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We review all-girl metal bands from Japan. Featuring Blayne’s Top 5 albums, a pick from Richard Wilson, Producer of Necronomidol and suggestions from our Patreon donors.

Valkylie – Lamia Shock – https://bit.ly/2DMx36e
Gallhammer – Gloomy Lights https://bit.ly/2zrZQKs
Aldious – Deep Exceed https://bit.ly/2FIeenl
BABYMETAL – S/Thttps://bit.ly/2SdMWqf
Lovebites – Awakening from Abyss – https://bit.ly/2FIFnq5
YELLOW MACHINEGUN – Father’s Golden Fish – https://bit.ly/2BAw5Zb
GALLHAMMER – Ill Innocence – https://bit.ly/2FW1jOX
Mary’s Blood – Bloody Palace – https://bit.ly/2r9F5Pa
Doll$Boxx – High $pec – https://bit.ly/2r9FcKu

Thanks to Richard Wilson, Producer, Necronomidol


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Theme song by AngelCrypt: https://bit.ly/2CqDZVY


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Lawrence Terwilliger says:

Always Entertaining! Thanks Blayne!

Will Smith says:

also see broken by the scream, passcode, and candye syrup to name a few..

Thread Bomb says:

Regarding the weird phenomenon of Baby Metal, I think the sound of metal does not have the same connotation in Japan as in the West. In the West, metal is not merely rebellious, it associates with Satanism and rejection of God (even if not overtly stated). Because Japan is (mostly) not Christian, metal is not seen as Satanic, just rebellious and very energetic. That’s why it’s not uncommon to hear metal in anime themes, in a way you would not hear for kids’ cartoons in the West.

Sonoriuxo says:

There are many female metal bands in Japan than those you listed, that are legit. Ok, Band-Maid is more Hard Rock than metal, but still more heavy than most of Japanese female bands (those who plays their own instruments). Here a small list of all female metal bands, and some hard rock:
Mary’s Blood
Fate Gear
Moth in Lilac
A Drop of Joker
Exist Trace
Super Junky Monkey
Anarchy Stone
Zettai Club

Singers alone:
Yajima Mai

And maybe there are some that can not fit in any genre but have heavy riffs not being J-pop or even J-rock.

onetymebigtyme says:

Stay Weird and Cool JAPAN!!!

saldiven2009 says:

“Girl’s rock” in general has a lot of traction in Japan today in a wide variety of genres, not just Metal. If you dip your toe into pop-rock, indie-rock, garage-rock, punk-rock, or any other sub-genre, there are Japanese all-girl bands doing some pretty great stuff.

Tony Eckman says:

Gallhammer was the saviour of this list. Aldious is decent as well.
I try. I really do. But the inclusion of girls who look like they should be attending a wedding (Love Bites) and a processed and cultivated group put together to achieve commercial success (Baby Metal) with singers who look and sound like…well, little babies does not a Metal band make.

Deathrasher Masa says:

FYI here’s more metal archive if he didn’t mention – Vocalist/guitarist of Gallhammer is married to Maniac of Mayhem. Drummer of Aldious is a daughter of Terry Bozzio. Pretty cool yeah?

Music Is A Journey says:

The cool thing is that if I get into any of these bands I might actually get to see them perform because I live just some 66km north of Tokyo!

viewfromheavenn says:

hmmm? what about crystal lake, crossfaith …????

pokerphil1st says:

Babymetal-Babymetal has to be one of the best debut albums ever.

Ben Shaw says:

Fuckin Blizard!

RednexPunk Pastor Dan says:

Where the hell was Band-Maid?

They are the Best All Girl Metal Band! Don’t believe me, look up the songs Real Existence, Domination, Dice, Don’t You Tell, Non-fiction days.

Some may scream they are HARD ROCK and not Heavy Metal, but I disagree. Kanami is as great as Eddie Van Halen. Misa plays as great as Steve Harris. And many call Akane the female John Bonham.

Besides HARD ROCK used to be a category for artists like John Cougar Melloncamp, Bruce Springsteen, INXS, U2, Fleetwood Mac, etc. None of Band-Maid songs are that soft!

I give this video Zero Skulls out of five for leaving out the Best Female Japanese Band!!!

Their 2 Album’s are awesome. 2 of their 3 EPs are great. And then you have the four singles. 2 are great, 2 are okay.

Warmonger HM says:


LiljaStorm says:

I also have some bands to mention..From Metal Ragdöllz, Galmet, Moth in Lilac, into altidol..Guso Drop, Candye Syrup, Broken by the Scream, Yamitsuki Company and じゅじゅ.. also a lot more other groups… And all that started with a YouTube suggestion for babymetal some years ago. A whole new world of new bands and tunes.

Luis Rey says:

Mio-chan and Sithu-senpai approves! But you forgot Hokagou Tea Time. That’s unforgivable. ;¬)

Ghost001 says:

Throwin’ 100 & 80’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arcterion says:

No Bridear? 🙁
Check out Wings of Hope, or Thread the Light.

Geoff Webb says:

Check out galmet

Straight Up Metal Detecting says:

THANK YOU for remembering GALLHAMMER. One of the greatest Black/Death Japan Metal bands ever.

Kevin Barwell says:

This guy does not know Re:NO is currently the vocalist for Aldious. She will be leaving soon. Aldious is the most accomplished all female metal band worldwide. Also he does not have Haruka, guitarist for ASTERISM, on his radar. Better wake up son. She is a female version of Dimebag. If you want the best in female metal from Japan visit my channel.

Steen Bronke says:

Kitsune up!

Warmonger HM says:


Zee Foo says:

Why no BAND-MAID!? Check they’r “real existernce”&”dice”please!!

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