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Sarah reviews MARILYN MANSON’s album “Heaven Upside Down”
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Prtylilcjnqn says:

I love this review.

Gabi X says:

It’s time for him to get rid of Tyler. Boring stuff.
Only enjoyed 4 songs on Pale Emperor.
About 3 on this one.

Bizket Butt says:

Gateway bands, my homei used to call Nu Metal gaeway metal back in the day lol

Eva S. Solis says:

Fuckin amazing and Amazing lyrics

Peter .Cartwright says:

“Twiggy being back in the picture” yeah not anymore.

candlewolff says:

Eat Me/Drink Me is my favorite.

rusterpus111 says:

The biggest influence on Marilyn Manson is Foetus Inc., as is obvious by the excerpts from this album. If you get bored by listening to the same Foetus Inc. songs over and over again, consider to start buying Marilyn Manson records. This is the best thing to be said about Marilyn Manson, I think.

Rob zillA says:

Although, I heavily agree… Saturnalia is DEFINITELY the best song on the new album!

Rob zillA says:

This was the 3rd album Twiggy has been back on. Do some research…. What is this chicks credentials anyways? Give a blonde a Maiden shirt, and her brothers patched up, metal, denim jacket, AND all of a sudden she’s qualified to do legit album reviews? Whatever…. Go do some Beyonce reviews. We know that’s what you REALLY listen to!

Dan Briand says:

Fuck Manson fuck pop culture

97warlock ismyname says:

Im saure confused , You saidHeaven Upside down review, yet all your reviewing in your video is the Say 10 album, um What gives ma peeps”?

Natasha Lomov says:

I think first impressions can be deceiving. It really grew on me like a fucking malignant tumor. Heaven Upside Down is an awesome record!

Raziel Venice says:

Saturnalia grew on me as initally i didnt like it…however blood honey and tattooed in reverse are my faves …but saturnalia was recorded right at his father passed so it was very heavy and twiggy had a hand in this soo you know

Jeanette Demoness says:

I was a huge Mansonite growing up

DonutsRYummy says:

I only like Smells like Children, AntiChrist Superstar, eat me drink me…. this one is ok too… that being said, I don’t own any albums by him. Think I will pick this up.

A New Age says:

I love this album. I listen to it a lot on spotify

Jason Pool Music says:

You suck! Im giving it 666 out of 5 skulls

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Jason Henman says:

Liked it just thought Je$us Crisis was a little slower for the good part where he sings “im like a Jesus Crisis”

Justin Garrett says:

I thought it was a fantastic album. Defiantly not his best (Antichrist Superstar) but defiantly not his worst (The Pale Emporer)

Lemon Sweets says:

Antichrist Superstar is 10/10 Dope hat.

alfred selle says:

I’m surprised hos old ass is not retired yet

The Dude says:

Agree 100% with the verdict.

Stykzman100 says:

I totally understand where she’s coming from, I felt like this album could have tackled more than it did. Heaven Upside Down and the last two albums are more focused with his own personal integrity and and I felt like he could have bitten more than he did.
That said, I felt the music was varied quite well, it felt like they pulled styles from almost every era of Marilyn Manson except portrait.
Ultimately the only big problem I have with this album is that I can FEEL that new classic coming from him right around the corner, but he’s just delayed it once again.
I truly think he can release an album as great as Antichrist Superstar, but it still feels he’s still trying to get back so much confidence he’s lost over the last decade.
I love this album, but I felt like I could have enjoyed it even more.

Tony From Syracuse says:

too much meh filler tracks. the problem is alot of the album is style over substance. its got the heavy guitars and screaming choruses what he thinks we want to hear and do alot of times do…but the songs are just kinda like manson going on autopilot.

Eddie Stinson says:

Metal is the white man’s hip hop. Marilyn Manson, derived from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson an address of disdain and contempt toward our culture and society. Manson music is revolt, satirical, offensive against virtue censoring types. Say10 comical because it embellishes the provocative as a punch against society. Society invades lives, ravishes our liberty, while we Snap chat and Tweet about how special we are. Manson writes music about the zoo he’s watching behind mirror glass. He’s always been very Jim Morrison and Hieronymus Bosch.

Abdel Nasir says:

Manson has always had an appealing quality. Appealing to disenfranchised teens and small town Hicks looking for a bit of inspiration for lashing out at parents and Baptists.
His gimmicky persona and mediocre music has always seemed a bit contrived in my opinion. I’d be surprised if anyone at all is buying into his quasi shock rock at this point. But as long as there is a hot topic there will be an angry teen willing to give it a go.
I don’t dislike Manson, but I do dislike his work.

DukeoftheAges says:

This guy went from decent edgy music to just embarassing and boring. MM just needs to stop.

