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Blayne reviews the new Marduk album Viktoria

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Raphael Herter says:

Marduk just plays with the Nazism Imagery plus it is in their lyrics. Todays leftist SJW World shouldnt take everything so goddamn seriously. It’s just good Black Metal. What about it?

Igor says:

Marduk doesn’t use drum machines.

They use machine guns.

Tyler Ballard says:

Stopping by to see my hat again…

Bongwater Jones says:

The greatest metal album on earth could be an NSBM album and I would refuse to listen to it. Fuck racists, and anything they touch, period.

Eric Valverde says:

someone knows bands like The Haunted? any recomendations??

The Band That Sucked says:

Da new Funeral Mist album was fire

Oscar says:

You’re starting to look like Thomas Lindberg

Virginia Hamamelis says:

Khemmis hell yeah!

Fryx Ur says:

Marduk are NOT Nazi.

Per Wahlgren says:

Wow… disclaimers. Up front. You do realize you are only fueling the idea that metal is evil and intolerant…?

Robert Millsop says:

Marduk album in 2018… could you expect any better than this?

Jason Gast says:

This guy is a fucking idiot

sm0l Mane says:

Review Year of the Snitch

EternalMetalDevastator - PROMOTIONS says:

I have no support for Nazism, but I do like listening to WW2 themed music though, because it’s very fitting with the Evolution for WW2. What the Nazis done, was obviously wrong, and not to mention, Brutal. Trust me, people have got the wrong idea that Marduk supports Nazism, because obviously in most circumstances, Nazis done absolutely horrible things to alot of civilians. Like it or not, but you are just a closed minded dumb fuck if you ask me, if you just simply hate on a band right away if you see something that you don’t like of them, without even taking a good think about it first. WW2 was awful and I just can’t imagine the horrible and Brutal isolating impact that it had on everyone, and bands like Marduk, have the right to be rebellious of what the Nazis done. Don’t like what I say, go Suck a fucking dick then, because I am not fucking putting up with anyone’s shite.

Just for your information, Marduk are not Nazis, they are WW2 Historians!!

Shane Martin says:

great videos my friend!
I just reissued my old bands one & only release on a professionally wallet packaged cdr.
originally released on cassette in 1995.
we were called Apoc Death. old school death metal from Tennessee.
would you be interested in checking it out? for a possible review?
hit me up if interested

Krung says:

Uhhhh…I really like “Werwolf”. Call me crazy.

Youssef Assem says:

You are the pinnacle of comedy feat metal music

Thiago Henrique says:

Well, ever since Mortuus came into the band I couldn’t enjoy the songs like before. The first album with him that I can listen from the first to the last song is Frontscwein. I even like this “Viktoria” but man, I miss so much the old Marduk with those violent blast beats and riffs that rip your ears off. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good songs from Wormwood, Rom 5:12 and Serpent Sermon and I’m still attending their concerts whenever they come to my country, but nothing matches the intensity of albuns like Panzer Division Marduk, Nightwing, Heaven Shall Burn…, La Grande Danse Macabre. Damn 🙁

Ash Williams says:

I think modern day people who paint themselves as neo nazis (cuz almost all actual nazis are dead and as much as you want to larp as a nazi, you will never be one) are fuckin retarded but buying stickers or books hardly makes you a nazi.

Oh all you soyboy nazi sympathizers, you should look up what the title of marduks last album meant. Cuz thats what you would be.

Kaden Brown says:

I am highly doubtful Marduk is a “Nazi” band. I’ve seen and read the interviews and they have definitely stated they’re apolitical. It’s kinda ironic that in 2018 people are worried about scary imagery, it feels like the 80s all over again.

I do agree with the review though. They’re known for being fast and frantic and I prefer that side of them. I know bands try to mix it up, but they are so good when they play in the style of panzer division.

Also, I couldn’t help but chuckle at his shit eating grin when he made the corny WWII references lol.

The Matt says:


WaveLord says:

Pushing through Russia in the winter….I see what you did there.

Kevin Long says:

Marduk bring the unrelenting blasts, that is if you’re into that kind of thing.

plecogod says:

The reviewer tries way too hard to be funny and seems to be in love with the sound of his own voice. Talk more about the music and leave the stand up to people who are actually funny.

Mark Ashley Jones says:

Can’t review the record without straying heavily into the “Nazi” tag whilst wearing a shirt promoting smoking weed.

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Blayne seems a bit off on this review. Never was a fan of Marduk, Desolation kicks ass tho! NIN as well!

Antonio Nightslayer says:

888 likes…..aehm

calinputiciu says:

Marduk has slow songs on every Mortuus album. And on other albums too. Not a new thing.

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