MESHUGGAH The Violent Sleep of Reason Album Review | Overkill Reviews

Sam reviews Meshuggah’s latest album “The Violent Sleep Of Reason”

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Nukes Away says:

Today I learned that there are lyrics in their music! All these years I would yell and stomp around and make rhythmic monster sounds.

groovass65 says:

Review Vulvodynia’s new album

Chris Mahood says:

this was a band i always overlooked…couldn’t get into the sound AT ALL, but when Sam shared views similar to mine and then said he changed his mind after he saw them live…i decided to give em another go…”Bleed” is a perfect introduction track by them…so i saw them live in Belfast a few weeks ago…and Jesus F****** Christ….unreal! never seen a band so tight! once again BANGER.TV bringing the best of metal to fans. opening doors and broadening musical and audible horizons! keep up the AMAZING work with locking horns and overkill reviews….maybe some feature length documentaries when you have time too!

Meusana says:

fuking djent kids

Cassius Allen says:

You make theneedledrop make him run for his money!

RF700 says:

One of the best channels on the site. But my favorite reviewer has to be CKN

witty screen name says:

Had no idea Sam was on youtube. That documentary he made was the best.

Trey Weddle says:

My favorite album by Meshuggah. Jens Kidman sounded AMAZING on this album. He’s always been one of the few vocalists who sound better live than in studio. Recording this album live was a brilliant move on their part.

neuroisis85 says:

Meh, sounds like Meshuggah. I’ll stick with Destroy, Erase, Improve and Chaosphere, don’t see the need for anything after that.

danielsarc says:

This guy is just my favorite metalhead.

Adam Bartlett says:

very fair review, and you didn’t even have to touch two of my other favorite tracks, “MonstroCity” and “By the Ton”. For meshuggah fans, this is the absolute most evolved Meshuggah to date. Some through-composing, some of the most insane polyrhythms, and they do a great job of bringing back feels from all eras of Meshuggah. I literally hear elements of Destroy Erase Improve, Chaosphere, Nothing, Catch 33, obZen, and even Koloss on this album. All 10 tracks have personalities of their own and stand on their own compared to any of the others. The song “Stifled” begins with one of the most unique riffs I’ve EVER heard, and the song closes with an absolutely majestic outro riff, and then some Enya-esque tonic synth strings…

every fan of metal needs this album

Benjamin says:

I used to adore this band but they keep putting out the same album

Ice Kold Killa says:

Man I swear sometimes I don’t understand myself. I’m not much into the very heavy side of Metal. I like alternative, experimental stuff, some early Nu Metal here and there but my friend introduced me into Meshuggah and I’ve been hooked. Those complex riffs and drums makes me think and listen and want to learn the patterns to be able to follow along. Some are OK but others are so fucking dope it makes me wanna fucking mosh on my own lol. I’m going to see them live in London later this month. I’ve only been listening to them for a couple of months but I love it. Before this the heaviest thing I listened to was SlipKnoT. And yeah I love all their material from the acoustic stuff to the heaviest stuff on Iowa but I just never liked really heavy Death Metal stuff because it sounded like just heavy for the sake of it. No rhythm or anything unique or attractive like let’s say System of a Down. Their sound is so weird and unique which is what drew me in.

M. Swaiti666 says:

This album is really boring and it brings nothing new.
ObZen was a better album, it had better ideas

Sérgio Barros says:

Great review, Sam! Thanks!

Bram Van Hooydonck says:

Those headbanging skills! Please show my friends da wae, senpai!

fireflyry says:

4:42 Fat ginger bogan alert!!

Rob Doran says:

I’m really enjoying this channel. I’ve followed Sam and Banger films from the beginning and have always enjoyed what they do.
I have to say I’ve always lent towards the classics when it comes to metal. But I’m finding these reviews indispensable in finding some newer metal to get my teeth into! Cheers Sam & Banger!

wagsbass says:

Meshuggah are annoyingly Djent, gets tedious to listen to a few songs in.

Boom Hey You says:

I agree that album is very good

SunShinesBlack says:

get the vinyl guys if you can play it, its sounds a bunch better than the overcompression that is common today


skip to 4:43 for titties

Dean Mutonga says:

review rotting christ rituals

DmitryIvanAlyosha80 says:

One thing that blows my mind about this band is, oddly enough, one thing a good number of people don’t like about this band and that’s Jens Kidman. So many bands that start out heavy ditch harsh vocals down the road and cite reasons like “we’re getting older, it’s hard to put that much wear and tear on your voice as you get older” and here Jens is 51 years old and still fucking bringing it like a goddamn boss!

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