Machine Head – Catharsis (Positive) Metal Album Review

After months of speculation, Machine Head, finally release the album “Catharsis”
I take a look at the album track by track so you dont have to


Tony Savage says:

Half of the outrage was caused by people who suddenly “realised” on what political spectrum MH moves…

…After almost 20 years where there were whole tracks, interludes, and skits, about politics, social issues, racism, and even spirituality, revealing their political direction quite frequently.

As for Rob Flynn, I may or may not agree on his views, his way of conveying things appears a little bit pretentious and overreactive to me, but not to an extent I’d call him an asshole, this could also be some over-engagement. You know, some people just become passionate talking about their things. If I had the chance I’d still party with that guy.

I bought the album, it clearly is somewhat off, the new style was a welcome change on my side. It is an okay album, even a good album if it hadn’t been Machine Head, who set their own standards higher than this with the albums before.

richard benson says:

Great start to the album? Yeah. If you like Shitknot, overall music is subjective and I can appreciate different tastes so here’s my take. This album is total crap, directionless mindless horseshit. No flow at all on this, no consistency. Juvenile and cheesy dummed down lyrics that almost want to make you gouge your ears out. “Great song” shouldn’t even be mentioned here. When music isn’t good, it all becomes noise. And this is not only awful noise it makes me want to kill myself. Literally. The only rating I would give this garbage is nobody should have to suffer through this crap. Album is waaay to long, and really can’t understand people defending this atrocious nonsense

Matthew Shellman says:

I cant say its my favorite MH album but there are a good amount of tracks I do like quite a bit.. I will say I’m really looking forward to their next album.

pergproductions says:

People overreacted to this album to an embarrassing extent. Acting as if it was some sort of betrayal and pretending as though bands never recover from experimental or dodgy albums.

Mark Solich says:

Great review!

EgocentricHead says:

Thanks for the review, pal. I dig the album, but not in its entirety. I wish if there was more songs like Heavy Lies The Crown. Although, it sounds like a bonus track from The Blackening. So that would be just recycling the past. Which Machine Head always avoids.

James Lucas says:

Great review man! I really enjoyed it!

Harley Campbell says:


fertaly1 says:

My favorite tracks on this album:
– Volatile
– Beyond The Pale
– Triple Beam
– Screaming at the Sun
– Behind a Mask

shadesofnight1986 says:

Lovely review mate. Shame about the rain.

Pato Izquierdo says:

His story history… niceeee… you are great reviewer. Love the passion and depth. Hate no rambling though. I did too compare some tinges in the album to System of a Down (Hope begets hope). Agree… thanks amigo!

Chris Allan says:

Great review, really great research and insight. Good album aswell.

ff bekap says:

I complained in previous post about the production but now after hearing everything on a proper audio-system I must say all the instruments sound awesome (everything is very clear & selective). The album itself is right now in my top 3 of all MH releases. People say that musically it’s all over the place, but to me that’s the beauty of this album. Every track is different and memorable (not a single skip). Even controvesial “Bastards” makes more sense in overall context. Would you agree about some metalcore-ish influences in songs like in “Catharsis”, “Kaleidoscope” & “Screaming at the Sun”. Some riffs and breakdowns reminds me of Bring Me The Horizon “Sempiternal” era.

Aaron Lamb says:

Awesome review. I agree totally. I feel like this album will take a few dozen listens to fully process. So far Heavy Lies the Crown is my fav.

J Abad Caldeiro says:

F*** the rain! Hehehe

Alex J says:

Good review, same score I’d give it. Your humor and delivery on this review earned you a sub! Anyway, totally agree with you on the album. As a guitarist myself Machine Head has fulfilled a lot in me with their riffs, harmonics, harmonies, and composition. Totally agree with you on California Bleeding and Razorblade Smile, as the lyrics were meh. The music is good, but to me a song doesn’t have the same impact with cheesy lyrics. The people who hate this album are the ones who think Machine Heads first record was the Blackening. To me this record is all of their albums combined. Supercharger is my least favorite album for sure, with only 2 or 3 songs I like but unfortunately some of the lyricism leaked onto this one. It’s only two songs though, and I enjoy the riffs for what they are so I don’t feel the need to skip over them. The song that’s up there for me on this album is Heavy Lies The Crown. I kinda like the delivery. It’s kinda cool, and the outro is just plain fuckin’ badass. Anyway, nice video, glad you actually have a brain and know what you’re talking about unlike the metal elitists.

Pete STUART says:

Excellent review and a far more accurate representation of the album than previous reviewers have made. MH have always had rap/nu metal elements in their music from day one so it makes you wonder at what point did those that despise this album actually get into MH. Was it “The Blackening” ? If so it may explain their disappointment. Because songs like “A thousand lies”, and “Block” off BME, to me anyway sound like amazingly heavy rap metal songs. “Colours” cover off “The more things change” and then “The burning red” etc.

Jaysin says:

I have been a fan since the More Things Change. Great review I felt pretty much the same way about this album. I like do like it a lot.

QuietLionGaming says:

Been refreshing your page today to see if you’d upload the review today haha! Awesome insights, my friend. While it’s not my favorite MH album, there is a lot that I love on here and you can hear callbacks to virtually every album of their past on this one. Really digging it. Thanks for another awesome review!

Cheer Yourself Deaf says:

This album is really growing on me. Not sure why there is so much criticism as it is not that far away from the Machine Head sound however where they do branch out I find the more interesting and exciting stuff. Lots of great melodic and catchy parts that I really enjoy and Flynn’s singing voice as you stated is really good.

This album kind of reminds me of Load in that each track tends to occupy its own little space. I think my favourites currently are Bastards and the acoustic. Being so long the only criticism is that I get a little lost by the end but this could well change with more listens. Another good review, keep them up.

MrMetalManMe says:

This is almost exactly how I’d review it. My 9yr old daughter loves this album. She loves Bastards cos I explained to her what it’s about. Obviously she don’t swear though.
I also find bastards very emotional when I’m listening it with her or not.
I don’t like the keyboards in it but it is what it is. A brilliant song. Makes me cry almost every time I hear it.
Triple Beam. We all love that song. Listen to it with big loud headphones or a massive CD player. The fight in the middle that turns into like a rap/hip hop scene is just awesome. It fits right in with the song and then comes back out blasting riffs. Robb is so proud of this album, I can see why.
Not much filler, a lot of thought and hard work went into every song on this album. Great review.

pkj77 says:

i like the album , not their best imo but okay

Evaldas Bumeika says:

So… I read all the comments,I’ve seen the reviews of the album. A lot of hate. Yeah,I understand. I’m not gonna call anyone a hater or whatever. Just want to speak my own opinion. Which is…. I enjoyed the album very much. It was such a great journey. Out of the 15 songs there were only 2 that I didn’t like. But other than that,I love Catharsis. And holy shit…. Robb said to lower the expectations for the heavy part but I don’t understand why cause some of the songs were sooooo fucking crushing. I was pleasantly surprised of the album. Amazing trip. I honestly like it more than Bloodstone & Diamonds which was also a good album to me anyway. So yeah… That’s just my personal opinion.

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