Mayhem – Esoteric Warfare ALBUM REVIEW


Mayhem returns with a new record and an old school black metal sound.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Robert Dawson says:

How is it music?

D Singh says:

this stache is mayhem

Oldestpunk Inargentina says:

OAChao lo-fi ? Hope not ! I would not want to pass up on it as I did with that other one ! Could you tell me whether the guitar can be heard well enough as on Chimera ? Through youtube and headphones it would seem it’s OK at the very least ! Am I wrong ? Please tell me; thanx for your review.

Carlos Augusto says:

Anthony Mayhano

GrimSunshine says:

I really liked it. much better than I expected. the drum sound is just aweful though. the drumming on the other hand is top notch. a very musician friendly album. 8/10 for me.

Jadograd says:

that album in the back there?

Diego Alvarez says:

Lol, Anthony looks like Ghul from Mayhem

Marija Djerkovic says:

guy have no idea what s the name fool this is true warfare

Julius Sw says:

Strong 8 would fit better

Jairo Martinez-Ortiz says:


rusterpus111 says:

I saw no positive progression from the much better ordo ad chao.

Bo Crumble says:

My girlfriend thinks you look like Skeet Ulrich.

Norman Rand Wolfe says:

Thumbs down on your review for, again, not taking the time to get your facts straight.
The propaganda you continuously spew against Varg Vikernes is unprofessional and obnoxious. Only two people know what exactly happened in that “Cabin In The Woods” and one of them died that day. As for the farcical trial, Mao/Stalin and the likes would have been proud… Any very small amount of research reveals a clear fabrication on the part of both the Norwiegen Police and the Courts.
These fail to take into account the admission by the witness (there was only one) that his statement had been forced by State/Police intimidation. Also not taken into account where the numerous threats made by the poser Øystein Aarseth against Varg (to this day nobody actually knows if Dead killed himself or was “suicided” by Aarseth). Various witnesses testified of these threats just to be ignored by the Judge, much like he ignored the retractions made to the original statements.
Enough said… You must be a christian so fogging the “truth” comes naturally to you people.
As for the album, which is at best mediocre, Mayhem had the “bad luck” of releasing it during a Black Metal explosion both in quantity and, above all, in quality (2014/15 probably the best years ever for the genre and 2016 is starting off just as strong).
So the album goes unnoticed as it should and only the name/myth Mayhem permits such a mediocre piece being released.
Mayhem were a “Once Upon A Time In Norway” fluke which has long lost its appeal.
As Dead/Varg/Aarseth went so did the band, all that remains is a corps of something once Epic… This, in many ways, is actually very fitting.

DRsdfsdfsdf says:

Mayhem are a bunch of fags. Black metal fags get no pussy LOL

Mr Twattington says:

possibly my favorite mayhem album

Giggidygiggidy3 says:

holy u just made me watch a full 30 sec commercial. u bastard!!!!!!

Rafael Melendez says:

hails euronimois. RIP hails Death RIP. hails the new mayhem

po mao says:

Please review arctic leach

Coleman Perin says:

You say that “De Mysteriis Dom Santhanas” Was Mayhems debut album but it is not, Deathcrush is Mayhems first albums, De Mysteriis was the first and only studio album With Per “Dead” Ohlin on vocals, Great video though!! still very much enjoyed keep it up

DumpBabyFuckFuck says:

Kill yourself.

Stubbs TZIRWAP says:

Could you review any of Herder’s albums? I don’t know when their next release is, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on their music.

Di ego says:

Mayhem 1993 r.i.p.

Jakub Zdzienicki says:


Antisocial Elephant says:

3:20 damn,you are almost as god as Cal Chuchesta

Rob R says:

Great album!

ScrilboBagginsGaming says:

This album was 11/10 burned churches, Fantano hates kvlt black metal.

Mark Santucci says:

a 7 so we know the older Metallica albums crush this album? what about Load, Reload, St anger and Lulu can these albums crush this album or just beat it out?

Ozzy with Randy Rhoads will smoke this album. Blizzard and Diary.

Kwame Brown says:

Black metal is terrible.

Chuck H. says:

you should review carcass’ symphonies of sickness…fucking classic grindcore lp.

Fridtjof Bjarturson says:

On this episode of Hitler reviews

Jared Arbizu says:

Their last two albums are the best two they’ve put out. The production is a little thin and murky (especially murky on Ordo ad Chao) but I think that after a few listens, you realize that this is an essential element to the sound they are trying to create. That odd production quality makes these albums very unique in the black metal world, in my opinion.

Julián Moreyra says:

My favorite Mayhem album!

Rich Baritone says:

euronymous was not murdered in cold-blood! Varg knew he was walking into an ambush! It was common knowledge that euronymous planned to kill varg…

Matt Bowen says:

Dead was a better vocalist than Atilla will ever be

Lord Raptor says:

Cock broom mustache.

Kenneth Stuart says:

I personally fucking love this album. Got to see Mayhem for the first time in 2015 on the first leg of the Black Metal Warfare Tour with Watain. Feel really lucky that my first Black Metal show got to be Mayhem 😀 (I only wish they’d played more than one song off Esoteric Warfare though)

Brandon Irizarry says:

There new guitarist Teloch fucking kills he did a great job balancing both the Euronymous and Blasphemer eras and styles while adding his own touch I give it a 8 out of 10

Doom or be Doomed says:

I don’t know why, but I seriously HATE this douche.

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