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Brad reviews the latest Krisiun album Scourge of the Enthroned

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Dwoprus says:

“Not really a whole lot of bad”

Default User says:

Metal has gotten too downtuned – it’s ridiculous. The genre has turned to shit.

walter Bento De Arantes Júnior says:

Krisiun from my country besr band of Death Metal from Brazil

John Stiles says:

In braddition to brads current reviews, could he review band he listened to in his bradolesence or early bradult life?

Prophetz Of The Sound says:

“My name is Brad, but your girl calls me dad…Now on to the review”

Tiago Colizzi says:

Pffft…Krisiun is a joke.

Erick Xavier says:

Hail Krisiun!!!!

Records Listener says:

it says krisium in video!

Leonardo Bandeira says:

The band is consistent? yes… but the lack of hooks or any memorable song make them sound like a gimmick band (wow look at those blast-beats) and not something I can really enjoy. I’ve also been to a concert and it gets repetitive and old after the third song.

cabalofdemons says:

Great record.

Aris Panagiotopoulos says:

Solid review from Brad as always!

Luny & Milky says:

No joke, Brasil is a country of rythm!! x’)

Eddie Alisson says:

I’m Brazilian and proud, good quality music and admirable musicians, tanks Santan I have a opportunity to talk to to them and take some photos, plus help load their guitars into the van

Kurtis Buckle says:

Brad your a fucking genius

Joseph Keller says:

I stumbled upon that alterbeast album on Spotify the other day and guess what? It fucking rips.


Dope, Krisiun is brilliant, brutal and raw, Brazilian Metal pride.

divinefallfromgrace says:

Did this rrrreally need to be 10mins long, hmm? Here’s how it should’ve went…

Intro. Then “This is Krisiun’s new album. It sounds like every other Krisiun album. So, you’ll either love it, or hate it”. Then do the Shout Outs. 1:30ish tops.

I like Krisiun btw…

Bart Van Gestel says:

What he said… 🙂

sunsty1e says:

they consistently make great metal

Luis Enrique Pérez Román says:


Eder Leal says:

Krisiun poha

Bruno Dourado says:

It´s Krisiun not krisiuM

Gabriel. M says:

Best Brazillian Death Metal Band, HAIL!

Icaro Arthur says:

Brazilian metal is really something particular. I really love it.

selvmortsydd says:

Love this album..

Idontknowone1able says:

Im a huge fan of death metal but I cannot get into Krisiun. Their older stuff is what people say is some of their best, but I just find it mind numbing and not very interesting. I want to like them though!

sabin parts says:

Krisiun The Best Straightforward Death Metal Out There

Alexander Shaposhnikov says:

Cmon guys you missed Mantar’s “The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze”.
Not that I’m dissapointed but you missed alot of good albums this year. Nice review, Brad.

Q Tips says:

Please review the new Deadbird album, its out on 10/12

naldobrutal says:

yeah! It’s Krisiun, i agree with overview, but They Are Fuck Awesome

Danilo Piccine says:

Krisun 5 Skullssss m/

Alex Lima says:

Brasil porra

André Costa says:

Krisiun Brazilian pride.

Rhys says:

Brad, you’re both a genius and a fuckin idiot. PS, Altars Of Madness is the greatest death metal album of all time and will never be surpassed!

Isaac Barber says:

Alter Beast!!!

John White says:

Good review especially considering you were born in 1990. Love seeing the new kids listening to legit death metal acts.

EvilDave 213 says:

Well done for spelling KRISIUN wrong when A Thousand Graves is played.

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