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Sam reviews the long awaited album from thrash pioneers 15th studio album – Megadeth’s Dystopia.

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TheMadMattster says:

First three songs were great- if they can keep that up then they can make another classic- i have a feeling about the next one. Last one i truly liked was System Has Failed

AGGIO says:

This album might be the best metal album ever!

Best Metal and Rock Lists says:

you were specting more from lourerio? wtf, some of the most technical solos of megadeth

Sean Mellert says:

I wish mustaine would bring back Good Mourning/Black Friday, at least as an instrumental, because that’s just such a monster of a song not to play.

Dennis McNabb Jr says:


Trekkie 135 says:

8/10 from me.

MicShazam says:

I like this album a lot, but I wouldn’t place it in a Megadeth album top 10. If you consider how they’ve made 15 albums, it might seem like I don’t like the album, but I like every Megadeth album more or less.

The worst things about Dystopia are the sterile, overly compressed production and the paranoid lyrics. Other than that, I just feel like the album could use a bit more variation.

Marco Sánchez says:

Dave Mustaine is a wacko, all those drugs and alcohol started to take their toll since he went “born again Christian” and basically enlisted in the Alex-Jones-lover-prepper-end-of-the-world-waiting-gun-toting-conspiracy-theorist army of imbeciles.

All that being said, the album is just alright.

MrRoundthetwist says:

Lame lyrics lamely sung

Jerichoholic502 says:

this CD is Bad ass amd love it…. LONG LIVE MEGADETH!!!!

Abhirup Mandal says:

When he said one skull I was just gonna die,until he said out of 2

motorheadbanger90 says:

Wtf one out of TWO skulls? what kind of review scale is that???

Daniel Gabriel Secară says:

1 skull? Too many. Dave Cumstain is overrated.

DoggoIsLife says:

Whats up with the wierd rating system xD

Prajwal Timsina says:

your voice is Like Fucked up Lars Ulrich who cant play his own band songs in practise room

Unas Sepikus says:

One skull what does that even mean

Krzysztof Mular Olsen says:

No clips here I noticed… Did lovable Dave not allow any use of music?
If that is the case, you should have dropped doing this review.

Common Sense says:

Great Album great show to

Robbie M. says:

Metallica 20 mins, Megadeth 4:33 mins lol

Mile Kostic says:

this review is. full of shit. period.

tasteegold7772 says:

so what did dave or his record label tell you not to play any audio from dystopia?

hyper biscuit says:


manco82 says:

Way better than Shitty Collider. Possibly their best effort since 1994’s Youthanasia.

121jigawatts2015 says:

Personally I think this is Megadeth’s most kick a$$ records in a very long time- maybe even since Rust in Peace, and some songs even better than that album. I don’t think any from the Big 4 have put out a record this strong lately. Megadeth remains RELEVANT!

Brad Riley says:

Would you rather hear a musician who has something to say or just were metallica buy our ablum!

MY Personal Spin says:

1 skull ? out of two skulls ?
what does that even mean XD

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