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Sarah Kitteringham reviews the brand new Judas Priest album Firepower!

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Bill Seymour says:

No one cares about Körgull the Exterminator or the actual band Traitor’s Gate (who I’m sure are “really sick”). Priest shits on pretty much everyone and can do whatever they want.


Amazing album


1) Rob Halford is 66 years old and still killing it..! 2) Weather you like em or loathe em.! they are Judas Priest, Its dumb comparing the old stuff with the New..! ( a diffrent time, attitude and technology, and band), but You still know its a Priest Song as soon as you hear it.! Without second quessing..!

Rand Wulf says:

My only complaints are “Lone Wolf” is mediocre, several songs are too short and abruptly end just as the vibe is gaining momentum, and a little short compared to Redeemer, but then again Redeemer had some throw away songs. “Traitors Gate” is clearly the highlight track, followed closely by “Rising from Ruins”. Overall, a solid 4/5, and a tasty treat for fans of classic metal.

TeamMontrealMetal says:

The new JP album is soooooo power metal… Guardians is soooo Manowar. I’m really impressed about the production, the guitar crunching sound, pummeling drums….

CARtuned! says:

Lone Wolf is one of the weakest of the album? I’m sorry, what?!?!

Lat3xCult says:


Nic Salehiamin says:

Automata 1 > Fire Power

But good Lord was this record awesome! I love how you can tell these guys still love following music and incorporate newer sounds (Lightning Strikes sounds like Melodeath Judas Priest Style) and are just overall still pushing boundaries!

The second best release last week. 🙂

Lochlan Watt says:

The “chugging bro pace” stuff just sounds like Black Sabbath to me

Jeff L says:

Lone Wolf is Halford’s best Ozzy impersonation. This song could have fit perfectly on 13. Traitors Gate is my early favorite.

TheWineParty says:

This record has the best pacing I’ve ever heard. The first and only record I prefer to listen to from start to finish.

Jonny Ortiz says:

You kiddin??? Lone wolf sounds awesome!

Larry Stone Jackson says:

Killer Album.., but primarily bought it to support Glen Tipton. I would ask everyone to buy any Priest album to support Glen and his family.

Ian Israel says:

Judas FUCKING Priest!!!

Red Jury says:

Evil NEVER Dies m/

worgegramsci105 says:

8:29 Totally accurate. About the album it starts great but then starts crumbling and then crushes. I can’t for the life of me dig when they get 2000s Power Metal, and I hate Lone Wolf. But I agree is their best since Painkiller. Those first 5/6 songs kick so much ass it’s impossible for a Priest fan not to smilebang. 3.5 out of 5 skulls for me.

This was my first impression, so it’s subjected to change. But I won’t like Lone Wolf. Never.

Fred Guedes says:

Lone Wolf could be written and played by Ozzy. Reminds me his style.

Amadeus190890 says:

Lone Wolf sounds a lot like Black Sabbath. Ozzy would sound awesome singing that.

stefcat1 says:

Great Album !!’ Lone Wolf = Best Track !

dragonsblood6664 dragonsblood6664 says:

Changed the face of Heavy metal? They are the true godfathers of Heavy metal!!!

Robert Cash says:

Review Dark Future by Entheos.

michael gonzales says:

80s priest was the best

krishnendu piplai says:

i have the same tee!!

Old School says:

I just found your channel and I like your style but Nostradamus is a bit too long and bloated? I totally disagree with you. That album was a total masterpiece! Concept albums like that are supposed to be long and bloated. Its was 1:42:49. Pink Floyd The Wall-1:21:04. Queensryche- Operation Mindcrime I and II 1:56:42. They were all brilliant albums except for Mindcrime II. Priest started in 73 which is 45 years not almost 5 decades.

paul wills says:

the more you hear this album the better it gets 🙂


I agree with the reviewer that the last track “Sea of Red” is pretty weak and generic for a priest ballad.

TImmothy Monaghan says:


Jay Bertrand says:

I think deserves 5 skulls not four. How about the new Saxon album! And I’m glad you mentioned Ministry.

Zach Teel says:

That Lone Wolf bit they played as a downer for the album sounded pretty awesome. And a Manowar reference, hell yes.

Pokémon man dude says:

Could you review the new album by Rivers of Nihil “Where Owls Know My Name”?

Bill Seymour says:

How do you sound like “bro” or have a “bro” pace?

Lance Lust says:

Those react vids would’ve been much better with Sarah here in them. I have a new crush! 🙂

Lone Wolf sounds like something off Metallica’s black album.

Sil Van Den Broeck says:

I thought Flame Thrower was the worst song on the album, lol

Luciano Classical Guitar says:

Another computerized sounding album with no unique sound and fake drums.

zstomi says:

Jugulator doesn’t receive enough tribute. When it comes to the era of Tim Ripper, Demolition gets always mentioned (as a low point, of course), while Jugulator is among Priest’s finest. I know, it was kind of modern, but hey, it was already the end of the 90’s.

J Man says:

“I’m one of those assholes that likes the 70s priest better”


the devil cried says:

Great album,few songs are totally tracks from “painkiller” and “turbo” albums rewritten,,,anyone can find the “turbo”-track”hot for love” somewhere on that “firepower”album?c’;mon listen to it more then,
I feel this album has the same”” in your face “” vibe than the album”angel of “retribution”had,,,in the sense that you listen to it like crazy for a few days or a week or so then you can put it away for months without listening to it back,
Judas Priest need to add these 70s-80s elements in their songs like they always did before,Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath always do/did,,,thats why I’m still listening to the album “dehumanizer” since 1992 every week or so,,
share your thought,please no fanboi or teen Priest worshipper(been there so I know what your replies will be,,-unconstructive and full of insults,,;-D)

Diego Oliveira says:

Spot on review, wow!

Donald Lutkin says:

It’s a great album and I’m sorry but I totally disagree with the reviewer about the album starting off like Painkiller. Firepower is not at all like Painkiller. The entire album sounds like screaming for vengeance meets Defenders of the faith. No matter what anybody thinks this album is the best album they’ve done in 25 years. It kicks ass!!!

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