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Blayne reviews an indie blackened death metal band from Netherlands by way of Lebanon: Kaeteon’s Damnatio Memoriae

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Alterbeast “Feast” http://bit.ly/2FgY6Fq
Necrophobic “Mark of the Necrogram” http://bit.ly/2EFhqPy

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worgegramsci105 says:

Just one review?

George Colby says:

Another fun review of new music. Will be getting this one for sure. Keep dragging me into new and exciting music!

A word on bass: for me, It’s what separates good bands from great bands. It’s so obvious when you listen to classic bands like Death and Black Sabbath but also with bands like Suffocation (Derek Boyer is incredible!) Then you listen to Bell Witch where bass is literally front and center and it’s fucking amazing, satisfying like whiskey after a bad day. My favorite has to be Frank Bello from Anthrax.

Jacob DeCima says:

Love the idea of doing more lesser known/unsigned bands.

Eleleth Silvanus says:

I’m like number 667, sorry.

rusterpus111 says:

It sounded like a pompous black metal album to me, I am here for the death metal and the grindcore, so my vote would be to have more of this. I don’t understand metalheads sometimes, I listen to crust myself, but go ahead and do your thing, it is me who is prying into your territory. Nyctophobic would be more of my idea of a good band.

Chuck Globus says:

I stare into your eyes on the street car.

Gilgabob says:

Nice things.

Phil Jacques says:

Yes, keep reviewing what you think we should be listening to. Known or unknown, it doesn’t matter.

Matthew Bateman says:

Banger you let me down it’s only had one review this week what happened?


Wow, awesome band. Good recommendation/review. Cheers!

Kurtis Buckle says:

fucking stoked about finding this review.

Ghoul Voice says:

Nice review. More unsigned bands – I say why not?

SpookyApparition says:

Great review of a band I’ve never heard of and probably wouldn’t have found on my own…. entertaining + exposing people to lesser known bands is IMO what music reviews should focus on nowadays (since it’s so easy to check out new music on YT and just hear it for yourself), and Blayne always kills it on both fronts.

David Rosen says:

Homeboy – bass player Funtime? You need some Contrarian in your life … check it out and get back to me 😉 !

Hari Desikachary says:

Glad to see Kaoteon getting a review. Decibel did a bit of a feature on them a while back which is how I found about them. Definitely keep on reviewing unsigned bands, it helps them get their names out there and gives us a lot more awesome music to check out that we would’ve otherwise missed.

Also, that Necrophobic album is amazing. Getting the guitar duo that played on Death To All and Anders Strokirk back has really made a huge difference.

Brian Bayne says:

Humorous, entertaining, but most of all, usually right on target. Blayne is costing me money, if he likes it, I don’t hesitate to buy it. Seriously, can we get more Blayne reviews? Just pay his lazy ass, that might work.

Ramzi Firhad says:

damn, you can pronounce Linus Klau…..screw it, he is a bass magician

David Geelan says:

Thanks Blayne, yes please, keep bringing us the new bands. Lots of other sites will tell us about new releases from bands we already know, but you bring us the new stuff… and make it fun and funny too.

CarlHH777 says:

Blayne is that friend who listens almost exclusively to old school Death/Black/Doom and thinks any band outside of these genres is trash.

At least, his reviews are fun.

MetalMonuments says:

As so many other said; Blayne should do more reviews. I don’t even care about the music – I could just listen to this guy all day long!

Josh Pillay says:

We never got the 2nd review yesterday, did we?

john marshall says:

Blayne is racist against white people.

albert yonathan Setyawan says:

Blayne is the best

TheStallionforce says:

Can’t relate to metal anymore. Lacks harmony, melody, groove, heaviness. Not even sure what it is; incessant blasting of sound. Mindless and incoherent, and amusical.

Bogdan Valentin says:

now that’s a good review

tetsuo strider says:

ill stick with razor just came here for a laugh

Rhys G says:

Blayne dude who’s your fav band?? m/

Ryan Mitchell says:

You guys should give Alterbeasts new album a video of its own, such a sick record.

Michael Foster says:

6 bucks is a damn steal. If I can have one stupid complaint, and feel like a dick even as i type it, I think it’s maybe a bit polished. I’d have liked to see it SLIGHTLY rawer, but it kills pretty good and worth a regular cd price for sure.

Alfred Morales says:

Hahaha this guy is the funniest!!

christianxfb says:

NECROPHOBICs new release is awesome!!!

Papa Billydeth says:

This is a good comment for Blayne so he will be back again

Erik Axelson says:

This band was amazing to hear about!! Bring me moooooore!!!

Jax the cat says:

Everything about Blayne reviews are perfect

Bradley Boyer says:

Instead of fighting over who gets to review the new Anaal Nathrakh album later this year, you and Brad should do another double review! 2X the fun! (Or at least 1.5X)

Acid Reign says:

This album is amazing! Thank you very much, Blayne! 🙂 Keep bringing more lesser known bands to us! ^-^

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