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1. “Firepower” 3:27
2. “Lightning Strike” 3:29
3. “Evil Never Dies” 4:23
4. “Never the Heroes” 4:23
5. “Necromancer” 3:33
6. “Children of the Sun” 4:00
7. “Guardians” 1:06
8. “Rising from Ruins” 5:23
9. “Flame Thrower” 4:34
10. “Spectre” 4:25
11. “Traitors Gate” 5:43
12. “No Surrender” 2:54
13. “Lone Wolf” 5:09
14. “Sea of Red”


Doughnuts3001 says:

No Surrender is so damn catchy, should’ve been put in the first half of the album

Joshua Dausch says:

Finally realized – ‘Guardian’ sounds like the intro to Maiden’s “Empire of the Clouds”.

Zachary Blatt says:

Where can i hear it

MGM 5274 says:

I pre ordered this album back in January. Holyshit its fuckin great! I love the whole thing from beginning to end. I also got a free copy from buying two tickets for the April 15th show in Seattle. Can’t wait to see them live its gonna be fuckin great.

jugulator0 says:

Guardians/Rising from the ruins is the standout for me.

Tony Stanford says:

razorfist is an overated psudeo yt personality lol

Glow Show says:

You’re boring .. after 3 minutes into this… I’m out! bye!


No samples? WTF?

Damascus Steel says:

Great production, but some of the songs are really rushed, moving into choruses before the 1 min mark. The songs are short by Judas Priest standards.

Global Mind says:

Ritchie Faulkner has breathed some new fire under the band with his catchy riffs and Rob’s writing and verse/chorus arrangement is on a new level completely.

robmlisanti says:


Frankamentise says:

I absolutely love the new Priest album. Everything about it was done right ESPECIALLY the production. Best Priest album in years. Maiden needs Andy Sneap because Kevin Shirley does them no justice whatsoever. He’s not a great producer at all. He actually ruins Maidens albums. Steve needs to let go & let a real producer take complete control.

Sidney Eubanks says:

Great album by Priest ! Their best since Painkiller

MadMaxMan the Lord says:

Love firepower

The Sun Will Rise Again says:

Got the Japanese Deluxe BluSpec2 CD this weekend, pretty nice.

HeavyMetalSonicRM says:

What are you doing with those awful remasters? Get the originals!

baldheaddriver5 says:


Luis Martinez says:

I think the video starts after the 4 min mark but I didn’t feel like waiting to see

Jeff ecklund says:


Martin Hesketh says:

Better JP albums: Sad Wings, Sin, Stained, Steel, Entry, Vengeance, Ram, Pain, Retribution. So mid position in their discography.

Damien King says:


Matt Leone says:

Better than British Steel?!?!

K Gubbas says:

listened to it one spin now, the Sneap production is so tight, it lacks the airey-ness of the 70s, the dynamic sound so to say. this is flat and professional made heavy metal, i would prefer it to have some flaws and be more dynamic in its sound. today it sounds like computers are playing the instruments.

EnemyForLife1 says:

Just finished first listen through and the album is amazing….one of the best albums they have ever made!!

CMT Productions 2018 says:

I adore this album. They somehow pulled off 14 tracks, and made sure that every single one has character and purpose on the record. Spectre may be one of the best songs they’ve ever made.

MGM 5274 says:

I would also like to add. Andy fuckin Sneap really hit it out of the park with the sound. It it one of the best sounding albums I’ve heard in a while. Dudes a beast on the soundboard. He’s one hell of a guitarist too so ill be happy to see him rip into Glenn’s solos live.

Captain Banana says:

Well, when it comes to rating records, I’m very strict: I do not believe in 10/10 records, they just don’t exist.

As for Firepower, I’d gladly give it a strong 7/10.

9/10: alltime classics, this one is Painkiller
8/10: near-classics, some flaws here and there: Defenders, Screaming, Sad wings, Sin after sin, Turbo (seriously), Killing machine
7/10: still great records without any doubt: Ram it down*, Firepower, Stained class
6/10: still O.K., reasonably good: British steel (and probably the Ripper era records)
5/10: mediocre, boring, with a few decent track though: Point of Entry, Angel of Retribution, Nostradamus, Redeemer

*the first half of Ram it down is actually great except for Love zone, and Blood red skies is also OTT, but the rest of the record is decent enough.

As for the new one, it erases everything they’ve put out after Painkiller (incl. Halfords solo efforts), this is the real comeback. Favourite tracks: the title track, Evil never dies, Traitors gate, Rising from the ruins, No surrender, Sea of red.

About the fill-in guitarist: I really think they should have at least one of the legends in the band, that would be KK; they could keep Faulkner and add a third guy to play Glenn’s solos. But I doubt Metal Mike would be a good option: none of Halfords guitarists could deal with the classic solos, instead they’ve butchered them with their shredding.

One more thing: last morning I was on my way walking to work, and was listening to the new record on my mp3 player. After 90 seconds I had tears in my eyes==> I’ve felt what I’m always looking for when listening to music: the title track gave catharsis to me.

Dan Maler says:

Some decent songs, but overall it’s lackluster. A bit same same tedious to get through from start to finish.

Dan Maler says:

You really need to turn your mic up Jimmy. My volume is at max and I can barely hear you.

Chris Jordan says:


trenton Smalllwood says:

it,s good

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