KING OF METAL Reviews CANNIBAL CORPSE Album Covers on Metal Injection

For more funny metal videos, visit – The KING OF METAL, Dave Hill is metal’s leading critic of both music and artwork. In this segment, the King gives his thoughts and critiques on the artwork for death metal master, Cannibal Corpse. For more of Dave Hill, check out his new book, Tasteful Nudes, available today at, link:


XxMorteEtDaboxX says:

@grindshadow haha He makes it sound so serious

Dextroyer grinder says:

joke or not…he just fuck up for the analyze from art cover….

Million Bpm says:

I love this man.

Anatomy Of says:

I wanna see Dave’s reaction to skeletal domain because that cover sucked too

slayerpug says:


Kyle Wright says:


Jonathan Kolman says:

A BIRTHDAY PARTY WTF LOL. I own every cd by them 🙂

screamobeast says:

tnx man

reppenandtearin says:

this is fucking incredible

Vikas Dharamsattu says:

This guy is a loser!!!!

reza says:

your just a drummer…

Aidan Rutter says:

This man is high off his tits!

Jeremy Hiatt says:

This guy is a fucking bore…why is he on camera???

Chuloloc says:

Interesting. Great cover or not, Cannibal Corpsde rules. The music speaks for itself.

mickeydeebassman says:

Seriously guys it’s a joke, chill, btw great funny vid!

ArseLoad0fMetal666 says:

is it people on the internet, metalheads, or Americans that just cannot understand irony and take themselves WAAAY too seriously? It is a joke, u should realise this from the moment he says Butchered at Birth was ‘Christmassy’

Brodie Earle says:

Lol just kidding i thought this was hilarious :p

Rey Magdaleno Bondoc says:

haha nice this goes to alex webster’s page in g+

Sebastian Knee-Wright says:

Claims he’s the king of metal, yet has a load of Vox amps behind him hahaha

MalevolentCreationFan says:

Cannibal Corpse is a fucking awesome and this is so fucking funny as hell, I’m pretty sure he is just joking around with these album covers.

Ramón Amaya says:

this crap is hard to watch even if satyrical

Dangela Husek says:

How is it that this video only has 5,500 views? This is funny in that sardonic-humor kind of way.
“Every Friday is Mexillent…”

TheRealMechanix says:

Seriously, how can you NOT know he’s joking?

Steve Barankovich says:

You sound like an annoying Jon Lovitz.

cooliovasquez says:

Because about 90% of ‘metal heads’ are mentally retarded.

artemorbid says:

good one 

The Ham Sandwich says:

God I love this guy.

eggonpetraw says:

CC suck ass!

Jonathan Kolman says:

I hope you arent making legit fun of cannibal corpse though when they kick every bands ass with trash…

vincent g alcorta says:

Uh …hello that torture album cover isn’t the actual cover thas the the cardboard covering the violence (but its still not that great)

Schectler says:

the bleeding review had me pissing my pants

screamobeast says:

the song name in the background plzz someone tell me the name of it

Ben Wilkinson says:

dude your so boring
there covers are awesome

Sepp Heinzl says:

Finally someone doing constructive reviews!!!

TheShredder203 says:

this guy is amazing

H0lvLight says:

Maybe one day Canibal corpse will make a real album cover

Lucas Gismondi says:

its a joke you retards

dekapitatorr says:

so,this was supposed to be funny? this is humor nowdays?

Autoctonal says:

still funny

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