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We review the extreme metal scene in Lebanon, featuring Blayne’s Top 5 Albums, a pick from promoter Elia Mssawir of the Beirut Metal Fest and suggestions for other Middle Eastern metal from our Patreon donors.

Damaar — Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege https://bit.ly/2PYbbrt
Blaakyum — Line of Fear https://bit.ly/2IdtCWq
Damage Rite — The Dehumanizing Factor https://bit.ly/2QUMrS4
Kaoteon — Damnatio Memoriae https://bit.ly/2sITqpe
Slave to Sirens —Terminal Leeches https://bit.ly/2QVedhl
Ayat — Six Years of Dormant Hatred https://bit.ly/2NBvxKk
CRESCENT — The Order of Amenti https://bit.ly/2N0JUm6
Nervecell — Past, Present… Torture https://bit.ly/2xi8I2p
Melechesh — Sphynx https://bit.ly/2PXme42

Thanks to Elia Mssawir of Beirut Metal Fest https://twitter.com/eliamssawir


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Theme song by AngelCrypt: https://bit.ly/2CqDZVY


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Michael Cheal says:


Occulted Official says:

dude….. Weeping Willow….

David Paul says:

You should do one of these on the Israeli metal scene, Viscera Trail is my favorite from there.

lucas struna says:

please what is the song at the credits?!

chazzzzzzz says:

Thanks for putting the Lebanese Metal Scene on the Map !! And check out ANURYZM from Abu-Dhabi, one of the best upcoming Progressive bands !

Pera WhoCares says:

Brazilian Thrash Metal or Mexican Brutal Death Metal would be awesome!
I love these series so much, keep on the great work, Banger Staff.

Serge Bou Haidar says:

Great vid but but you missed phenomy

Kevin Berstler says:

Anything from Japan

Elchinodiabolero says:

I am loving this series! Would love to see an episode on Poland or Spain!

vitakula akhilsai says:

how about some indian scene?

An Evolving Ape says:

Melechesh’s “Sphynx” is AMAZING. Listen to this incredible Halford-like scream at this part…


mattson hahne says:

German nsbm

daniel muscat says:

It would be interesting to see a bands Spotify following before and after your reviews especially on global as these bands would be mostly unknown to us

Rayner Dandot says:

At last some obscure country… at least in metal scene

Hrag Meguerditchian says:

As someone who lives in Lebanon and has been in the scene for a while now,I was extremely happy to see that it’s getting it’s due for once, but i was really hoping to see some more of our bands being shown, bands like EDEN, DEATHTONE and PHENOMY, regardless of my personal opinion towards these bands, they’re definitely a must listen! Thank you again for the great reviews!!

8523wsxc says:

Ayat are absolutely awesome.

Gino Daly says:

Do some puerto rican metal please :3

Cuen Nicolson says:

South Africa??

Paul Schneider says:

It would be cool if you guys covered Azerbaijan. I legit don’t know if there are any other metal bands from there besides Violet Cold but that band/dude is incredible.

Kevin Berstler says:

Black metal from PNW

Kevin Berstler says:

Prog from Chile

Vae Victis says:

Melechesh is amazinggggg

SoFiane yeah says:

Check out” lelahell “from Algeria and their new album “Alif “.

RadicalEdward_26 says:

Al Namrood is a great Saudi band that y’all should check out! Also you guys are doing a great job on this series!

Tyler Goode says:

I absolutely love that you all do this to get a lot of these bands that may not otherwise be heard out there. So sick!

krisdaschwab912 says:

Holy shit I love this series.

Ivan Pelovski says:

It would be nice if you ‘bangers’ were less liberal and more metal.

Matt Hildebrand says:

Melechesh! Love the shout out!

Shekel Vulture says:

I was a bit skeptical about this video but it was actually very interesting . thanks banger for expanding my metal knowledge .

Ryan Moore says:

Looking forward to the episode on metal from India, especially the scene in Kolkata (Tetragrammacide, Aparthiva Raktadhara, Chinnamasta, etc.)

Boris says:

do something on the yugoslavian metal scene, if possible.
i don’t know too much myself, but there is a band called Psychoparadox and i consider their album “Apeiron” one of my favorite melodic death releases, and it’d be cool if more people outside of serbia than just me knew about it lol.

Kyle Phillips says:

Indonesian Brutal Death Metal and Slam!

Elia Mssawir says:

Thank you BangerTV for the feature! Means a lot to be part of this and to promote my country Lebanon! Much love from the Middle-East

Van Evali says:

Nice, never heard of any of these. Thanks!

Jack Towers says:

I love this show, but does anyone miss lock horns?

mohammed kannoh says:

Could you do an episode about the syrian metal scene??

Pedro Paulo says:

Brazilian hardcore and crossover scene!!

Doug Arnold says:

Slave to Sirens…thanks, I love female screamers. I just looked at some live footage of them in Beruit; really good.

Kareem Waseem says:

Crescent rocks!! Hails from Egypt

Ethan Gurevich says:

If you’re into Israeli slam check out ages of atrophy

Machinedead says:

still waiting for ignored classic death metal from Belgium and France

oblivion nation says:

Love this, But I’m fiending lock horns !!! give me lock horns lol

Jenvey Nissen says:

I would like to see your guys oppion on the sub genre “DSBM”, cause I love that sub genre 😉

Rangga Adithia says:

Next, Indonesian death or black metal m/

GEO Rodriguez says:


Nuthin DollKing says:

Took one look at the still and thought, rather profoundly…..redneck.

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