Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (REACTION!!!)

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Droptank Twentyone says:

Sweating Bullets

DeadManProp says:

I’ve only seen them with Kiko Loureiro, but I can safely say they are now one of the best live acts you can possibly see.

Suntorn Pogasic says:

my single favorite song of all time

Jamie Mease says:

You have to hear the album one song into the next, it’s a journey. It’s not a single. Digital downloads killed the album experience

Bruno Tonelo says:

Type O Negative – I Don’t Wanna Be Me [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

David Tyler says:

Do set the world afire

Javi Gonzalez says:

Have you ever heard something like that???? It’s Fuckin Marty Friedman!!!!! ,,/

Rene Barela says:

RANCID!!!!! Life won’t wait

Shay says:

I can only pray and play hangar holy wars and tornado of souls’ solos, metallica is a smoke on the water compared to this, and I am a diehard metallica fan 😀

Ilias Mess says:

Very good song because of Marty Friedman’s lead guitar,who gave alternative style in Mustaine’s raw head!!

Gabriel Josefsson says:


Kevin Samuel Haber says:

It’s usually an opening song or near the end. Dave can play this with his eyes closed.

Edward Finley says:

If you loved the song, then be sure to check out the music video. It’s still on YouTube!

Maximiliano Castillo says:

You know? Marty Friedman once fingered a girl, and the girl exploded.

FillmoreWest says:

No band can achive this masterpiece…it is the best song ever written of the genre.
10/10 in everything

Aron Lloyd says:

As good as Metallica are I’ve personally always felt that Megadeth were better

Sebastián says:

the cup! dude, you know what it’s says?

Human Leather says:

Can someone show this to Dave Mustaine so he’ll stop moaning about Metallica having more money?

Nihil Nomad says:

“Swiss Army Knife Song” !! I’m new to the channel and loving it.

Paul Kane says:

You should stick to hip hop boys. You know countless rock bands have been sampled for rap songs,mainly Walk this Way. P Diddy used Led Zeps Kashmir Beastie Boys used nearly every Led Zep song on their debut album. I cant believe you dont know this. And Megadeath would be a good thing to happen this nonsense..

Pepi Pepan says:

Megadeth…..Super..CZE republic vás zdraví :-).

Roy Heringer says:

First time I have seen you guys review music. WOW, had fun watching you guys!! Megadeth is speed metal and far beyond the skill sets of Metallica. Holy Wars is a great song, awesome to see live and they have a huge catalog or great music!! Thank you guys again!!

Juan Cortez says:

React to (in this moment-roots)


as a guitar player, i will tell you straight: megadeth is some of the hardest music to play….dave is a very innovative writer and takes NO easy ways out….he was metallicas true loss.

Small Caps says:

Yup subscribed. Awesome channel


Megadeth opens up with this song in concerts….everybody go nuts…

Eric Slupe says:

I’ve honestly just really started listening to megadeth this past week lol as sad as that sounds. And I’m blown away how talented these dudes are leaps and bounds above metalica.

Kevin Samuel Haber says:

True, it’s a bit of a challenge to play. This song also hooked me on megadeth.

Kevin Samuel Haber says:

Also dont forget to check out Cannibal Corpse

joeri gielen says:

A other masterpiece……you cant bring me down…Suicidal tendencies

JOEY Simps says:

These guys are funny. U can tell they like all music

Jeanie Price says:

You guys got to know megadeth makes Metallica look like bums.

Alpha Beta says:

Do some More tool and Metallica

John Terpack says:

Great song, but not their best. It was a mashup of two separate songs that sounded so similar they decided to weld them together. “Holy Wars” is about the turmoil in the Middle East and “Punishment Due” is about the Punisher. Like most bands, their earlier stuff was better in that it still had the rawness that brought the band together in the first place. This was probably their last truly good album before they became overly sanitized and bland. If you want to hear this same technical mastery in something a bit more rough around the edges, check out “Good Mourning/Black Friday”.

For the record, this works the other way too. I’ve been into metal since I first heard Manowar “Gates of Valhalla” decades ago. But I’ll still rock out to Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” every time I hear it. Music is all about the story, the picture it paints in my head. If I can relate to it I don’t care what genre it is.

Rene Flore says:

You guys should react to Thy is murder “Holy war”. it’s a tough video to watch and some crazy lyrics as well.

Small Caps says:

One of the best metal albums ever. Listen to Tornado of souls

Spiros Labiris says:

.YO Vegasheres Greece/Athens..So,First thing first..Ryan your laughter is crazy dude and.George your reactions are always high leveled man.!!.You’re doing a great job and your helarious I Mean the way you discripe the starter of Megadeth as a black’ebony” porn was genious and i know you have no scripts and shit..I have seen this video ove&over more then 30to40 times believe it or not, Im laughing my guts out every time..!! But I must also regognise to you that you know what you’re talking about,,especially with the instruments its very hard for metalheads to get the hall song in at one time..!! So;RESPECT MAN .Keep On Keeping On and Congrats to your work..!!!!

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