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Sam reviews Mark Morton’s debut solo album ‘Anesthetic’
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Ace Frawley says:

Good to have you back in the seat doing a review, Sam.

Gray Loxsom says:

I really hope you get to review the new Warbringer album this year Sam!

Dan Maler says:

Good to see you back Sam!

Pynskhemlang Niangti says:

Sam is back

casey Felella says:

Watching the credits without music was a bit odd.

Gabriel Dinamarca says:

It sounds like he says mark WORTON

Jayson Bull says:

wish we got reviews a little bit more frequently, really enjoy these.

jomurico89 says:

Good review, it would’ve been great with some shout outs/recommendations.

kaleb hall says:

What, no shout outs? Come on Sam, I know you got some.

Keith Brass says:

Excellent review.
Did Mark just write this because Chris was injured and could not do Lamb stuff at the time…?jw

SanjiVinsmoke says:

I like the song with chuck billy from testament the most

Christopher Beavans says:

Agree with Sam on this record!

B B says:

You guys need to review the new brymir when it comes out Friday! It’s going to be epic!

Sam Whyte says:

Mark should have told everyone telling him what to play to fuck off and did whatever the hell he wanted

Plasfaria Blarka Anisa says:

He said In the end 4 times. Is that a LINKIN PARK reference! !!!!

xboxnissan says:

More Sam please! common! once a month or something? 🙂

Coma Witch says:

Huge MM fan, Man…that record was a fucking let down. It was the first time I’ve ever felt bored listening to one of his tunes let alone an entire record.

The Final Hammer says:

Literally just got mine in the mail. Watching this while i open!!

FailedKiller says:

Lame review……just kidding, I get the whole metal thing but even going into this and expecting just to hear lamb of god like songs with different vocalists I was pleasantly surprised at what actually came about. I do have to dis agree about “the truth is dead” being 1 of the two strongest tracks, I mean, if it were a lamb of god song sure but contextually it’s just another lamb of god song and with all the other songs being very different in tone it made that last track seem out of place and kind of pandering to LOG fans, BUT BUT BUT I do think it is a good song and the album is one I had on repeat for a few days now.

payazokoki says:

Sam please, with need YOUR reviews on the new Flotsam and Overkill records.

Tony Trosclair says:

Y’all fixed the audio for Dun!
Keep it up pls?

Doug Arnold says:

Great review. Thanks. I’m not the biggest Lamb of God fan but I had one of their CDs several years ago. I love Alissa’s vocals.

Rocio Iribe says:

what i love about your review Sam, is that you score it based on what the album just is, average, down the middle score, not all rock, not all metal. and i think some of the other Banger reviewers seem to forget that (i’m looking at you Dylan. you can’t love everything dude) a 3 isn’t bad. it’s just that, average. you acknowledged your bias, LOG fan, not a big blues listener, and then concluded with saying the album is by Mark for Mark. professional, on point review in my opinion. love this bonus review.

ps – and just to further aggravate people in the comments, HOW DARE YOU NOT MENTION QUEENS—- JUST KIDDING. i don’t care about them. and you can’t review everything.

Christopher Beavans says:

Review the new overkill album Sam!

Brendon Lake says:

This review is tricky! Personally I found the music technically well put together with talented musicians but your comment about whether it was made for radio is telling and that Mark’s producer pushed for this.
So that gives us an over produced record sadly lacking in the flourishes that truly represent Mark Morten as an artist.

Nightmare Fuel says:

Daddy Dunn is back

William Haward says:

Honestly hoping the new Misery Index record gets a review but I’m assuming Cob will get Fridays review

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