Megadeth ‘Dystopia’ Album Review- 8.9/10- (Metal Review)- The Metal Voice

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1. “The Threat Is Real”
2. “Dystopia”
3. “Fatal Illusion”
4. “Death from Within”
5. “Bullet to the Brain”
6. “Post-American World”
7. “Poisonous Shadows” 6:02
8. “Conquer… or Die!” (Instrumental)
9. “Lying in State”
10. “The Emperor”
11. “Foreign Policy” (Fear cover)


pauld9 says:

Just a real good metal album.

Matthew Spaltro says:

Great record great solos all solos are in the good to great level it’s also great to see another instrumental giving a definite Endgame vibe. Even the sound quality/mixing of the album is a lot like Endgame.

Mick Funz says:

Your guests barely have anything to say. Why have them on? Who cares about some singer in some band over in Europe who takes three seconds while he’s jamming to do a half-assed video review of the album? Adds NOTHING to the show. Think of some interesting things to say BEFORE you turn the cameras on

riggs100 says:

This could be Megadeth’s best album this century…

Mark 13 says:

2:00 What ?!!? End game ?? hahahahaha really ??? Megadeth is back with really sick trash metal 9/10 !! Dave Mustaine is angry again !!

Floyd Mauney says:

keep it up

Allen Ellsworth says:

Finally found another great metal channel. You guys have variety.

Marcus Aschenbrenner says:

i got that motherfucker day it came out only heard fatal illusion before hit stores once and listened to its entirety at once and everyday since my review Megadeth is on top no filler songs Thank You Megadeth

Rick Kala says:

I will NEVER pre-order again. I might not get it for days with this storm. I am so depressed haha…

Roberto Calcini says:

high Expectation for the new album!

Floyd Mauney says:

great review guys

shawn davis says:

Got The Single Vinyl Black Friday,! Here We Go Again,!

M. Swaiti666 says:

I give this album 10/10 it’s amazing!

ApocalypticStorms says:

Megadeth is the only Thrash Metal band out of the big 4 that has consistently released good stuff and stayed great.

Giovanni Dekkers says:

Holy Crap…That Solo on The Emperor……all goosebumps!

DownFall NetWork says:

I liked endgame but some songs are rally boring on it. And the song sealed with a kiss reminds me a lot of don’t talk to strangers from dio

matt11708 says:

good review

DownFall NetWork says:

I can’t wait to hear it! Awesome review Jimmy! Btw this is the guy that convinced you to say it was good lol

Kluuz says:

Agree with the guy on the left. I still do believe Endgame was better. But beats out 13 and Super Collider.

Vinyl Tap says:

you fucking nerds!!!!!

Victor Hugo Bertacchini says:

I have pre-ordered Dystopia yesterday and I barely can wait to have it in hands! I’m so excited about this album and even more in Kiko’s soloing in Post American World after hearing what you said.

Steven A. Mckay says:

Stopped watching about 30 seconds in when you cut to that guy and some dick was hitting a guitar in the background. Really, really fucking irritating and unprofessional and that was it for me I’m afraid.

Bruno Canongia says:

Great Conrado! Cheers from Brasília o/

Thomas Fleming says:

Nice Rush shirt. Thanks for the reviews.

Marcus Aschenbrenner says:

Dave’s voice like in his youth but more thought out i think i listen to lot of death etc growling all that stuff Dave is going with his gut on this album i believe Adler and Kiko brought out the Best in both Mustaine And Ellefson in my personal opion toi where they are playing on fire Dystopia 10 on my shit Classic very well.Thank You

Elier Lizárraga says:

Poisonous Shadows is unique!!!

christophernboston says:

Lol you come in to review an album and admit that you haven’t heard whole thing? Like Kanye ripping Beck then admitting he didn’t listen to album. Duh

Albee213 says:

Megadeth have been cranking out kick ass records since 2004’s The System has Failed. Every record has been a thrash fest since then with some small leanings of melodic radio friendly songs. Super Collider was not that bad but it was a step backwards from the previous 4 records that were heavy on the thrash metal and that worried a lot of fans.

neil jackson says:

where did you hear the album

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