Chris Muller says:

Hi sara…lol

Sales1 Trimulya says:

Trench horror racun kota kapitalis, is the great fuckin album… the drummer is so great and outstanding speed grooving.. all the song in this album is fucking brillian, it can bleed your ear make your head want to hardcore head banging fuck this is great grindcore band from indonesia…!!!!!!!

Total Metal Possession says:

Why only pick bands from Jakarta? The grind scene are pretty much spread oit allover the java even in sumatra

alex Don says:

Good bands but sound so samie,this made me go back to listen to Wormrot ,my favourite grind core band ( they are from Singapore)

Dimas Nugroho says:

Hello from Indonesia and thx for support Indonesian metal

Tito Q A Hafy says:

If extreme metal music became extremely popular, may it called pop music?


Huge thanks to Banger TV for for the great review. We appreciate all you do for our scene here in Indonesia! Thank you for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts on our music – much love!!

Addik2You says:

Please next : Dutch Death Metal

JKNiemi says:

Noxa is totally awesome. Saw them in tuska open air in Helsinki at 2008. The story goes that they paid their own trip to Finland and were the first band of the festival. 45 minutes of great grincore later I went and bought a t-shirt and their grind viruses cd.

R. Rafii Bisatya Rahmat says:

Listen AK//47! Indonesian legend grindcore band. They release a new album in this december.

Febri Riyantoro says:

Hmmm, no one talked about “tengkorak” ? At least they featured on global metal . even… You know the controversy. BTW, “Dead vertical” is my fav grindcore band. The sound quality is really amazing.

Santos Hadi says:

try “Mesin Tempur” that grindcore band so freaking funny n cool on same way

m isa says:

there is no Tengkorak ………………………..oh no……….

Yos 99 says:

Just check it
This grindcore band called Bersimbah darah from bali

Dennis Eliezer says:

There’s another grindcore band called Deadly Weapon from yogyakarta, Indonesia. They are sounds nearly like Afgrund and Rotten Sound.

Randi Putra says:

Im recommend to listen some grindcore band from indonesia, the band is TERSANJUNG 13

Grindforkids Inc says:

Thx a lot Sarah and Banger TV for review…im from Proletar, its realy nice video, and I love it, especially your pronounce indonesian language, cool … Indonesian Grindcore is realy extreme underground movement from punk and hardcore scene, you can check all the great grindcore band in this country, they’re awesome
Cheeerrrsss !!!

Suhartana Putra says:

Arian is the right person to spoke about the scene in Indonesia. This guy is awesome and great musical taste. One of my favorite person in Indonesian metal scene

Syahril5515 Syahril says:

How about Malaysia???

Bintang Terang says:

TENGKORAK deserved to be mentioned here as they’re one of the earliest grindcore act in Indonesia

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