Metal Church – Damned if You Do (Album Review)

Damned if You Do Tracklist:

1. Damned If You Do
2. The Black Things
3. By the Numbers
4. Revolution Underway
5. Guillotine
6. Rot Away
7. Into the Fold
8. Monkey Finger
9. Out of Balance
10. The War Electric

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Vernon Robinson says:

I have the t_shirt already and the CD is on order hope it is here by saturdayM/

Sidney Eubanks says:

Great album

Gary Obermayer says:

Nice shirt!

Rick Morgan says:

Mike’s voice IS MAJESTIC! Great review

miskbalder says:

react to Korn.. they made the most expensive song of the time, it cost over 1 billion dollars it is called “freak on a leash”, also there is another song by them called “daddy” but I want to warn everyone that it is rly the most disturbing shit I ever heard so don´t listen if u aren´t rdy for it 🙂

paul divito says:

I preordered this album should be in the mail tomorrow. Mike Howe sounds like he’s pushing way too hard on this album. He’s 53 and he sings better now than he did when he was in his 20s. Great review man.

IRONJAY Retacco says:


Peter May says:

Great new Metal Church album! Mike Howe is awesome! Fave song would be ‘By the Numbers’. Out of Balance’ is my second fave. The only song i didn’t like much on the album was the Accept-esque.. ‘Monkey Finger’ !!

Dennis Perin says:

As a original member fan of this band, Love Howe but this feels a lot like Present Wasteland? Ok.. RIP DW…

Danielle Kail says:

I enjoyed your review and the album. I have to say, my opinion of this record was quite different from yours. I am scoping your reviews and others because I am attempting to make one of this album for a friend in a similar format to yours. I have listened to their entire discography strait through and made a nerdy timeline graph to chart the members in motion and who was on what ablum. Not to show anyone. Just to help me understand. If you have any tips for how I should present said review, I will appreciate it. I don’t really want to make it a “Danielle trying to showing off her reaserch” thing. I am as of yet not good at casual. There is also a slight credibly issues as this bands first ablum and I came into the world together. Any help would be appreciated ❤

AMCmachine says:

Excellent and accurate review. Definitely sounds and feels 80s/early 90s and is indeed a nostalgic trip. I just got it and it’s been on regular rotation in my car. Loyal parishioner at the Church since 1985! m/m/ Dave Wayne will always be missed and Ronnie Munro did a fine job but I’m glad to see Mike Howe back in the fold.

Andrew M says:

I’m a newcomer for this band. I’ve only heard Badlands which I enjoyed on the first listen. I will check out more from Metal Church.

kai kait says:

just listen the metal church – method to your madness….fucking amazing as the whole the dark album

Mr Murr says:

Great review. Love this band. The video for By The Numbers is great

67hockey says:

love the review. Hope they come to Toronto sometime soon, haven’t seen them since way back opening up for Metallica at the Gardens.

VulgrimOfficial says:


sbi168 says:

Been a loyal member of the “church” now for the last few years. some how i missed these guys until recently, not sure why but i’m so glad i discovered them. The mike howe years are by far my fave so its great to have mike back in the band and kicking ass!
I love the new album, it grows on you and i think its a beast of an album.
Out of balance, damned if you do and rot away are the standouts for me. hope they play at least 3 on the new tour

Baltzeg says:

I have really enjoyed both of the singles so far. I just started listening to Metal Church again around one year ago. I’ve collected their first 5 albums and this sounds like it could fit perfectly in with their 3rd or 4th album. This is on the list to get.

KillerElite898 says:

React to Nitroglycerin by CrazyEightyEight! They just released it the other day and their debut album comes out on December 14th!

Freddy Kruger says:

I dont need no goddamn review to tell me its good save your breath. METAL CHURCH is always awesome . Ive always been a fan . Ive met them twice they are so super nice to their fans and are mind blowing live. Hail METAL CHURCH!!!!!!

Edo Brca says:

No david wayne no metal church!this no thrash metal vocal is bad mike!

Peter Tapola says:

I’m glad Metal Church is keeping the faith, so to speak. A classy band.

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