Leviathan – Scar Sighted ALBUM REVIEW ft. Myke C-Town

Listen: https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/scar-sighted

Leviathan comes through with what’s surely to be one of the most dense, grand, experimental, and hellish black metal albums this year. I’m also talkin’ this album out with Dead End Hip Hop’s Myke C-Town. Here are links to Myke’s channel and DEHH’s:


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8/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2015

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Prab Singh says:

I’m new to metal and I love this album. Can someone please tell me more bands/ALBUMS like this.

Gil Saraiva says:

definitely paid to review this piece of garbage… oh well, let me go listen to the new Dodheimsgard


dont do collabs on your reviews anthony, this guy was trash

litletaki says:

why a fucking black listen fucking leviathan??? WTFFFFFF???

void militant says:

could not agree more, Anthony. albeit i believe at some point you weren’t referring to dawn vibration but to Smoke of their torment, which is the initial heavy death metal-influenced track. the album does indeed inhibits halfway to more of his dsbm lurker/later lev albums but couldn’t agree with you both more that it is a grand album with clear atypical sound, not overly produced yet absolutely coherent and his potential improvisations must be of a well practiced genius as it does sound cohesive even amidst the tons of shifts of many of the song. imho it will have prevailed as an album of 2015.

Andrew Louis says:

HOW did anthony not like within thrall? shit was a fucking MASTERPIECE bruh

Kunal Singh says:

The from noisy’s documentary

Zach Moonlit says:

I give this a 9 or maybe even a 10.

BigBoatDeluxe says:

Myke, get off Wrest’s nuts–It’s obnoxious.

Glenn Smith says:

I like that you brought Mike in on this. You’re wordy, but you’re always sober. I really like it man. And you never have trouble finding new and relevant things to say about the albums you review. I wonder if you were too easy on this album, because you two were gushing about it so much? I’ve gotta listen again for myself now–I remember Scar Sighted being good, but I never went back to give it a second full listen. As always your perspective helps me going forward, into enjoyment, into the album.

Despondencymusic says:

2:55 That wax…..

John Stisted says:

There right though

Timothy E. says:

Profound Lore is my favorite record label right now. Everything that’s been released through it this year has been fantastic, even the Sumac album. Hell, at least 80% of their catalog is impeccable in my opinion.

Raust says:

Ant is a giddy Fuck. He love’s this shit!

John Stisted says:


PanthurAlexander says:

dig the coil shirt

Nick says:


John Deathspell says:

LEVIATHAN is the best BM band in America fucking period!!! and outside America is MOONBLOOD……you guys don’t know shit really….not about leviathan, his wife is in a doom band so his new album is influenced by doom/death/black/ambient  as in lurker of chalice…..

Swampy Wilkinson says:

>he listens to coil

Memberofdoom says:

fuckdamnit fantano I was planning on listening to Howl Mockery first but you got me stoked on this album.

jon oakley says:

also tenth sub level is the most despairing depressing thing I’ve ever heard

Zeptasom says:

That Coil shirt

Jim Adolphson says:

Jef pulls a lot of influence from deathspell omega too.

Rod Jubair says:

I didn’t know that Kendrick Lamar is into black metal Lol
Well done guys. I really enjoyed the discussion and I can’t wait for my vinyl to arrive.

J.J. Decay says:

I’ve tried to get into Portal but can not for the life of me understand their music. And I love obscure BMDM. Bands like Leviathan, or the Gorgut’s album Obscura, Black Funeral’s Empire Of Blood, extremely abstract records make for the best & most atmospheric tunes. But Portal, for whatever reason, I just don’t get it. On the other hand Leviathan is morbidly amazing, one of the all the time greats ! Their music is so weird & other worldly. I Loved Scar Sighted and most all their albums. But my favorite of their catalog is still The Tentacles Of Whorror. It maybe because it was the first album I heard by Leviathan. But the absolute evil genius & abstract insanity of that album still boggles my mind today. With that said Scar Sighted comes in at a close second, for me.

Man with A Path. says:

This album reminds me of Satanic Funeral in some sorts.

Derek D says:

This album’s just not clicking for me. I’m not super familiar with black metal though. Seems noisy… not catchy or melodic. I agree its scary and insane sounding. I’ll give it a few more tries.

realityshotgun says:

are the music bumps a secret song if you combine them wtf

Doom or be Doomed says:

This guy is a fuckhole.

tiesergrote says:

awesome album

John Stisted says:

Please listen to the classic album leviathan and you will see, it sounds like Led Zeppelin but with back up ladies. It’s lonely and it’s sad with only four views, it talks about positive rejection problems.

John Stisted says:

Where is the quicksilver clay

John Stisted says:

It’s amazing, the only song I would recommend to classic rock lovers

John Stisted says:

Classic rock

Robert Munro says:

is this released on vinyl yet ?or am i going to have to buy a cd ?

Chaitan Reddy says:

Shit thats a lot of subscribers for a guy that reviews metal albums, finally one of us is getting recognition.

Adam Schnellenbach says:

Jef pretty much disowned True Traitor, True Whore where as Scar Sighted his mind wasn’t getting clouded with thoughts of 60+ years in jail for that assault case he beat.

John Stisted says:

Leviathan started in 1974

Frank Hood says:

why is every single black metal musician mentally fucked up

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