Edina Kósa says:

Ez az album kibaszott jó, akármit gagyogtok.

josh bollon says:

Manson is manson.. Its emotion not lyrics.. You really suck at reviews.. You guys dont listen from the artist prespective you listen from yours .. You should actually review the records

musicmamma says:

Suzy and the banishees? NOoooo…..Suzy and the BANSHEES

Schnappzapp Schmetter says:

Hm, when I heard “say10” the first time, I thought, it had a connection to numerology. Can´t help.

jay w says:

there are nude pics of mm in hustler august 1997 with a naked groupie in the bits and pieces section

Jeremiah buckel says:

Manson isn’t relevant. He’s doing his best to be shocking…and has failed. He hasn’t been the antichrist in years and he hasn’t been a spooky kid in decades. I deem him Marilyn Hasbeen.

sky fina says:

Not every is a manson but I fucking love manson

TomLashamMusic says:

Favorite song is” Heaven upside down” just because of the guitar!!

Anthony Yount says:

This is nothing like early Manson, I’m not sure what she’s talking about. This is more electronic and where applicable, weak rock crap. The lyrics lack the intelligence of the early material and more importantly, the music is not as good, or as BAND ORIENTED and hard rock as the early music. I just can’t get behind it.

Peter .Cartwright says:

I do like this album, but it is certainly not his best. I love The Pale Emperor, it’s certainly his best since Holywood, and I feel like HUD tried to take what worked in PE and make it more Antichrist, and the result was underwhelming. Musically, this album is far more interesting than PE or much before it, and for that I have to give it credit. The industrial rock mixed with the slower more haunting tones from PE does work incredibly well, especially in KILL4ME, my favourite off the album.
Lyrically, however, the album falls flat. It again takes the cool, mythological kind of suave of PE and throw in the angst and controversy of the antichrist era, but without any of the.. umph. Whether that is because Manson has lost his ability to really shock, or because he really is no longer relevant in 2017 is a whole other discussion, but either way, nothing made me recoil like the good old days. Remember when Manson delivered weird, wtf, yet also frankly cool lines like the start of “Rock is Dead”? Manson has clearly moved on from those days, but this album feels like an awkward attempt at recreating some of that, but with more repetition and less inspiration.
The album is not terrible lyrically, and does indeed have its moments. Saturnalia, KILL4ME, Blood Honey, they do have some kick ass, dont give a fuck moments, and do stand out for it. I also love SAY10 not for the song, but because you can tell he had fun with it, especially the cheesy video. It lacks the usual features of his work, but it’s clear he had a good time, and after 25 years of music and doing generally well for himself, the guy deserves it.
All in all, this album sounds great on a first casual listen, but is let down by the times and the change. If it had come out after Born Villain and before PE, it may well have been far better received. It has some great tracks, and is generally fun, but misses the style and intricacy of better days.

Aaron Zubia says:

Dawm i feel sad how people get mad at a legendary music icon like manson just cause he likes to explore his potential further than just heavy one of the few that enjoys new manson better than old Manson.

Ca Mo says:

I’m more about Glam Metal/Melodic Rock but I’ve always loved Marilyn Manson!

IɌØN says:

I think it’s his best or second best (after The Pale Emperor) work. It’s like his old, classic stuff, which is genius, but it’s more grown-up. That’s also what made me enjoy The Pale Emperor so much.

Daniel Green says:

formulaic and boring as fck, he has been a waste of time for more than a decade now

Geek G1rl206 says:

Ok he’s shit now and he’s started to be ungreatful for his fans he doesn’t care anymore about performing a good show and all his songs seem to just be about sex he went from scary and cool to just sexual it’s shit and now he smokes weed during his concert last week and didn’t even sing the right song I loved the guy in the early 90s but haha now you can shit on him all you want shit he always sounds drunk i hate all the songs on that fucking album

josh bollon says:

Sorry but you really suck at reviews..

Jas Spen says:

I think it only makes sense to to have people that appreciate Manson’s work to review the album, Manson has always been repetitious and it’s not overdone on Heaven Upside Down This album is outstanding!
I hope there are real Manson fans out there somewhere that aren’t waiting for him to repeat anything from the past, Twiggy and Manson have BEEN working together since 2006 yes Manson likes em DAMAGED!!! Twiggy is gone now due to such damage.
Brainless review no way I can subscribe to this nonsense. If you don’t understand what you’re reviewing why bother?
This album is sexy and fuckin dangerous everything rock and roll should be, and always seems to be lacking.
Thank you Manson for not playing it safe, expanding on everything you do best.
Some of if not his best and most explosive work! I’ve been a fan since 96, I’ve seen countless live performances, I know
what makes his work outstanding, it’s all here. She got one thing right Saturnalia is the fuckin best if I had to pick,
this one of the few Manson albums I can listen to all the way through without skipping, he hasn’t done that for me since Born Villain.

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