Korn – The Serenity of Suffering ALBUM REVIEW

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Korn returns with one of their best albums since 1999’s Issues. Still can’t say I care for it, tho…

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


K.I.Z Of A Down says:

3:18 = life


I like it. I haven’t completely digested the hole album yet, but I agree. It’s the best StuFF they’ve put out in years. I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t talked about the lineup and how maybe that has had something to do with the inconsistencies in their output. Different drummers…. I think the best song is ‘insane’ on this record, Head wrote that riff. Does he write the better riffs? Did his absence leave a void in the writing? I want to know more about the band.

Bonnie says:

Look, man. Korn slaps.

Robbie Beatty says:

I actually really enjoy The Paradigm Shift. But that’s the only new. KoRn album I can get into.

Armalight says:

Korn is my guilty pleasure, their old stuff at least. Issues and Follow the Leader are what I put on in the background of a violent game. I guess I don’t ACTUALLY like their music, but I do enjoy the mood it sets. In terms of actually depressing rock, Downward Spiral is my go to.

David Sullivan says:

Korn was one of my first loves when it comes to metal in general. There first 6 albums were the band’s golden years for me, but See You On The Other Side, Untitled(2007) and Korn III are fucking boring. The Paradigm Shift was good at first listen, but hasn’t aged very well since and The Path Of Totality is pretty good despite it being laced with dubstep, but I completely agree with The Serenity Of Suffering being their best record in recent years. It’s an album that I do like to revisit and listen to every now and then.

the toad ! says:

Review action beats new album.

Armor Abs Krabs says:

Unpopular opinion here, but Path of Totality was the best Korn album

OfficialmONEy says:

As a Korn fan I agree that Path and Otherside were garbage. But Korn 3 was good. Some of Korns old sound leaked through in a couple songs and I didnt mind it that much. And it is called Korn 3 because it is the bands 3rd self titled album.

Cybot2966 says:

I still like it…

sulfur abcdefghijennifer says:

review ComHd54 by hosé

blablabla says:

Do Issues

_MtndewisguD_ says:

Rotting in vain was my favorite off that album

dooterscoots says:

I mean better than like there last 4 albums soImeanatleastther’sthatriggggggggghhhht

Ja' Crispy says:



dooterscoots says:

why don’t you wanna here korn getting funky I mean one of korn’s main genres that made nu-metal

Josh Hernandez says:

This dude doesn’t enjoy shit

Art Part says:

Review korn self titled (1994)

Rob Morris says:

the first lyric of rotting vain, ie the first lyric of the whole album ; made me cringe harder than ive cringed in a long time. How is this guy still rambling like a “tortured” depressed teenager.
Youd think the mear fact that the only people relating to his lyrics being teenagers, might make a grown adult take a step back and think about things.

dooterscoots says:

I noticed this and it bothers me every time he says korn his mouth clicks after the n *don’t like*

Alex Webster says:

This is the best Korn album in the last 10 years

Jordan Cardona says:

Anyone ever see that episode of South Park when Korn was actually the Scooby Doo gang?

Beliar says:

God you’re a fucking idiot!

Gabrabelle says:

I completely disagree with you but oh well, what do I know? I’m just an edgy teen girl

Richard Horrocks says:

I really like the first Korn album.

EndZiiel says:

This album was decent. There were like 5 standout really good songs i still listen to but the others i thought were so shit that i couldn’t’ listen to the whole album. Its their best in years like he said though

Jota Galván says:

OMG you overanalyse a nais cover albumn u prickkkkk

Communism Works Because I Say It Does says:

I loved their 90s putout. 2000s putout is ok. This album was cool, but I HATED Path of Totality with a burning passion.

Jesus Christ says:


Jeff Motionless Ledger says:

I love this album so much! Johnathan Davis has a awesome voice and he’s cute!

Inferno says:

Corn is my favorite band! My favorite song by them is Deaf.

Javier Yturriaga says:

The album cover looks like the dark side of Avery Island XD

Maddux Hemrich says:

Imo you couldnt be more wrong about this album

Austin Mead says:

90s and 2000s korn is pretty good in my opinion like i enjoyed the songs they played on the radio and i listen to some songs from their first album and follow the leader but i kinda stopped listening to their new releases after issues.

Darlious says:

I actually liked the album cover. Only thing I don’t get its the kid’s hairdo.

Toxik-Vermin says:

Are you ever going to review a The Cure album man?

ragglefraggle says:

This album is awesome you fucking hipster

Emotia says:

I know im late but, 6:39 is exactly what Korn is about. Take it from someone who you pretty much summed up right there. With the way they put everything together, especially what you said about next in line, someone who gets what the music is trying to convey really identify with the insanity they put in their music.

dooterscoots says:

I like there first 3 albums that it huh

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