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Brad and Blayne review the new MACHINE HEAD album “Catharsis”

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Juventud2222 says:

These guys reviewed this album with the respect it deserves. Absolutely none.
If you don’t want messing around in your reviews go somewhere else. Crying like babies just like Rob Flynn.

Jay Dee says:

This whole albums ass

666killdeath666 says:

Just review the album and shut up with the fucking jokes

Stephen Gibbons says:

Walk on home boy

Harley Campbell says:

How have I not seen you guys before wtf. Awsome review. The meth around here isnt good enough to be writing shit like that. Robb is on the Flakko.

Joetheviking84 says:

I want Blayne and Brad to review random things in my home.

stonerdemon says:

MESSENGER – Threnodies
FIRESPAWN – The Reprobate
ROYAL THUNDER – Crooked Doors
DEADCROSS – Deadcross

Give those a listen.

Andrew Morris says:

horrific album, great review

Kenneth Cope says:

I love your vest Blayne!

charlierunkle613 says:

I love the song heavy lies the crown. Gives me a Game of Thrones kind of feel.

Michael Atherton says:

Didn’t see the spin kick at the start. 3:30 guy on the right just taking the opportunity to let you know he’s a comedian to put himself out there and not talk about music.

M2Dv1 says:

What a shit review. Hard Pass on these guys.

DoktorZayus Fcuked says:

An emotional man who wants to kill everyone misses Lemmy and needs more meth…Aaaaaawww SHIT!!!

The narcissistic wolf says:

God damn it why is Brad so hot >_<

Ryan Pletch says:

Please do orphaned land and the sword next.

Brad Carter says:

As hard as these guys were on the album, I still don’t think they accurately describe how bad the whole thing actually is. Machine Head actually topped Supercharger in terms of sheer awfulness.

AztecaAguilar04 says:

I love Underground Hip-Hop & Metal, But sometimes trying to mesh the 2 just doesn’t work. With the Exception of Anthrax, Public Enemy, Body Count, Ill Bill & Necro.

Kreation Station says:

Brad you crack me up! (pun intended)

The Uppercase Letter D says:


TheEeturHedd94 says:

Im a big Machine Head fan, and tbh i didn’t love this album. everything that needed to be said is @7:40

Clifford Crabb says:

Wow! That “reviewer”‘ is annoying!!

RequiemDead says:

That Sodom shirt was the only thing good about this video.

Gabriel Bacca says:

these reviews are for 14-year olds !!!

Jason Miranda says:

I gotta say after listening to this entire album on YouTube that is is actually a really good album. Not crazy about the lyrics and yes it is a few songs too long but I may actually but. There are some excellent riffs and really good vocals. I take back my previous comments after giving the entire album a few listens. I like that they mixed it up and a lot of the songs sound different. I like your reviews but the album s not as bad as you see it

Nader Zein says:

How is this the same band that made “The Blackening”?!?!?! This album fucking sucks.

Nicholas Urban says:

A little bit too political of a record, but damn i loved it. COME ON. Razorblade Smile, Triple Beam, Psychotic?! All heavy groovy songs. Classic Machine Head. I really love this record. Its angry, and has a street element. 8/10 compares to the blackening which was 10/10

Mitchell Kelly says:

it is waaaaaay too long.

Satan's Hide says:

Turned off at the dumb meth outburst. Wtf was this shit

Wilken Vilaca says:

I can’t listen to Machine head anymore, sorry.

Mike Stanislaus says:

Funny ass review LMFAO!! My take: this album isn’t so bad, but is definitely the sound of mid-life crisis. That’s their St.Anger.

Crystal Logik says:

Machine Head fucking stink on a good day, holy shit their new record sounds dogshit.

Zach Moonshine says:

hahahh fucking love this album best machine head album ever, triple beam is my fav song on the record

Adeeb Shakhawat says:

Sam please do review the new PESTILENCE record.

Benevolent Waffle says:

My too favorite Album reviews in one video!!! Satan be praised!!! ( and the sun…Praise the Sun…Sun))))

Robin cowan says:

Love the show guys keep it going in 2018

Bowzilla 666 says:

That Volatile riff is a pure rip off of a riff in Power Trip by Chimaira

Kevin Baker says:

Dude when I heard this album I was like WTF happened to MH

Ryan Fontaine says:

Rob Flynn is the definition of a poser tbh. Great review, guys.

Viktor Lobos says:

I can’t decide if i love Blayne or hate blayne

Okay i love him

Alex Carr says:

Are we reviewing an album here or acting like knob heads?

3sidesofeve says:

Not sure why this is the 2nd review he’s trying to be funny in.. Would rather have a serious review.

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