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Damian Healy says:

my biggest problem is the childish lyrics and cliches Robb uses over and over. F* this and F* that, yea yea yea. The music is not all that bad, I just hate some of the ridiculous things he’s says trying to sound cool.

Chad M says:

If Rob Flynn actually did this as a side project instead then actually it would be better received. I can’t really see Machine Head with this type of sound says:

FULL ALBUM #MachineHead #Catharsis unboxing ->

j mace says:

The melodic singing during “Grind You Down” is nearly identical to the melodic bridge section of “No Life” by Slipknot. Play them back to back. Tell me I’m wrong.

EgocentricHead says:

Thanks for the review, pal. I’ve been following the production of this album since mid-2017, when Robb first started showing snipets of the album and talking about the album. So I already knew what to expect. Some of my gripes is, for example, why they chose such low tuning for Bastards (Drop F), an acoustic song, while tracks like Catharsis are played in their usual C# tunnig. Which is weird, since Catharsis has that Djent-like riff in the middle, which would have benefited if it was played in Drop F instead.

Harry B'stard says:
There you go.. Have a watch Of that when you have.. Ohhhh about 8 and half minutes.. Lol

hector0754 says:

Nice review style.

TarMinastir333 says:

Thanks a lot for this short but high quality review. Your review is one of the few I’ve seen so far that don’t completely trash the album based purely on the lyrics (seriously, to everyone who’s getting triggered over this… all I can say is that I wouldn’t want to be you) and knows how to appreciate the originality and courage behind this album. Sure it can be a bit hit or miss but I think there’s obvious gems in there as you pointed out, and it should be pretty clear to anyone who’s actually willing to listen with an open mind and doesn’t get upset over the slightest bit of creativity and change.

kitramsey5150 says:

I’m really digging this album, no matter what everyone says. Some cringy lyrics but I like the songs. As usual, if you blast it in your car, you like the songs more. I didn’t like bastards and beyond the pale much when I first listened on my phone. Now I love them. People bitching about triple beam is funny to me. It’s one of the catchier groove filled songs on the record

Zeke Iddon says:

“not many bands would have the balls to do this” – indeed, not many bands would be brave enough to make the exact same mistake they made fifteen years ago that nearly ended their career.

j mace says:

It’s talented musicians at their worst. This is post-post-modern art. I was a fan, I saw them live. This album is weak for them, and a song like Bastards is just trying to be controversial just for the sake of being controversial and polarizing. This wasn’t edgy-they are playing it safe.

Hector Calzada says:

Basterds for me is an atrocious song.

BronyDroiid x3 says:

Very nice review bro, jeez.. I have the album in preorder and, I am so confused with all the opinions, anyway, I’m so exited, I leave you a like! (Sorry for my bad english, Google Translate doesn’t work very good :p)

M says:

Finally a good review!! There are some fucking epic tracks on this record! Its absolutely different you are right, but i think they have done a great job! Heavy lies the crown, Screaming at the sun, Behind the mask and a few more are absolutely amazing tracks!! I have an open mind and i love every works of MH…they are always different, they don t repeat the same album every time!! Great job and review man, very good job!!! Cheers amd Machine fuckin head!!

Harry B'stard says:

I never never never have watched reviews of albums before really. But everyone has torn apart and tried to belittle and destroy everything machine head have tried to create.
And I stumbled across this review.. Well this lad is a fellow English man and obviously not trying to be all high and mighty and like he knows better because he has a yt channel..

My friend you are literally the only one I’ve watched that feels and explains exactly what’s going on in this album.
So I’ve subbed and I’m on board..
Your On the money mate.
All these so called metal heads or fans. Seem so jaded and trying so hard to put this down..
They are wrong..
This is. A brilliant album..

I’ll be there in the Manchester academy. Once again. And I cannot wait..
One thing for sure is. Triple beam. Will create a epic circle pit..

Top work mate. Well said and put..
Cheers and keep the faith..
And for those who don’t like it.. Fuck you…

threasa zimmerman says:

thanks for the review, it was good, can’t wait to hear it in its entirety!

Jose Cantu says:

I think everyone is jumping on the bashing the album band wagon

Rhys G says:

Awesome review dude, really well put together. Hope you have a good weekend! m/

Justin Smith says:


Alex Nagy says:

Really nice review! I agree a 100%. Spot on!

Matthew Shellman says:

Mine shipped yesterday.. cant wait. Ive always been a huge fan of Flynn’s clean vocals and the melodic side of MH.

Phil Jones says:

I agree absolutely classic album

todd Tab304 says:

Great review mate.
I think you summed it up perfectly with the line “don’t judge it on the singles, put the record on and see where it takes you”.

A lot of people forget an album is conceived in its entirety, not just a bunch of songs thrown together.

You have earned a sub.

Ely Gallego says:

Good review, I’m not expecting much to be honest, all the singles released so far have been dissapoining

James Lucas says:

This is a very good review dear sir!

metalisthe onlymusic says:

I’m glad to actually find a reviewer that gave the record a chance and was open minded to it. You got a new subscriber, and I’m looking forward to more reviews.

Jeremy 2 Phillips says:

Just heard all of it and your review is spot on

Mark 13 says:

“Fuck the World !! ” hahaha what immature crap

Review Realm says:

Wondering how you’ve already heard it…

André Tavares says:

Good review bro

TheOpen worldofgaming says:

dont like the way you review. feels very unpolished in your video style. Make some points to touch on in some notes as you seem unsure of what you are critiquing about. But gonna subscribe as i know youtubes new policy might screw you over

MetalMickey says:

I think you do a great job of talking about it but I don’t like the album to be honest.

Robert Graefe says:

Nice review. I love the album – I hope Bastards will grow on me just as Beyond the Pale already did. Screaming at the Sun is my favourite track of the album right now. It has been so much fun listening to the album for the first time yesterday – right now it is on heavy rotation 😀

Randomness overload channel says:

Great review, have the album on preorder and saw some of the good and the mixed reviews it’s been getting and was wondering how it’s gonna be, you have a great take on it.

Sebastian Kucinski says:

Your review is one of the best for this album. Everyone else pretends to be a fan and cries and wines.

Mike Fagan says:

This record is getting ripped up one side and down the other. I’ll give it a listen, but from I heard so far it sounds muted, soft, and Rob sounds like he’s given up. But we’ll see.

Very Bad Crisis Actors says:

4/5 eh? Best Lay off the crack dude

Chris Allan says:

Really looking forward to hearing this.

LauraJenkins says:

Nice work!

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