Judas Priest – Firepower ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVVrfqwA5lQ&ab_channel=JudasPriestVEVO

At nearly 50 years old as a band, Judas Priest has just released not only a late career highlight, but one of the greatest heavy metal albums of the decade.

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8/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2018/1/loved-list-2018

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Dave Lanciani says:

I think the new guitarist, Richie Faulkner has managed to light a fire under the veterans, and really forces them to up the ante. And producer and new guitarist Andy Sneap (himself a veteran of the Heavy Metal world) also contributes to the great overall sound and feel of the album. Really shows what happens when great talents work together, rather than allowing egos to muck things up.

Kaan bistren says:

wtf melon this album is at least 9/10

Revoltingmind says:

Y la portada hecha por un chileno!

Mr. Projectile says:

Why don’t you take reviewing more seriously instead of just trying to turn everything into a meme? Look at your comments, nobody even says anything worthwhile about the music, the top comments are 80% under 6 words and are usually just some hackneyed meme reference. It’s also seriously undercutting what critiques you have as well as the serious topics you sometimes talk about. God forbid this channel actually be a place for honest musical discussion.

dj klaatu says:

Damn that’s hardcore, i’m sold

justin murray says:

“…and the Priest is back!!”

Son Dursun says:

Judas Priest are one of the most underrated bands of all time. Most don’t ever consider them up there as being the best heavy metal band of all time but they just might be. Not only are they most consistent bands going but they are easily one of the most influential…. They single handedly created Speed metal, made leather and studs a stable in the metal scene, popularised twin guitars and now they come back with one of their best albums after over 40 years of being together…. How do they not get called the best?!

Clayton Keene says:

Roger Waters has to step up his game now 😛

jacquin says:

Classic but relevant sound, no sense of coming across as dated. Did they make a pact with the devil to not age? 😉

Thepatoexperience2 says:

no one cares.

Nitai Gauranga says:

Melon Halford?

Chris Beddow says:

Do a River Tiber review

Mathias Abildgaard says:

where that flannel go clickthany baittano

Nate Hickman says:

Dust, Hunger & Gloom – Wet Cactus

victor almazan says:

PRyhme 2!

emilianocaballeroh says:

M E L O N W A V E 縁音ず

owo representative_._ says:

Year of the snitch when

Ty_ teynium says:

I always wanted to hear a good rock or metal album, being recommended one from Anthony?

*Clenches fist with a teary eye*

It’s what I’ve always wanted.

Mankel Löv says:

I can’t believe how good Rob Halford sounds on this album. Seems the hype is correct.

Ryan Walters says:

Traitor’s Gate is one of the best on the album. Definitely not a low point at all.

Priscilla Reichenbach says:

Firepower is a record that makes me proud to be a metalhead in 2018

Pumpkin Smasher79 says:

Melon: One of the best albums ever created!
Also Melon: 8/10

Also Melon: Damn isn’t fun – 7/10

Also Melon: Lil Pump is just fun 7/10

Also Melon: hates all other races

RossBayCult says:

You have to review these new bands that sounds like the 80’s metal scene Visigoth and Eternal Champion.

Gekokujo76 says:

Fantano thinks that an AR-15 is a “military grade weapon”…..but sure, let’s listen to his thoughts on shit! Go SOY BOY!!!!!

John Doe says:

listen to the chats “get this in ya”

Mark Kopernicky says:

Incredible album..I’m a long time fan and this is easily the best release they have made in the last 20 years. Like you said Painkiller is a classic but I think this is equal to if not slightly better. 9 out of 10


Ben Gardner says:

The album cover looks it it should be on a Dragonforce album

Brett McGill says:

Check out the SoundCloud rapper Crimeapple his tape METRALLETA is fucking fire

Guerrillablackdog says:

I’ll check it out!

isaiah veirs says:

Came for thumbnail stayed for the best teeth in the game

Senor Platano says:


Van Sarkis says:

Yea the album of the decade in a decade that every metal album is a total *hit!!

qpoqiuqytqrewq says:

I’m confused. You say that one of the things you love about this album is Rob’s vocals but the double tracked vocals at the end of Traitors Gate and the high pitched screams in the song don’t make you go nuts? Traitors Gate is the best song on the album.

Sev Black says:

Heavily disagree with you on this one.

MrACangusyoungDC says:

move head, move head, touch glasses, move head, move head, move head, touch glasses, move hea…

Robbie Schertz says:

Please review Boarding House Reaxh

Jon Amwoza says:

Are you kidding me? Lil Pump was WAY better than this trash.

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